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Peripherals Chapter 88: Cherry also started to play ball (cap)? : Cherry KC200 MX

Cherry has been making keyboards for so many years. To be honest, in the past few years, it has been a bit overwhelmed by domestic manufacturers in terms of hardware strength. It gives people the feeling of using too much force, but many people still recognize this old brand. Because of the name of single cherry in the women's market, the favorability has been rising. The first dome-cap keyboard from Cherry for the softcore fashion market - the KC200 MX.

There is no other special information on the outer packaging except the keyboard, but it can be known that there are three colors.

What I got this time is the pink version, with a floating button design, the color selection is very good, and the color matching of the aluminum alloy and the keycap is very delicate.

The height of the ball cap should be OSA, and I don’t know much about it, but there is no problem with using this optimized ball cap height if you are used to the original factory or OEM height, if it is not optimized The ball cap is more of an ornamental function.

The CHERRY logo is marked on the open space of the keyboard. This place should have been used to put the indicator light. On the KC200 MX, the indicator light is placed on the button, and the corresponding light will light up after pressing it.

There are also four shortcut keys in the upper right corner, which are used to control the volume and open the calculator, which is very convenient.

After pressing NumLock and Caps Lock, the corresponding lights will be on.

Suspension with borderless design, the overall simplicity, but the 104-key layout is relatively versatile, so it is suitable for students who need to deal with numbers at ordinary times.

There is nothing to say about the overall workmanship, including the quality of the keycaps, and the small details of the base of the aluminum alloy plate are also well done. Basically, there are no flaws in the workmanship.

Of course, the shaft body is the shaft body of Cherry, and the cherry tea shaft is also one of the universal oil shafts, which can be used for any occasion.

Although this keyboard is placed on my desk now, it was soon confiscated by my wife. After all, girls of this color cannot resist, especially the appearance of the ball cap has laid a solid foundation for the confiscation of this keyboard. Base.

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