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Peripheral Shooting Record Part 57: Razer Black Widow V3 Mini Wireless Edition 68-Key Mechanical Keyboard Unboxing Evaluation

The advantages of wireless peripherals such as wireless beams and convenient access have become extremely popular in the past two years. Of course, a good wireless peripheral must be escorted by good wireless technology. Good wireless technology must not only ensure signal stability and anti-interference capabilities Strong, low latency, and it is necessary to continuously optimize power consumption to save power. Razer's HyperSpeed ​​wireless technology has withstood the test of the market. It is used for playing games, home, and office without any delay.

Due to the different users and usage scenarios, the keyboard has derived many sizes and layouts from the original 100% full key positions. The 100% layout has complete function keys and is suitable for office and home use, but it takes up a lot of space and is inconvenient to carry. 80% layout is suitable for game competition and home use because of the lack of digital area and is not particularly suitable for office work, while 60%-68% layout is smaller in volume and occupies less space, which is more suitable for small desktop space or often going out for office and does not require keyboard function keys. high users.

With the gradual wirelessization of computer equipment, a small-sized keyboard that can be connected by multi-mode is particularly important. It can be fixed for office or game and is also very convenient to carry out. Razer Black Widow Spider V3 Mini Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is equipped with three-mode connection , HyperSpeed ​​wireless technology, customized mechanical shaft, RGB backlight, two-color injection keycaps and other popular configurations.

▲The front of the outer package is printed with the physical picture of the keyboard, the type of the shaft body, the bright spot configuration, the brand and model and other information

▲Keyboard accessories include: Type-C data cable*1, faith sticker*1, user manual and thank you letter*1

▲ Type-C interface data cable braided outer cladding, strong resistance to pulling, moderate flexibility

▲The Black Widow Spider V3 mini wireless keyboard adopts a compact 68-key design, and the space adopts 6.25x length, which is convenient for players to replace personalized keycaps later.

▲The overall keyboard adopts black keycaps + black main body color matching, equipped with ABS two-color injection molding light-transmitting keycaps, fine texture, warm hand feeling, optimized surface contact layer, enhanced oil resistance

▲The keyboard is equipped with ergonomic step-curved keycaps made of ABS material and two-color injection molding character technology. The height and angle of each row of keycaps will be designed to be inclined to ergonomic input

▲Because of the limited key layout, the overall number of keys is small, and the relevant keys and functions can be realized through FN combination keys

▲The keyboard has a total of 3 connection modes: HyperSpeed ​​2.4G, Type-C wired, and Bluetooth 5.0. In the picture, the switch is in the middle for wired mode, the left is for HyperSpeed ​​2.4G mode, and the right is for Bluetooth 5.0 mode

▲The back of the keyboard is made of a matte texture bottom shell, printed with the words "BY GAMERS" and "FOR GAMERS", which corresponds to the Razer brand's slogan "Begins with players, empowers players"

▲HyperSpeed ​​2.4G wireless adapter is stored in the adapter compartment on the back of the keyboard

▲Razer's HyperSpeed ​​wireless technology is optimized based on 2.4G signal. Compared with general wireless technology, it has faster data transmission and lower latency. It also has an extremely fast response speed while ensuring stability.

▲The keyboard adopts two-stage foot support, players can adjust it according to their own usage habits and scenes

▲The rounded square anti-slip rubber pad on the back of the keyboard has a large area and good anti-slip performance, which can ensure the stability of the keyboard on the desktop

▲Black Widow Spider V3 mini wireless keyboard has two switch versions: green switch and mute yellow switch, among which the mute yellow switch is a new switch body

▲The mute yellow axis is a linear axis body, the trigger key travel is 1.2mm, the bottom key travel is 3.5mm, the trigger pressure is 45g, and the key life span is 80 million times. Different from the common mechanical shaft body, the mute yellow shaft is composed of 5 parts: transparent shaft cover, light guide sheet, shaft center, spring, and shaft seat. The shaft foot has been lubricated before leaving the factory, and a rubber pad is added to the bottom of the shaft hole of the shaft seat to achieve the purpose of bottoming out and silence

▲The silent yellow switch manufactured by TTC has a certain guarantee in terms of performance and lifespan. The additional light guide column can project the RGB backlight softly and uniformly, avoiding the backlight from being too bright or too concentrated, and having a better look and feel

▲The large key position of the keyboard is designed with a satellite axis. During use, there will occasionally be a steel wire sound. Players with hands-on ability can disassemble the keyboard for more comprehensive secondary adjustments.

▲The keycaps are made of ABS material with two-color injection molding characters, and the optimized surface coating can effectively solve the problem of oiling

▲The keyboard supports the latest Thundercloud 3 driver. After plugging the receiver into the computer and turning on the 2.4G switch of the keyboard, the driver will prompt to connect to the keyboard

▲The custom section in the driver can customize functions for each key of the keyboard, such as: keyboard, mouse, multimedia functions, etc., and can also select the disabled keys of the game mode and pair HyperSpeed ​​devices

▲The lighting section in the driver can adjust the brightness of the keyboard backlight. At the same time, you can choose the backlight effect and the scene and time to turn off the backlight

▲The power panel in the driver can adjust the time to reduce the brightness of the backlight and the time for the keyboard to enter sleep mode

As a wireless mechanical keyboard, whether the wireless technology is good or bad can directly affect the quality of the keyboard. HyperSpeed ​​wireless technology has been upgraded and improved, and the transmission speed and stability are comparable to wired connections; comfortable and delicate ABS keycaps are matched with smooth and low noise The mute yellow switch has no crackling bottoming noise, even if it is used in the dormitory and office, it will not affect others; the three connection methods of cable, Bluetooth, and 2.4G allow the keyboard to adapt to more and wider use scenarios; The cloud 3 driver can bring more functions and gameplay to the keyboard. If there are players who are looking for a small-sized compact three-mode wireless gaming mechanical keyboard in the near future, you may wish to pay attention~

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