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Peripherals Show Chapter 96: Produced by Dachang, 99 yuan, HELLO GANSS Jingyuan Apricot, Ten Sample Brocade Keycap Set Picture Tour

As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. Today's mechanical keyboards are almost the same length, and it will make people feel tired after a long time. As a result, many craftsmen and studios appeared, and began to customize various styles of keycaps for peripheral enthusiasts. The price is not low, and some prices even exceed the keyboard itself, and the sales volume is still very objective.

These situations have been seen by peripheral manufacturers, and they have started to launch their own keycaps. Because it is mass-produced by the manufacturer, the price is more advantageous, much cheaper than the studio, and it is endorsed by a large factory, so the quality and after-sales are also guaranteed.

For example, if you buy from Jingdong self-operated store, if there is a problem with the keycap, you can apply for after-sales service. If the time is relatively short, you can directly replace it with a new one. Renewed. Not long ago, I had a flash that was out of warranty after a few days of use. JD.com applied to return it to the factory for repair, but the customer service contacted me directly, saying that it would take a long time to return to the factory, so they directly helped me change it to a new one. This after-sales service is really useless. Say something.

I have several HELLO GANSS mechanical keyboards at home. Like everyone, I got tired of looking at them after a long time. I searched during the 618 period. The original price of HELLO GANSS keycap set is 199 yuan. Play around with it.

The keyboard is HELLO GANSS HS108T, wired, 2.4G, Bluetooth three-mode connection, RGB backlight, TTC flame red switch, supports hot swap. The price of the TTC flame red switch is not low, 3.8 yuan for one piece, and 410 yuan for a full 108 series. Let me show you two sets of dark keycaps, HELLO GANSS Jingyuan Xing and Shiyangjin.

Let me give you a fixed animation first. Changing the keycaps is really a physical effort, too tiring, and the keyboard supports hot swapping. When you pull it out, the force will bring out the shaft body. It seems that, Changing keycaps is not only a physical job, but also a technical job.

HELLO GANSS GC-01 Jingyuan apricot keycaps, the set has a total of 139 pieces, of which 108 are equipped with default keycaps and 31 are supplementary keycaps.

HELLO GANSS GC-01 Jingyuan apricot keycap, currently 199 yuan self-operated by Jingdong, the lowest in history is 99 yuan, everyone collects it first, and then starts at 99 yuan.

The keycap is made of OEM height, PBT material, two-color injection molding process, opaque design, closed font, and the font is slender.

ECS, enter key, direction key, enter key and space bar in the numeric area use black characters on a yellow background, other keys, the main function area, some F areas and data areas use yellow characters on a gray background, and the rest of the keys use yellow characters on a black background. Character.

Among the 31 supplementary keycaps, there are 23 function supplementary keycaps and 9 color supplementary keycaps. Among the function supplementary keycaps, there are keycaps suitable for Mac systems and other special keycaps.

The thickness of the keycap and the key wall is moderate, the spout is handled fairly well, and there are reinforcing ribs inside.

Does the effect of replacing the 7 yellow keycaps look better than the default 6?

If you are tired of looking at multiple colors and want to be low-key, you can also switch to gray and black colors.

After playing with the keyboard for so long, I suddenly found out that the top-notch caps can also be skewered in this way, and the efficiency is quite high.

HELLO GANSS GC-02 ten brocade keycaps are composed of three colors: black, black and pink.

HELLO GANSS GC-02 ten brocade keycaps are currently sold by JD.com at 199 yuan. After looking at the historical price, the lowest price is 99 yuan. You should be optimistic about the price before you start.

HELLO GANSS GC-02 Ten Sample Brocade and Jingyuan Xing are different in color, material, layout, and number of keycaps in the set are the same.

Ten sample brocade is a bit more feminine, there are not many pink keycaps, and it is quite good to match with a black keyboard.

Similarly, friends who like to be low-key can also replace the 7 pink keycaps.

The condenser effect of the TTC flame red axis is quite good. Without the button cap, after turning on the light, the brightness is quite sufficient.

After pressing the keycap, since the keycap is opaque, the backlight acts as an ambient light.

RGB color backlight, under the streamer light effect, the color transition is quite natural and not dazzling.

At present, wireless peripherals have gradually become the mainstream. Wireless keyboards, wireless mice, and wireless headphones can make your desktop more tidy and refreshing. This is not the QPAD MB-10 magnetic adsorption portable mouse clip that I just bought not long ago. It is used in wired mode. After the mouse is fully charged and switched to wireless mode, I fold it and stuff it under the monitor. In addition, it is equipped with a nano sticker. I often stick the MB-10 to the glass on the right side of the chassis for fun. Well, that’s the end of today’s keycap photo tour. Friends who like it, remember to follow me. I will share a few sets of white suit keycaps later, maybe it will be your dish.

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