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Peripheral Sharing Part Thirty-Three: 2022 TTC New Axis Fifth Series: Kuaiyin Axis V2 Experience

Soon, in less than a week, TTC’s Quick Silver Switch V2, which is an upgraded version of Quick Silver Switch, followed the Ice Static Switch V2. Is this the clarion call for TTC’s overall upgrade of its switches?


▲Take the shaft body and confirm it with the Kuaiyin shaft from last year in memory. It seems that there is no major change. Several key elements are in:

Transparent cover, milky white shaft core, blue base;

The light position is a convex mirror mode;

Glue for pins

▲ Six parts

▲ Transparent top cover

▲ shaft core

▲ Familiar double-segment spring

▲The shrapnel, terminal and base, when disassembling the V1, I didn't pull them out due to the sealant. I tried hard this time, and it was still ok.

From the perspective of dismantling, the biggest upgrade that can be seen is to silver-plate the shrapnel and terminals to improve the oxidation resistance, just like the previous ice static shaft V2, except that the spring of the ice static shaft V2 is also silver-plated, and Quick silver axis V2 does not. In addition, the amount of solid grease inside the two V2 versions of the shaft body is also much less this time. After disassembly before, white solid grease can be seen on the spring or the shaft core, but this time there is no such thing.

Finally, it has returned to the familiar TTC taste. The smoothness of the shaft foot to the hole of the shaft plate makes the shaft insertion process full of rhythm, so that you will not doubt whether the shaft foot will be inserted crookedly; the shaft is still unplugged.

Fast, really fast, I usually use other switches, but now I can feel the difference immediately when I use the Kuaiyin switch. Pick any axis at random, and compare it with the ice static axis just tested a few days ago, you can clearly feel the shortness and sensitivity of the fast silver axis trigger, but compared with the silver axis, you still can't feel it. After all, the total stroke of the fast silver axis is 3.4mm, and the conduction stroke is 1.08mm.

The shaft core does not shake and is as stable as a rock, and it is stable and stable with less false triggers. The initial pressing force of the Kuaiyin switch is 39gf, which ensures that the keys are not easy to be pressed by mistake, and the innovative double-stage spring brings better force feedback through strong rebound. The combination of points 2 and 3 leads to the fast silver switch not only being used in game competitions, but also for typing input. In fact, black switches and red switches were also commonly used in the publicity before, which is a superficial trigger input.

Although it is not as good as those silent shafts, for example, the trigger sound is still relatively small.

▲The environmental background is the sound of the air conditioner, and the sound at this time is about 54.5 decibels.

▲The Ice Static Axis V2 is too quiet to be used for comparison. The triggering decibel sound of the ice static axis V1 is about 61.5 decibels.

▲The trigger decibel sound of the golden tea switch is about 73.3 decibels.

▲The trigger decibel sound of the quick silver axis is about 65.8 decibels. And, if the user is accustomed to the superficial input method, the decibel sound will be smaller.

According to the official statement, the conduction stroke (conduction value) of the Kuaiyin switch V2 is designed to be 1.08+0.4/-0.08mm, which is 20% higher than the firing accuracy of the Kuaiyin switch V11.08+0.4/-0.2mm. However, I can't experience this at all in this evaluation, so I won't say more.

If you haven’t tried the quick silver switch before, you can try it out. It’s quick to trigger, less mis-pressed, gentle in pressure, and strong in feedback. It feels different from other linear switches and has a unique flavor. It can be used not only in gaming entertainment, It can also be used for typing.

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