Peripheral shooting record Part 75: Cherry (Cherry) MX2.0S three-mode wireless mechanical keyboard unboxing sharing

Cherry's MX series of mechanical keyboards has been released for a long time, and its models have gradually increased with development. As wireless peripherals become more and more popular, Cherry has also added a wireless version for some models. This time I started with the MX2.0S mechanical keyboard, which adopts three-mode wireless design, steel-free PCB, factory-run satellite shaft, full-key without punching, two-color light-transmitting keycap and other configurations. Next, we will use the combination of graphics and text to share the keyboard out of the box.

▲The MX2.0S keyboard is still packaged in the traditional black aircraft box of the MX series, with the English name of Cherry and the brand LOGO printed on the lower right corner of the front

▲Keyboard accessories include: instruction manual*1, Type-C data cable*1, product greeting card*1

▲Type-C data cable with white rubber outer layer is moderately soft

▲The whole body of the keyboard is designed in white, with a white shell and a white keycap. There are a total of 109 keys consisting of 108 standard keys plus 1 Cherry key. Press and hold the Cherry key for 3 seconds to start the Cherry assistant software. If it is not installed, the default startup software page is downloaded and installed. , Cherry Assistant includes lighting adjustment, custom key change, macro key setting and other functions. The keyboard supports full key without punching

▲The keyboard shell adopts a stepped structure design, and the bottom foot support can meet users with different usage habits and usage scenarios

▲ There is a Type-C data cable interface and a wireless power switch on the back side of the keyboard, and the English LOGO of Cherry is printed on the left side

▲The wireless power switch on the back of the keyboard side can be turned off when the keyboard is not used for a long time

▲MX2.0S为三模设计,支持Type-C有线、2.4G无线、蓝牙5.2无线,其中有线模式支持边充边用 如果之前在无线模式使用时 需要按压FN+多媒体上一曲键来切换至有线模式;2.4G无线使用Cherry自研无线技术 响应时间低于1ms 无线速度达到游戏竞技的标准,如果之前在其他模式使用时 需要按压FN+多媒体下一曲键来切换至2.4G无线模式;蓝牙5.2无线模式长按FN+R4高度数字1&2&3来进入匹配模式,匹配成功后可通过单次按压FN+1&2&3来进行切换信道,如果之前在其他模式使用时 需要按压FN+多媒体暂停键来切换至蓝牙5.2无线模式。键盘内置2800mAh可充电锂电池 蓝牙模式支持Win10和Win11系统。在无线模式下 满电可提供续航约200小时

▲ There are 3 non-slip foot stickers on the bottom of the back of the keyboard, and the anti-slip effect is moderate

▲The bottom shell has a storage compartment for convenient storage of 2.4G wireless adapters

▲The keyboard is equipped with single-height non-slip feet, which can provide 2 different heights in total, and users can adjust it according to their usage habits and usage scenarios

▲The MX2.0S keyboard adopts a steel-free design to provide the most original and pure switch body feel. There is no backlight on the entire keyboard and only the function key indicators are reserved. The five-legged black shell Cherry tea switch is installed with a micro-section reverse switch position. The trigger pressure is 45g and the trigger stroke is 2mm , Gold contacts anti-oxidation and corrosion theoretical trigger life 100 million times

▲Steel-free satellite shafts are installed on the large keys, factory-lubricated. The actual use feels clean and neat, but some keys still have steel wire sound. Players with hands-on ability can remove the satellite shafts and perform secondary adjustments

▲The keyboard is equipped with OEM-height ABS material two-color closed character light-transmitting keycaps. The surface is finely matte and textured. It is comfortable and non-slip, and the overall weight is light. The inner space is large, and there will be no problems such as the top shaft cover and the keycap being stuck.

MX2.0S adopts plastic shell and steel-free design, which makes the whole very light, but it also means that the keyboard will not be particularly stable when placed on the desktop. There is no big problem with the fit of the upper and lower shells. Although there are seams in some positions, it is acceptable. Within the range, the design of wired, 2.4G, and Bluetooth three modes can adapt to more usage scenarios and users One annoyance, the long life of the cherry switch combined with the full-key non-reverse means that there is no need to worry about the future. Although the anti-oiling ability of the ABS two-color keycap is worse than that of the PBT keycap, it is good that the texture is light and comfortable, and the standard configuration is also convenient for later replacement of the keycap. All in all, this keyboard has more than enough performance whether it is used for games or office work. Recently, players who are looking for a full-size white simple wireless keyboard can pay attention~

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