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Peripherals Show Chapter 97: 108 keys are more comfortable for office work, a brief review of HELLO GANSS HS108T ten samples out of the box

A friend once asked how to choose a mechanical keyboard configuration. In the past, for non-peripheral enthusiasts, the common ones were 108, 104, 87 or 61, but now 100, 98, 96, 89, 83, 71, 68, 65 , 63, etc., all kinds of uncommon arrangements have begun to fill the streets, and the relationship will be ranked from 60 to 100 in a few years.

With the vigorous development of national e-sports and e-sports live broadcasting, it has greatly promoted the development of the peripheral industry, and even the upstream axis companies have sprung up like mushrooms. In recent years, new products have continued, and new axes have been released almost every month. Now you have to ask which axis is suitable for mechanical keyboards, I really can't answer.

Going back to the previous question, there are so many configurations, which are mainly divided into three categories. The first category is with numeric keypads, such as 104, 108, 100, 98 and other configurations. This type of keyboard is more suitable for those with high demand for digital input. Groups of people, such as financial personnel; the second category does not contain a numeric keypad and reserves the F area, such as 89, 87, 83 and other arrangements, which are more suitable for small desktops and people who just need the F area; the third type is only reserved for primary keys and individual For those in the Jiugongge area, such as 71, 68, and 61, people who choose this type of keyboard mainly have a compact desktop and use it with a laptop or tablet computer, and have little demand for the number area and F area.

Due to professional reasons, I just need number keys, so I use more full arrays. HELLO GANSS HS108T adopts 108 arrays, and there are 4 more multimedia keys in the upper right corner.

I chose the Obsidian with TTC flame red switches for the keyboard, and then replaced it with a set of Shisajin keycaps suitable for girls, and used the two sets of keycaps interchangeably.

The keyboard is made of Shisajin, which is 99 yuan a set after various discounts (the original price is 199 yuan), a total of 139 keycaps, 108 regular keycaps, 31 supplementary keycaps, PBT material, opaque design, closed font.

HELLO GANSS HS108T adopts 2.4G, wired, and Bluetooth connection modes. I like the 2.4G mode the most. It can avoid the clutter of wires, and the delay is very low. It is not a big problem to play e-sports games.

HELLO GANSS HS108T is powered by 2 AA batteries, so it does not support lighting in wireless mode. The back of the keyboard is designed with a three-way wire groove, which can be routed as needed in wired mode. The bracket is a two-stage design, and it can be adjusted in three heights: flat, small angle, and large angle. A 2.4G receiver compartment is designed in the bracket on the right, which can be stored inside to avoid loss when in wired or Bluetooth mode.

HELLO GANSS HS108T has quite a lot of accessories, a lot, dust cover, metal shaft puller, wire key puller, two AA batteries, Type-C adapter, data cable, additional keycaps.

This Type-C adapter can also be used as an OTG adapter to connect to mobile phones and tablets. The data cable of the keyboard is also very interesting. It supports a USB-A interface that can be plugged in and out, like a large Apple Lightning interface.

31 supplementary keycaps, consisting of 7 color supplementary keycaps and 24 function supplementary keycaps. If you get tired of pink, you can also switch back to the same color keycap, so that the keyboard as a whole is relatively low-key. Function supplement keycaps can be used with Apple computers, or other niche keyboards, such as the Jiugongge keys on the right side of 83 and 71.

HELLO GANSS HS108T has TTC gold powder V2, TTC flame red, TTC fast silver shaft version, and tiger shaft version only available in the Year of the Tiger special edition, but the price is 200 less expensive. The price of the TTC switch is not low, and it costs three or four yuan to buy one. The keyboard supports hot-swapping. If you want to play with other switches, you can buy a few to replace some common keys such as WASD to try the feel.

Among the current switches, the linear switch is the most popular. The TTC flame red switch is similar to the Cherry red switch from the parameters, but it touches the bottom lighter and rebounds more powerfully. The arched condenser lens is also very suitable for PCB lights. Bead keyboard, stronger light spotting effect.

This set of ten sample brocade keycaps is designed to be opaque, so the backlight mainly plays the role of ambient light. You can set the light through the FN combination key, or you can download the driver software and set it in the software.

Disassemble the keycap and look at the condenser effect of the TTC flame red switch, the brightness is quite sufficient. Today's hot-swappable keyboards basically use PCB chip lamp beads. If the light guide column is not well designed, it will lead to insufficient brightness. If you encounter this kind of opaque keycap, it will basically be very weak. Therefore, it is a good solution to use this kind of opaque keycap with TTC shaft body with condenser.

You can also see from the previous pictures that the front frame of HELLO GANSS HS108T is still a little high. If you use it with bare hands, your wrist will lack a sense of support. It is recommended that you use it with a hand rest. The wooden hand rest shown in the picture above will feel a little hard when you use it at first, but after a long time, you will find that it is quite easy to use, and you can also use it. Look, I have used walnuts for seven or eight years. The wooden hand rest, the color is much darker than when I bought it, and the left hand also left traces of history, a little shiny...

Since the full-tower case is placed on the desktop all year round, this also makes my desktop appear very full. If I pull various cables, it will be quite messy. So I set the HELLO GANSS HS108T keyboard and QPAD EX-7 mouse to be connected in wireless mode, so that the desktop is much cleaner.

Well, that’s all for today’s sharing, next time I’ll share a keyboard with 87 configurations, and compare it with 108 configurations, what’s the difference on my crowded desktop.

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