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Peripherals Part 82: I would like to call it the light of the domestic keyboard: Dujia K620W

Domestic keyboards have basically occupied the vast majority of our own domestic market in recent years. Whether it is actual sales or market public opinion, domestic keyboards have become blind imitators and followers of money for many years, as well as industrial waste producers. Today's mainstream market has many leaders, but there are still some manufacturers who are bad, they just play with changing shells, joint names, and don't do any technology research and development. What kind of secondary development, muddle through, anyway, it is not unusable, what's more, it is directly used for doctrine, the appearance is copied, and it is completely broken. Everyone probably knows who it is talking about.

But in this kind of manufacturer, there is still such a unique and cute kid, that is Dujia.

No, Dujia, who I have always been optimistic about, came with his new brother this year, K620W. This time, he directly used Dujia's awesome wireless three-mode technology on the new mold. Where is this wireless bull nose? Just look back and you will know.

This time Dujia listened to the opinions of users and directly added three supplements. After all, there are more and more domestic MAC users, especially the majority of code farmers.

The wireless receiver is the latest version, the largest, with Durga's LOGO on it.

The naming rules of K620W and 3 series are consistent, X10 stands for 104 configuration, X20 is TKL configuration, and the suffix W stands for wireless.

The multimedia shortcut keys are no different from the K320W, and the positions are the same.

The indicator light is a place where the appearance has changed a lot. A piece of acrylic is directly used as a new embellishment to cover it, and the indicator has become more refined.

The overall appearance is a bit like the K330W upside down. If you don’t know what the K330W looks like, you can download it on Baidu. I believe you will come back and leave a message.

Durga's LOGO is still placed on the front side as always.

There is also a natural inclination when the feet are folded up, and it is completely sufficient without the feet at ordinary times. Small people or girls can adjust the feet a little bit depending on the situation.

The switch is placed on the upper side, together with the charging data port.

There is nothing to say about the design on the back. Except that there is no chamfer on the outside of the upper part, the top and bottom are basically symmetrical.

The damping of the receiver storage compartment is just right, and the card is not tight or loose.

Full-key hot-swappable, now it is a joke that better keyboards do not have this function.

From the gap in the space, we can see that there is a layer of shock-absorbing silicone in front of the PCB and the positioning board, and the thickness is not thin, it is estimated to be about 3 mm.

In order to find out, I decided to take it apart to have a look. The buckle of the upper cover is quite confusing, it took a while to take it apart, and if you only remove the outer cover, you don’t need to remove a single screw.

There is also sound-absorbing cotton under the PCB, which can be regarded as a secondary absorption of the button sound. Basically, with these two layers of structure, the bottoming feel of the K620W has become very comfortable.

The internal battery uses a lithium battery with a rated capacity of 3600 mAh, but the wireless battery life of this keyboard has reached the abnormal level of Bluetooth for 1 year and 2.4Ghz for 200 days.

Look carefully at the PCB, there is a piece of NXP’s 9080, which is the source of the three-mode keyboard solution. At that time, it didn’t mean that this IC could reach this level of battery life. It was up to the manufacturer to constantly combine its own actual circuit hardware and firmware. The situation can only be achieved by continuous optimization.

From the side, it can be seen that the shock-absorbing silicone material is about 4 mm, which was estimated to be less before.

Today, when domestic manufacturers have basically occupied the domestic market, Dujia devotes himself to innovation and research and creation, and does not engage in fancy joint names, rebranding, plagiarism, and porcelain, and silently makes one or two new products a year. The rhythm has been going for many years, and its reputation is obvious to all.

From the initial stable quality control, the excellent tuning of the silver axis stands out from the domestic manufacturers.

When the design of FUSION went out of the circle, since Dujia entered the field of wireless multi-mode, he has been iterating his own products through firmware development and update, and the integrated evolution of software and hardware.

Fortunately, the market still gives such a down-to-earth company enough market and space. After all, only things that have been washed can stand the test of time and word-of-mouth, and can be retained for a long time.

No, Du Jia came out with his K620W, which has a one-year invincible battery life. I just want to ask Du Jia: "Who else?"

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