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Peripherals unpacking Part 26: New white light axis, restrained and versatile: Dujia K620w wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard unpacking

The K610w and K620w under Dujia’s new mold can be said to be the few standard products in the mid-range price range. The w name also marks its wireless attributes and practical positioning. The previous K610w is very satisfactory in office scenarios. This time Bringing the white light version of the same series of k620w out of the box, hoping to give some comparison reference to friends who are interested in buying such products.

Like K610w, Dujia K620w wireless mechanical keyboard is subdivided into several models according to the switch body (custom red, tea, mute red, silver) and keycap and shell color theme (island, echo). The good feedback and word-of-mouth are relatively popular. This time, the light-added model (K610wK620w CORONA white version) is equipped with Kaihua’s latest four-snap position and wall axis Turbo axis. I chose it. It is a linear red axis that is very suitable for office scenes. A certain Dong's current activity price is 799.

There are a lot of accessories, in addition to the regular user guide, white C-mount cable, key puller, shaft puller, USB-C to USB-A adapter, three replacement keycaps for switching between different operating systems, and cable ties And a very practical transparent dust cover, while the 2.4G wireless receiver is stored on the back of the keyboard.

Durga K620w wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts non-suspending standard American 87 key position design. The compact layout makes the keyboard more compact and exquisite in appearance than K610w. The Echo (fog blue) white base and blue key have a high sense of consistency under the gentle embellishment of the gray-blue kit, which is very harmonious and eye-catching.

The indicator light area above the direction area is number keys, upper and lower case (Bluetooth device 1), lock key (Bluetooth device 2), configuration file indicator (2.4G connection status), and power indicator light, which is convenient for users to intuitively understand the keyboard status.

The light adjustment of the white version K620w can be quickly adjusted through the fn + arrow keys and edit keys on the second floor.

The keyboard shell is white on the top and black on the bottom, and the joints are chamfered, so the transition is more natural. The narrow forehead is visually more compact and refined, and the overall look is good. The workmanship around the corners is also good, there are no flaws in the eye, and it is produced by a standard manufacturer.

In addition to the stable 2.4G wireless connection, the Durga K620w wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard can also save two sets of devices connected through Bluetooth 5.0 and is compatible with 4.0 devices. The user experience of the product in a multi-device scenario is very practical in a wireless office scenario.

The toggle connection switch on the top is also my favorite, it has a strong sense of feedback and is not easy to accidentally touch.

The back is relatively simple as a whole, and there are anti-slip foot stickers at the four corners. While the visual consistency is better, the movement is also very stable.

The two-stage foot support marked with the lifting angle can also take care of the usage habits of most users, and the foot support is also designed with anti-slip pads, so there is no risk of sliding when it is propped up.

In terms of switches, Duga K series wireless mechanical keyboards provide Jiadalong custom red, tea, silver, and mute red crystal switch versions, but the new white version (white version K610wK620w CORONA white version) is equipped with Kaihua Turbo series for the first time. shaft.

The Kaihua Turbo shaft adopts a brand-new four-clip position. There are four types of shafts in the first release: red, tea, silver, and mute red. In terms of red shaft parameters, the trigger pressure is 45g, the trigger stroke is 1.9±0.4mm, and the trigger stroke is 3.7±0.3mm. The total stroke, the life span of 80 million taps, the hand feel is lighter than the previous 45g pressure red axis, and the feedback is faster and smoother. This data is also the most accepted linear axis configuration at present. Compared with the linear axis with 2mm trigger stroke and 4mm total stroke, I personally feel that Kaihua Turbo is lighter and more comfortable in the long-term tapping scene.

Kaihua Turbo red shaft adopts a new mold, and adopts high-gloss polishing. The upper cover of transparent material is matched with a high-smooth composite POM shaft. The trigger pressure is also a very popular shaft pressure range for users, and the smoothness of pressing is improved. There is a lot of improvement, and the friction and spring sound and shaking feeling triggered by pressing. The handling of the friction and spring sound and shaking feeling triggered by pressing is still very good.

The Duga K620w wireless mechanical keyboard is filled with sound-absorbing cotton at the bottom. In addition, the silicone pad is filled between the PCB and the metal positioning plate, which greatly eliminates the cavity sound and vibration feeling.

Full-key hot-swapping is also a major selling point of Duga K620w wireless mechanical keyboard. With the included key puller and shaft puller, you can easily replace the keycaps and shafts for personalized matching. The shaft seat is compatible with most MX-like shafts on the market.

The keycaps of the Durga K620w wireless three-mode mechanical keyboard adopt the original high-level two-color PBT injection molding process. The front two-color closed characters are clear and elegant, and the side engraving is silk screen printing. The thickness of the keycap is moderate and the touch is dry and delicate. As a representative of durable keycaps, PBT has good anti-wear and anti-fading characteristics, and a custom-made shaft body with better stability, so that the keyboard has the durability that can be seen by the naked eye.

The large keys of the Duga K620w wireless mechanical keyboard also have a very good feel performance of the large keys, and due to the optimized design of the dragon boat dragon bean, the gap is smaller and the press feedback is more compact, and the stability and smoothness are improved. small boost.

The details of the joints and the turns of the edges are also relatively delicate, and there is no sense of cheapness.

Logo on the side to enhance brand recognition.

The white light of Durga K620w is restrained and elegant, and it will not be too eye-catching in normal mode, but it will be very clear and eye-catching in dim light.

In terms of battery life, the official reference data given by Duga K620w wireless mechanical keyboard is 360 days/200 days in Bluetooth mode/2.4G mode respectively. Compared with K610w without lights, the model with lights this time will be slightly inferior in white backlight mode. . However, it can be fully charged in 3 hours, which is still very strong for most users, and there is almost no sense of restriction on battery life.

In terms of connection, Dujia's w-series wireless products are also well-tested by the market, with Bluetooth 5.0 (compatible with 4.0 devices) and 2.4G wireless connection. Its anti-interference and stability performed well during the experience period, and there was basically no sense of delay during the process, and the input requirements for gaming and office use can be fully met. There is almost no delay in the second cut of wireless devices, which is very useful for multi-device users.

In terms of drive, Dujia supports the function of self-positioning keys, which can meet the individual needs of users, and has built-in onboard memory, which can store multiple key configuration schemes in the body memory, such as macro commands, etc., and then pass The FN+F12 key combination quickly switches and uses different configuration files to meet the usage habits in different scenarios such as office games.

The Echo model with the Duga blue and white theme is still very attractive, with a practical and elegant appearance, and a good hand feel and battery life. It is a very practical experience.

Compared with the practical orientation of K610w, Dujia's K620w small series is more suitable for home games and other scenes that do not require frequent digital input. The overall blue and white fresh design can embellish the dull desktop. Whether it is a mouse pad or a log-colored desktop There is no obvious sense of incongruity. In addition, the non-floating design and compact layout make the keyboard quite outstanding in appearance. Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless connections expand the usage scenarios of the product. The design of the silicone pad, the sound-absorbing bottom cotton, and the white version of the Kaihua Turbo shaft are superior and the feel adjustment also makes the product stand out among the current standard products. In addition, the excellent battery life also makes the product both beautiful and practical. , for users who like to be low-key and practical, it is undoubtedly a good table with good appearance and feel feedback. It is very recommended to start with the event price when it is approaching Double Eleven!

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