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Peripherals Sharing Article 114: The smoke is condensed and the mountains are purple——GANSS Mushan Purple Keycap Sharing

Purple has always been a more elegant color in my heart, and in ancient China, there are many poems and other descriptions of various purples. When the sun is about to set, smoke and clouds are intertwined, and they are penetrated by the setting sun. However, this kind of purple hazy state appears, and when this kind of cloud and mist surrounds the mountains, the whole environment will show this kind of "twilight mountain purple" state.

"The water is exhausted, but the cold pool is clear, the smoke is condensed, and the mountains are purple" - Preface to Tengwang Pavilion, from Wang Bo. Twilight Mountain Purple may not only be a description of color or environment, but also has the infinite imagination of previous poets.

And GANSS brings you a keycap with the color of "Twilight Mountain Purple". Purple and white clouds and mist are lingering, interspersed with the green of the mountains, and combined with the light pink that makes people think, it is hazy and full of passion. A scene appeared before his eyes.

The keycaps use the standard 108 keys plus 23 buttons with additional functions, and also come with 8 pink supplementary color buttons. It is a small set of 139-key keycaps. Why not a full set? In , there are no other additions such as 2u shift similar to the left shift 64, so it is not too complete, but the common keyboard configurations must be supported. There is also a supplement for the mac system.

The keycap adopts a two-color PBT injection molding process, with an opaque closed character design, and OEM height. The overall keycap nozzle and injection molding are in place, and the matte feel of the keycap is also handled well.

It is quite interesting to pair it with GANSS’s own HS 98T, through some small cover plates, and to list it differently later.

The overall color of the keycap is purple and white, matched with turquoise, if you add some red for embellishment. Then you can add some different special feeling to the keyboard.

And if the keycap is matched with white purple and pink, it will have a sense of hana color matching. One set of keycaps can play with multiple sets of different keycaps, and it is quite interesting to compare. The overall workmanship of this set of Ganss purple keycaps is quite good. If you can add more personalized keycaps, it will be even better.

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