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Peripheral shooting record Chapter 60: Luofei Xiaoqiao Pro 68-key dual-mode mechanical keyboard unpacking and assembly sharing

The keyboards of the Luofei brand have always been unique in terms of aesthetics and design, and many things have been tried boldly, such as lipstick color, full transparency and so on. The Xiaoqiao Pro, which was released not long ago, is the first horizontal plug-in Gasket structure. At the same time, the liner is modularized and disassembled horizontally, wired/Bluetooth dual-mode, multi-system compatible, shaft body hot-swappable, sandwich sound-absorbing cotton, and multiple accessories can be freely matched And other functions are also used on Xiaoqiao Pro. Next, we will use the combination of graphics and text to share the unpacking and assembly of this keyboard.

▲The keycaps, bottom case, sound-absorbing pads, positioning boards, shafts, side panels and many other accessories of the Xiaoqiao Pro keyboard can be DIY matched in the WeChat applet according to personal preferences and the theme of the table environment

▲Keyboard motherboard, PC positioning board, foam sandwich pad, summer invasion keycaps, black warning keycaps and main body bottom case

▲Standard data cable, side plate fixing screw set, small tool set (shaft/key/cleaning brush), lubrication set (grease/small brush)

▲CNC anodized aluminum side panel, Panda V2 satellite shaft, gold powder shaft V2

▲The accessories of the main body of the keyboard bottom case include: instruction manual*1, PCB silicone cover*several pieces, caps indicator light cover*1, bottom shell silicone cover*several pieces

▲The bottom shell of the keyboard is made of aluminum alloy CNC + baking paint, with the words "Touch Pro" printed on it

▲The black cover protects the PCB cable

▲There is a "Lofree" brand in the lower right corner of the side of the bottom case

▲在键盘底部右侧设有一块圆形旋钮 旋钮上刻有“FUN 2m²”&“Designed by Lofree”,中间醒目的洛斐LOGO标志

▲The knob can switch between closing the keyboard, opening the keyboard, and Bluetooth mode

▲The Typc-C data cable interface is easy to plug and unplug, and has a wide range of applications

▲The bottom shell silicone cover is installed

▲PC positioning board + Poron foam sandwich pad + PCB keyboard liner

▲The brand LOGO and keyboard model of the keyboard are printed on the space bar of the positioning board

▲The brand name of Luofei and related model information are printed on the space bar on the back of the Poron sound-absorbing cotton

▲The PCB adopts flip-chip hot-swappable, black solder mask, SMT patch welding

▲The position of the LED on the upper lamp position is vacant, and there is no soldering of the SMD lamp at the factory

▲The PCB uses Jiadalong hot-swappable shaft seat

▲Side plate fixing screw set, lubrication set (grease/small brush), CNC anodized aluminum side plate, Panda V2 satellite shaft, standard data cable, small tool set (shaft/key/cleaning brush)

▲CNC anodized gray aluminum side panels, used to install both sides of the keyboard bottom case, with the words "Touch-Pro", "Multisystem Compatibility", "Dual Mode Connection", "Hot-Swap support" and "Siding Gaste" silk-screened, multi-system compatible , dual-mode connection, support shaft hot-swappable, side-sliding Gaste structure

▲The side panel fixing screw set is used to fix the side panel of the bottom case

▲The Panda V2 satellite shaft leaves the factory with slight lubrication. Players with high requirements can use the attached lubrication kit for secondary adjustments

▲The lubrication kit includes 2 brushes and 2 types of grease

▲Type-C data cable Nylon braided outer protective layer The handheld part is metal

▲The small tool set includes: shaft puller*1, key puller*1, cleaning brush*1

▲After the keyboard assembly is completed, the size is: 319.6*113.6*50.5mm, with a total of 68 keys, which support the hot-swappable function of the switch.2

▲ Luofei customized version of the CJ axis of the wall, the trigger pressure is 45g, the trigger stroke is 2mm, the bottom stroke is 4mm, the gold-plated long spring, the service life of 80 million times, the axis and the lower cover are made of POM material.

▲TTC gold powder shaft V2 trigger stroke 2mm, total stroke 4mm, trigger pressure 37g, extended spring length 22mm, factory self-lubricating, the new gold powder shaft adopts the "wearing gold and silver" process, adding an anti-oxidation silver-plated coating process on the outer surface of the shrapnel terminal, Improve the oxidation resistance and durability of the shaft shrapnel, and the trigger life is as high as 100 million times.

▲Switch the knob on the side of the keyboard to the BT position. Long press FN+Q/W/E until the status indicator flashes slowly to enter the Bluetooth matching mode. Short press FN+Q/W/E to switch the Bluetooth connection device

▲ Black alert theme sublimation keycap

▲Summer invasion theme sublimation keycap

▲Black Alert and Summer Invasion are made of PBT material with five-sided sublimation character process, the keycap pattern is clear, the color is bright, the surface is finely frosted, the touch is delicate, and it is dry and oil-resistant

▲On the Caps Lock keycap of the keyboard, there is a separate light transmission point for the upper and lower case indicators

▲Pictures of black alert themed keycaps

▲Summer Invasion Theme Keycap Picture Tour

Xiaoqiao Pro's Bluetooth wired dual-mode connection can adapt to a wider range of users and usage scenarios. The innovative side-sliding horizontal disassembly Gasket modular silicone pad structure design can not only play the role of upper and lower protective buffers, but also ensure side protection. The protective buffer, the hot-swappable function of the shaft body make the keyboard more playable, the Poron sandwich sound-absorbing cotton can effectively eliminate the cavity sound, and the free DIY assembly of multiple accessories allows the keyboard to have more ways to play and customize your favorite keyboard. If there are players who are looking for a 68-key dual-mode mechanical keyboard in the near future, you may wish to pay attention~

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