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Peripheral Show Part 101: Gasket Pro new structure, three-mode connection, James Donkey RS2 unboxing experience

At the end of 2020, James Donkey released the cyberpunk-style mechanical mouse 850R, which has a high value. The main color of the desert yellow version is composed of beige, cheese orange and metallic gray. The collocation is coordinated and has a good texture.

After more than a year, James Donkey launched the retro-style RS2 mechanical keyboard, using the original gray theme color. After getting the keyboard, I found out that the bottom shell and some keycaps are made of Yuanzu gray, the top cover and most of the keycaps are still beige, and the desert yellow of the 850R mouse is quite a match. RS2 uses wired, 2.4G, and Bluetooth three-mode connection, and I hope James Donkey can launch the three-mode version 850R as soon as possible. RS2 adopts a very niche configuration, but it is quite practical. Let me share with you this 99+1 configuration mechanical keyboard.

The keyboard packaging is printed in black on a white background. The model and outline of the keyboard are printed on the front, and some product features are printed on the side and back.

The packaging box is designed with a top and bottom cover. After opening, you can see the product manual and quick-start guide card. The keyboard is covered with a dust bag, which is fixed in a plastic box, and the accessories are hidden under the keyboard.

Product family portrait, RS2 mechanical keyboard, data cable, shaft puller, key puller, although the shaft puller is simple, it is quite easy to use. When using the key puller, I am a little worried about scratching the keycap, or the wire key puller It's better.

USB-A to Type-C interface data cable, the same color as the keyboard, rubber material, thin wire diameter, medium softness. The L-shaped Type-C interface is convenient for the keyboard to be used with a laptop in wired mode, so that the wire will not interfere with the frame of the laptop.

At first glance, RS2 looks like a 98 series, but if you look closely, you will find that there are three keys arranged between the main keypad and the number area, and two keys are moved out of the upper right corner, and an alloy volume knob is arranged.

The top cover of the keyboard and most of the keys are made of beige, while the bottom shell, main keys, some F keys and number keys are made of Yuanzu gray. The two colors are relatively close. Some of the shadows of the Xiaobawang learning machine in the 90s, the overall style is quite retro of.

In daily work and life, most of the keys in the Jiugongge area are not used, so the very important keys are simplified and the complete number area is retained. This not only retains the functions of most of the 104 keys, but also shortens the size of the keyboard. It's a pretty good choice.

The keyboard is marked with a function pattern below the keys, which is convenient for the use of FN combination keys and reduces learning costs. For example, FN+ESC=to switch the light effect, which is represented by an inverted light, FN+F5/F6=adjust the brightness of the backlight, and the size of the light symbol is easy to distinguish which one is increasing and which is decreasing. Numbers 1-4 are marked with Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless icons, which is convenient for switching between multiple devices. The Option and command keys in the Mac system mode are also marked on the Win and Alt keys, and FN+M = switch system mode.

The keyboard retains the four commonly used keys of Pause, ScrLK, PrtSc, and Del. Since I often code words, the Del key is still used very frequently. It can be used without the FN combination key, which is quite convenient. Below the Del key are three indicator lights, 1 represents the number key switch, A represents the upper and lower case switch, and lightning represents the power indicator. In order to keep the arrow keys, the right Shift key is shortened a bit. Next to the ScrLK key is a calculator, which is often used by financial personnel. In the upper right corner of the keyboard is a large alloy volume knob with non-slip texture on the surface, clear knob scales, and sound feedback.

The keyboard keys adopt an ergonomic layout, with a height of R1~R4, and a decorative cutout is made on the side, which can be regarded as the dividing line between the beige upper cover and the original gray bottom case.

RS2 adopts the new Gasket Pro structure. On the basis of the traditional Gasket, the positioning plate is suspended inside the keyboard by supporting the rebound material, providing elastic buffer stroke, and absorbing the knock vibration through structural deformation, thereby solving the problem of high-frequency vibration suppression.

The keyboard adopts PR4 shock-absorbing positioning board, which is made of glass fiber and has good flexibility. The bottom of the positioning board is the sound-absorbing cotton, and the bottom of the sound-absorbing cotton is the pad under the shaft. As can be seen from the above figure, when I click a certain button, all the buttons are falling at the same time.

The keyboard is printed with the James Donkey LOGO on the right side of the front frame, and the donkey ears are quite cute.

There is a Type-C interface and a mode switch in the middle of the back frame of the keyboard, pop up for wired mode, press for wireless mode, in wireless mode, FN+1/2/3 switch to Bluetooth mode, FN+4 switch to 2.4G wireless mode. The keyboard has a built-in 3000mAh battery, which lasts about 4 weeks.

A 2.4G wireless receiver storage compartment is designed in the middle of the bottom of the capture tray, and a total of 5 rubber non-slip feet are pasted up and down. The keyboard bracket adopts a two-stage structure, which can realize three heights: flat, small bracket, and large bracket. The bottom of the bracket is also pasted with a rubber non-slip pad.

