Peripherals Show Article 114: BOX new axis, wireless three-mode, Gasket structure, Black Canyon enters the mid-to-high-end market with the Y series

Kaihua's BOX shaft still has a place in the domestic shaft, and now it has launched more than ten basic shafts and dozens of customized and joint-name shafts. If you want to buy a mass-produced BOX switch, you will naturally think of Black Canyon, and everyone knows the reason. In May last year, Black Canyon launched the Y series three-mode mechanical keyboard, wired, Bluetooth, 2.4G three-mode connection, Y2 (82 keys), Y3 (87 keys), Y5 (108 keys) three layouts, Gasket structure blessing, The overall hardware configuration is good. What I want to share with you today is the Y3 with 87-key layout. This product is provided by in Peripherals.

Black Canyon Y3 adopts a black paper box with a white background and a sky and earth cover design. Several features of the keyboard are marked on the front of the package, such as 85% arrangement, magnetic hand rest, PBT keycap, Bluetooth, 2.4G connection, RGB backlight, etc.

Keyboard family portrait, from right to left are Y3 keyboard, dust cover, magnetic hand rest, product manual, shaft puller, wire key puller, Type-C data cable, easter egg zodiac card and constellation card.

The attached metal shaft puller and wire key puller are the same color as the keyboard, which are much easier to use than those plastic key pullers and patch shaft pullers.

USB-A to Type-C data cable, the outer rubber material is soft, and the interface is gold-plated.

The easter egg at the bottom of the box, a random zodiac card and a constellation card, and an easter egg rule introduction in the package: If you collect all 24 zodiac and full constellation cards, you can get a mysterious gift of 10,000 yuan from the Black Canyon. Get 12 full zodiac cards or 12 full constellation cards, and you can get a mysterious gift of 1,000 yuan from the Black Canyon.

Black Canyon Y3 adopts the conventional 87 layout, white frame and keycaps, and the four corners are chamfered, which is different from the square X series.

Since the keycap adopts PBT two-color injection molding process, the inside of the keycap is made of sky blue light-transmitting material, so the font is relatively clear when the light is not turned on.

The subscripts of the F area and individual letter areas, Jiugongge and arrow key caps are subscripted. The subscripts of the F area are mainly for office and multimedia functions. The subscripts of the QWER and ASDF keys are mouse operation functions. In the absence of a mouse, the keyboard Realize the mouse function, and the TAB key is the switching function between Win and Mac systems.

The LED backlight effect adjustment function is subscripted in the Jiugongge area, and the light brightness and motion speed adjustment functions are subscripted for the arrow keys. The small screen on the right side of the arrow keys can display the current remaining battery power, but it feels a bit weird to put it in this position. The four smiling faces above are upper and lower case, SCRLK, Win lock and low-voltage charging indicator.

Since the bottom shell of the keyboard is black, it looks a bit suspended when viewed from the front or side. In addition, a black power switch is hidden on the left side of the keyboard for switching between wired and wireless modes.

The Black Canyon Y series has joined the mainstream Gasket structure. A silicone pad is filled between the PVC positioning board, PC board and the lower cover to improve the tightness of the internal components and reduce noise. The actual feel is the same as that suspended between the upper and lower covers. The structure of Gasket is different, it does not have such a Q-ball feel, and the feel of the Y series is more firm.

There are two circular switches on the left front of the keyboard, with LED light rings. The left side of the picture above is the 2.4G mode switch, and the right side is the Bluetooth mode switch, which can be switched between three Bluetooth devices. The keyboard has a built-in 5000mAh capacity battery. For example, the Y5 with 108 keys has 400mAh more, so the battery life of the Y3 is also the longest among the three configurations.

There are five anti-skid pads on the bottom of the keyboard, and six anti-skid pads on the bottom of the hand rest. The keyboard as a whole is still very stable. The upper part of the bottom of the keyboard is a three-way wire groove, which can be routed from different directions as needed in wired mode. The keyboard adopts a two-stage bracket, which can achieve three heights: flat, small feet, and big feet. There is a 2.4G adapter storage compartment next to the bracket, with magnetic adsorption design. It is worth mentioning that this adapter adopts USB-A and Type-C dual interface design, which is more friendly to laptops without USB-A.

The keyboard comes with a palm rest, made of plastic, with a skin-like coating on the surface, which feels delicate and comfortable to the touch, but it is not very resistant to dirt and needs to be taken care of frequently. The palm rest adopts a magnetic adsorption design, which has a strong suction force and will not fall off after lifting the keyboard.

Because it is a specially customized hand rest, it fits perfectly with the chamfered keyboard frame, and the color is also consistent, which is much higher than the third-party hand rest.

