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Peripherals Sharing Article 120: Upgrades Need to Be Neat - TTC Kuaiyin V2 Axis Experience

At the beginning of 2022, TTC began to upgrade the previously released gold powder shaft. With the same structure and parameters, it used the same upgrade process as the TTC love shaft. For the triggered metal shrapnel , all of which have silver plating on the surface, which can improve the oxidation resistance of the metal surface and increase the durability of the shaft. And after the gold powder switch, the ice static switch, shallow cloud switch, etc. have successively carried out craft switches, so for the TTC family bucket, the remaining switches are of course impossible to miss, so as the fastest TTC trigger switch, Kuaiyin The axis also immediately ushered in the upgrade of "wearing gold and wearing silver". Let me see, apart from this "magic resistance" upgrade, what other changes have been made.

Instead of the previous gift box-style shaft packaging, the new version is wrapped in a plastic box. I personally like this kind of packaging, and it is very convenient to store and organize in the future. Putting the TTC Quick Silver Switch V2 together with the previous V1 version, can you see the difference directly?

From the appearance point of view, there is not much difference between the two fast silvers directly, and there is not much change in the color design. What you can see at a glance is actually the change in the silver plating process of the metal shrapnel. At the same time, the packaging process at the bottom of the shaft body , the area also appears to be larger. In terms of parameters, the conduction stroke is still 1.08mm, and the trigger force is also the original 39gf.

However, the main upgrade point this time is that on the basis of the first generation, Kuaiyinxie V2 has further optimized the trigger characteristics, anti-mis-touch control, and stability by improving the precision of the mold. The conduction stroke is changed from 1.08+0.4/ -0.2mm is changed to 1.08+0.4/-0.08mm, and the conduction tolerance zone is narrowed from the original 0.6mm to 0.48mm. Higher mold precision also means that the triggering stability of the shaft body will be higher and the hand feel will be improved. also more stable

After dismantling the new and old versions of the fast silver shaft body, it can be seen that the structure of the shaft body has not changed much. It should be similar to the upgrade of the gold powder shaft. On the premise of ensuring the structure and feel, the "magic resistance" is performed. A wave of upgrades to enhance the durability of the shaft. But it’s still a bit of a pity. I expect that this axis can upgrade the light guide magic resistance to a condenser like the ice static axis. The TTC’s condenser structure will greatly improve the effect of light convergence and display.

In terms of springs, it can be seen that TTC has also added silver plating this time, and the factory lubrication is more "moisturized" than before. You can clearly see the traces of grease on the springs, so that the shaft body during use. Feel will be smoother.

Although the structure and design have not changed, the new Kuaiyin switch V2 version is easier to trigger and smoother than the previous V1 version in the process of using the switch. Great improvement.

As long as the structure of the Quick Silver Switch has not changed, the overall lighting effect is not much different from the previous V1 version. However, the Quick Silver Switch itself focuses on the quick triggering of the game. I believe that everyone’s requirements for the lighting will not be too high. It is translucent. The design of the upper shell does not block the light transmission too much. It only has a little less light convergence than the condenser version, and the overall performance is still good.

The extremely fast trigger stroke of 1.08mm and the higher mold precision of Kuaiyinzhuo V2 allow game triggering, typing and office work to have a superficial touch. As for the extremely fast brain reaction speed of "gamers", after getting familiar with this kind of fast trigger feel, to a certain extent, it can obviously make up for the status quo of the game that the brain: I can, and the hand: I can't. For Kuaiyin Switch V2, it mainly optimizes the precision of the shaft mold, improves the wear resistance and oxidation resistance of the shaft, and makes the shaft more durable and stable in daily use. Of course, it can accompany us for a longer game.

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