The keyboard adopts Jiadalong G Pro switch, which has two switch body versions: brown switch and red switch. My version is red switch, linear switch, straight up and down, no sense of paragraph, soft to the touch, plus Gasket Pro structure, when typing The sound is very small, which is very suitable for use in dormitories. The keyboard adopts hot-swappable design and is compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin axes. The shaft seat is gold-plated and engraved with a letter logo, which is very convenient for those who often disassemble and assemble the keycap.

The long keys of the keyboard are designed with satellite shafts, which is very convenient for daily cleaning of the keyboard or replacement of keycaps.

The keyboard adopts PBT two-color keycaps, which are not easy to oil, the thickness of the key wall is medium, and the spout is slightly burred.

The keyboard adopts a white single backlight with 17 built-in lighting effects. I have also said before that PBT keycaps are not suitable for displaying backlight effects, so this backlight is mainly used at night or when indoor lighting is insufficient.

After turning off the room light at night, the brightness of the keyboard light is quite sufficient. If it is too bright, you can lower the brightness by FN+F5. It is worth mentioning that both the wired mode and the wireless mode can turn on the backlight, but in the wireless mode, in order to prolong the battery life, the light will automatically turn off when not in operation.

Experience the three modes of wired, 2.4G and Bluetooth respectively. In wired mode, the switch on the back pops up, connect the data cable, and you can use it; in 2.4G mode, press the switch on the back, and the receiver is inserted into the USB port on the front panel of the host. Use; Bluetooth mode, turn on the computer Bluetooth, press FN+1 for six seconds, the button white light flashes, enter pairing, click pairing to connect, you can see the remaining power of the current keyboard. (If the desktop computer does not have a Bluetooth module, you can buy a USB Bluetooth module and plug it into the computer. You need to debug it for the first time, and you don’t need to debug it later)

Through the PassMark KeyboardTest software to carry out the button no-hit test, it is found that the full-key no-hit effect can be achieved in wired or wireless mode. After some typing test experience, I personally feel that the delay performance is better in wired and 2.4G wireless mode, which is more suitable for games. In Bluetooth mode, the delay is slightly inferior, but office typing is still good, and the power consumption is lower. Battery life is also better.

After playing CSGO for a few days in both wired and 2.4G wireless modes, in terms of delay, I feel that there is not much difference. The Jiadalong G Pro red switch is matched with the Gasket Pro structure. Although it is matched with a hard PBT keycap, the feel is quite soft. The linear axis, straight up and down, is still very suitable for playing FPS shooting games, the trigger is fast, and the long key adjustment is not bad, it is not too meaty, and it is quite smooth to move positions and jump boxes. If you mainly play MOBA games like LOL, you can also try Jiadalong G Pro Brown Switch.

James Donkey RS2 mechanical keyboard is currently priced at 399 yuan, which is not bad among similar products of mainstream brands. The keyboard adopts an unconventional 99+1 arrangement, which is slightly longer than the 98 arrangement and 100 arrangement. In addition, the height of the front frame of the keyboard is about 25mm. If you want to use the palm rest, you need to find a merchant to customize it. The two-color keycaps in Yuanzu gray are easily reminiscent of the Xiaobawang learning machine in the 1990s, full of retro style.

James Donkey RS2 is a more pragmatic mechanical keyboard, including the current mainstream configuration, wired and wireless three-mode, Gasket Pro shock-absorbing and noise-reducing structure, PBT two-color keycaps, subscript function icons, hot-swappable design, support 3-pin, 5-pin switch bodies, satellite switches for long keys, backlight, etc. In addition, the keys that are not commonly used are simplified and the practical number keys are reserved, thereby shortening the size of the keyboard. The large alloy knob in the upper right corner is also very practical, and adjusting the volume is more intuitive than pressing the buttons. To make a digression, in addition to the keyboard, mouse, and headset peripherals, James Donkey has also launched peripherals such as cable clips, mouse pads, data cables, Bluetooth headsets, and expansion docks in recent years. Let’s set the rhythm of doing everything again, well, finally, I will summarize the characteristics of RS2 for everyone, and give some suggestions of my own by the way, for your reference.


-99+1 arrangement, Gasket Pro noise reduction and shock absorption structure

-PBT two-color keycaps, OEM height, original gray color matching

- Jiadalong G Pro axis, hot-swappable, compatible with 3 and 5-pin axes

- Wired, 2.4G, Bluetooth three-mode, 3000mAh battery

- Alloy volume knob, monochromatic white light, built-in 17 kinds of light effects


-Special configuration, the hand rest is not easy to match, it is recommended that the manufacturer customize one

- Individual keycap nozzles have a little burr, it is recommended to optimize it before leaving the factory

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