In terms of shafts, Black Canyon Y3 currently has 6 shafts in total: BOX shaft V2 Cangling shaft, BOX ice cream Pro, BOX deep sea silent shaft Pro, BOX shaft V2 Danxia shaft, BOX shaft V2 Yanmo shaft, and MX Shenlan shaft Pro Version. The three shafts of Cangling, Danxia and Yanmo are custom-made shafts jointly signed by Black Canyon and Kaihua. .

Black Canyon Y series shaft bases are all hot-swappable, compatible with 3-pin and 5-pin shafts. The lamp beads and the shaft base are basically flat, and basically there will be no incompatibility of the shafts.

BOX axis V2 Cangling axis adopts the fence design of BOX lineage, green axis core and bottom shell, color transparent upper cover, extended spring, strong sense of paragraph, and clear and crisp sound. The total stroke of the key is 3.6±0.3mm, the conduction stroke is 1.8±0.4mm, the touch force is 55±10gf, the operating force is 50±15gf, the rebound force is 15gf, and the design life is 100 million times. The Cangling switch is matched with PBT keycaps, the sound is a bit like mahjong sound, crackling, quite hypnotic.

The long keys of the keyboard are designed with satellite switches, which is more convenient for daily replacement of the keycaps. With the Cangling switch with extended springs, the hand feel is not fleshy, and the rebound is also strong.

The keyboard keycap adopts PBT two-color injection molding ball cap, and the improved SA height of Black Canyon is a little shorter than the general SA keycap, and the slope is a little bigger. The keycap adopts a closed font, and the inside of the keycap is made of sky blue light-transmitting material, so even if it is set to white light, it will be displayed in sky blue, which should be noted.

The Black Canyon Y series share the same driver software, just find the program "BOX Y2 Y3 Y5" on the official download page. The program interface is very simple, but there are quite a lot of functions, including main settings, lighting settings, macro editing, program sharing, personal center, and support. Main settings, you can edit the FN combination key layer, and you can also change the sensitivity of the keys.

Lighting settings, you can set the lighting mode, playback mode, brightness and speed. The program has built-in more than ten kinds of dynamic lighting effects, and contains two rhythm lighting effects. In the constant light or custom mode, you can DIY the light color, speed, etc. . In addition, you can also set the keyboard to automatically sleep to improve the battery life of the keyboard.

Scheme sharing, this is more interesting, you can directly experience the configuration files and macro files shared by other players, it is very suitable for players who are not familiar with button settings, DIY lighting and macro editing.

The Black Canyon Y series all use RGB backlight and transparent keycaps. There are more than ten kinds of dynamic lighting effects built in, such as drifting with the tide, sine, starry sky, etc. There are also rhythmic lighting effects with cool rhythm effects. to set the lights.

This is the lighting effect of the BOX axis V2 Cangling axis. The brightness of the light guide column is still acceptable. Since the axis core is not made of transparent material, the light is basically scattered forward. In addition, the keycaps use sky blue transparent material fonts, so after installing the keycaps, the light will be a little bit bluer, set 255, 255, 255 white light in the constant light, and eventually it will be a sky blue backlight.

Take a moving picture to show you the rhythm (classic) lighting effect. The keyboard light jumps with the rhythm of the music played by the computer. The effect is better and full of movement after the room light is turned off.

The X series of Black Canyon focuses on cost performance, while the Y series focuses on mid-to-high-end product lines, with both hardware and software. In terms of hardware, Gasket architecture, three-mode connection, Kaihua co-branded scenery custom shaft, hot-swappable shaft seat, PBT custom SA ball cap, RGB backlight, large-capacity battery, magnetic skin-friendly hand rest, and rich accessories; software On the one hand, the exclusive driver software supports changing keys, setting FN layer combination keys and key sensitivity, built-in more than ten kinds of backlight special effects, supports rhythm and customization, configuration files and macro files support scheme sharing.

At present, the Y series has three options: Y2 (82 keys), Y3 (87 keys), and Y5 (108 keys). Choose Y2 if you don’t need Jiugongge, choose Y3 if you don’t need the number area, and choose Y5 if you need to input numbers frequently. Choose Y2 or Y3 for desktop or tablet. In terms of price, compared with last year’s first launch price, it has dropped a bit. Taking the Cangling axis version as an example, the price of Y2 is 579 yuan, the price of Y3 is 599 yuan, and the price of Y5 is 649 yuan. The price difference between the three models is not big.

At the end of the article, I would like to make some suggestions of my own. First of all, the Black Canyon Y series are currently all white series, and the color is too single. It is recommended to launch black and other color series at the same time to meet different needs. The light is color cast, it is recommended to change it to an opaque design, and the ambient lighting effect is enough; again, the remaining battery display is a bit abrupt next to the arrow keys, it is recommended to change it to the side border of the keyboard; finally, it is recommended to add a volume knob to operate Speaking of which, no matter how many shortcut keys or key combinations, it is not as convenient as a knob.

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