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Peripherals Sharing Article 137: Change the Keyboard into New Clothes——HELLO GANSS Cangqiu Blue Keycap Sharing

Unknowingly, it’s the frosty solar term again, and I feel that I’m one step closer to winter. I always feel that when the solar term comes, I want to change something to play. I looked at the keycaps on the desktop and remembered that I bought a new set of color schemes before. As for the keycaps, it is better to take the opportunity to change them quickly, so that the desktop can also change seasons. Let me take a look at the Cangqiu blue keycaps from HELLO GANSS.

The overall packaging of the keycaps is relatively simple. In addition to the 108 keycaps for the main keys, it also comes with 23 supplementary function keys and 8 color supplements, which make the color matching of the keycaps more diverse. Overall, it is a small set of 139-key keycaps. Why not a full set? Because there are no other supplements like the 2u shift left shift 64 in the supplementary supplements, so it is not too complete, but the common keyboard configurations must be all Supported. There is also a supplement for the mac system.

Cangqiu Blue takes the blue of the main key as the main color, and is matched with the white of the large key to form a blue and white color scheme. It also comes with a few yellow supplementary colors randomly, which brings a touch of finishing touch to the overall color matching.

The height of the keycaps adopts the OEM height. Compared with the higher-height keycaps such as sa, the OEM-height keycaps are not difficult to get started. At the same time, they provide ergonomic gradients and are easier to use. The keycap is made of PBT material, which is wear-resistant and oil-resistant. The characters are made of two-color injection molding technology, which is durable and the characters will not wear out. For my friends, it may be a little regret. The workmanship of the keycap, the nozzle, and the design of the rib are still in place.

Below is an overview of some of the keycaps.

The blue and white color scheme has the feeling of the previous raindrop color scheme. The pure white and blue color scheme without supplementary color scheme is very refreshing and durable. As an opaque keycap, the RGB light is reflected against the white steel plate, and the overall color is transparent. The output is also very good.

After adding a few yellow supplementary keycaps alone, the embellishment effect is also very good.

The overall HELLO GANSS blue autumn blue keycaps have a refreshing color scheme. Commonly used supplementary keycaps are included, and there are also yellow supplementary keycaps added to match. The playability is also very good, and I look forward to launching more good-looking colors. , such as the replacement of four seasons, solar terms, etc., for everyone to play.

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