Peripherals Sharing Article 161: Rolling Up for Players——Dareu A98 Youth Edition Three-mode Mechanical Keyboard Sharing

Speaking of the 98-key position in the mechanical keyboard, I believe many friends are familiar with it. Although many manufacturers have placed the center of the keyboard arrangement on the 75-arrangement in 22 years, for players who like to use the small keyboard to input numbers, it is even more important. The compact 98-key position is obviously more friendly, and its size is smaller than the conventional 104-key arrangement. At the same time, both the F area and the small keypad area for digital input are fully functional. After Dareu launched the A98 and A98 PRO keyboards that received a very good response, in order to further lower the entry threshold for everyone to choose, they also launched the A98 Youth Edition. When you see the youth version, everyone may immediately think whether this is a poor simplified version. How does Dareu treat the concept of the youth version? Let me take a look.

The packaging still adopts Dareu’s recent silver style, and there are not many accessories, but there are still dual-purpose steel wire key pullers, shaft pullers, type-c interface data cables, and a keyboard dust cover.

Dareu has launched a lot of new color schemes for this youth version, such as the tiramisu in my hand. I really want to "try" the first time I see it. I can't resist desserts. I also really like the color scheme of this keyboard. The shell and the main letter area of ​​the keycaps are all made of milky white, which is very similar to the cake part of tiramisu. The large key uses the cocoa powder color of tiramisu. At the same time, the ESC and ENTER buttons are all used The orange-yellow color scheme is used for embellishment, and the visual effect is very good.

Looking at it directly from the front, in fact, compared with the A98, the A98 Youth Edition only has one less battery display screen, and the others do not. However, the A98 Youth Edition has a slightly missing axis compared to the A98 PRO, but I It doesn't feel like a big problem.

On both sides of the keyboard, there are 3-mode switches and storage compartments for 2.4G receivers, which are very ingenious in design. 2.4G and Bluetooth dual wireless connections allow you to connect multiple devices at the same time and switch inputs at any time.

In terms of the switch body of the keyboard, Dareu A98 Youth Edition did not use the previously praised sky switch, but replaced it with its own dream switch and firefly switch. I believe everyone should still have an impression of the previous dream color matching. The overall switch White and purple color, POM axis, short spring design, 40gf trigger pressure, 4.0mm total trigger stroke, linear feel, built-in dust-proof wall design, axis stability is quite good, and the use feels smooth. At the same time, Dareu A98 Youth Edition is equipped with the Zijin satellite switch that was well received before, which improves the feel of the large keys a lot. The consistency and the smoothness of the rebound are quite good, which is quite a good "reverse upgrade". "Are.

All keys of the keyboard support hot-swappable design. When the shaft body is removed, it can be seen that the keyboard is not filled with padding under the shaft, but the inside of the slotted positioning plate is also filled with a new sound-absorbing rubber structure, and the space slot is also filled. The filling is full, and the cavity sound in the space is well suppressed. When used, the sound is more pleasant.

The keycap part adopts the MAD height design this time, the design texture of the dotted cap, the height and the enlarged contact area make the user more comfortable to use. At the same time, the two-color process of the two-color PBT is very good for the keycap treatment. , This set of keycaps is really excellent. Compared with other "Volume King" keyboards at the same price, these are intangible costs.

The upper cover of the keyboard is all connected by buckles, and it is very simple to open. The A98 Youth Edition is still a standard Gasket structure design. A silicone sleeve is added to the small ears of the positioning board to provide deformation of the positioning board. The position of the original small screen can also be seen, and the design of the small screen is still reserved, after all, it is the youth version.

The antenna position of the A98 Youth Edition is designed on the side close to the user, which is very interesting. At the same time, you can see the sandwich layer between the positioning board and the PCB. This time, it is filled with EPDM rubber, which has both soft elasticity and toughness. This kind of material is harder than Poron material, but it can also provide Gasket deformation and ensure a good soft bounce and consistency of the keyboard.

The charging interface of the keyboard adopts the way of separating the small boards, so as not to affect the gasket structure of the keyboard, and the stability when it is deformed. At the same time, two 2000mAh batteries provide power for the keyboard, which brings the use of 6 days with the lights on and about a month without the lights. The performance of time and battery life is quite excellent, and the bottom of the keyboard is still filled with a specially customized silicone pad. Although the sound performance will be very good after it is fully filled, it also slightly limits the deformation of the keyboard.

The slotted structure that can be seen everywhere on the PC positioning board guarantees the soft elastic feel, and also reserves holes for the prompt LED lights of the keyboard.

Although RGB lighting is used, the lighting effect of the overall keyboard is still slightly weak because the switch body does not use a transparent upper cover, and the keycaps are also designed to be opaque, and for the sake of wireless battery life. There are a variety of built-in lighting effects, and the keyboard can also be replaced without driving. However, if you don’t need the background light for normal use, it is recommended to turn off the light to ensure battery life.

Although the name is A98 Youth Edition, but overall, it doesn’t feel much inferior to its own A98. Although some compromises have been made on the sandwich cotton and the small screen, the price of the A98 has been directly pulled to the price of 499. Under the premise of ensuring the excellent hand feel, the three-mode wireless connection, 4000mAh battery life, and the new keycap with a better look and feel design make Dareu A98 Youth Edition a very good choice at this price.

Compared with some other volume king keyboards at this price, Dareu’s market-proven stable quality, excellent workmanship, mature and stable after-sales service, these hidden costs that ordinary users can’t see, are the high-value products that everyone chooses in normal times. Points that you may not notice when you are looking for a cost-effective keyboard, and these are precisely what the Roller King keyboard cannot provide. Of course, I hope that everyone in the peripheral market can compete better and bring more and more interesting products to everyone.

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