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Pink Suit for Big Boys Daryu×Pick Customized Peripherals

I have been in contact with some of the R&D personnel of Dareu, and besides discussing with them about products, what I envy most is that they will organize a basketball friendly match within the company after work. He has organized the Daryou Cup Basketball League.

When I saw this Dareu × Peak custom peripheral, I was basically sure that it must be mixed with the selfish preferences of the product department staff. Perhaps this joint project has been established for a long time and has not been launched.

Compared with the memory of basketball fans, there will be a classic color in the minds of fans, such as the Los Angeles Lakers of the Purple and Gold Army, the Boston Celtics known as the Green Army, and the red representing the Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls. But this time Daryou and Peak chose a very feminine color 'peach color'. The tender pink is more like tailor-made for girls, but it is a gift for boys.

Both are skin-changed versions of the star products in the Dareu peripheral series, Dareu mechanic alloy keyboard (customized by Peak), Dareu EH722 headset (customized by Peak), only the changes in the appearance of the skin, here I will not do a detailed evaluation, but simply talk about the past and present of these two products.

As a high-volume product with small profits but high sales in the Dareu product line, the Mechanic Alloy Keyboard and EH722 earphones both have an average sales volume of 20W on JD.com, which is beyond the reach of other brands, especially the Mechanic Alloy Keyboard. Peripheral Enlightenment.

As the most cost-effective keyboard in the Dareu keyboard product line, it is also the keyboard that I have used peripherals for 16 years. Now 6 years have passed, it is still the best-selling model of Dareu keyboard, and the appearance has not changed at all. .

Now it seems that this alloy version keyboard is slightly outdated, the most traditional 108-key full-key layout, the floating keycap structure that is gradually being marginalized, and the wired connection is incompatible with the wireless trend, but it still relies on the simple and attractive appearance. The ultra-low price has become the first choice of many novice players.

In my opinion, the change of keycap material from ABS to PBT is the biggest upgrade of this mechanic alloy version. It mainly improves the durability of the keyboard. Early keyboard players suffered from ABS keycap oiling. This set of mechanic alloy version (customized by Peak) adopts two-color injection molded PBT light-transmitting keycaps, which are not only wear-resistant but also light-transmitting, and adopt a closed keycap design with higher aesthetics but more complicated craftsmanship. The presence of light has shadows, but in terms of overall quality, it completely surpasses the positioning of this keyboard.

In terms of feel, I remember that the mechanic alloy version used Kaihua switches before. At that time, the quality of domestic switches was average, and things like bad switches and key failures happened from time to time. Now it has been replaced with Dareu’s custom-made shaft body. It is not known who will manufacture it, but the feel and smoothness of the shaft body have been greatly improved, and it is no less than the original cherry.

It should be noted that Dareu has always insisted on its own "orphan balance bar structure" on mechanical alloy series keyboards. It has not changed for so many years, which means that it cannot replace the mainstream keycaps on the market. Although the balance bar feels good, there is not much demand for replacing the keycaps under the original PBT material keycaps, but today when the types of such keycaps are greatly enriched, it is always uncomfortable not to be able to change the keycaps.

With the pink color of Peak's joint name, this keyboard looks fresher.

The positioning of the Dareu EH722 headset (customized by Peak) is very similar to the positioning of the mechanical alloy keyboard above, but it does not look like an entry-level gaming headset from the gas field.

A long time ago, I also had the black normal version of this EH722 headset, and the masonry facet lighting is quite handsome.

The sound quality is so-so, but in terms of wearing experience, this earphone can be ranked in the top three of all the earphones I use. Its biggest feature is that it is light, suitable for long-term wearing, and it is very comfortable without clamping the ears or pressing the head. I have also seen this headset in coffee.

The most impressive thing is the appearance in the full-time master. When I saw Yang Yang wearing this headset, I almost couldn't help it. I never thought that the first time the same model as the star was actually a gaming headset.

This EH722 peak is customized with peach skin and has improved temperament

Wiggins' exclusive LOGO and all-star logo, blessing of faith

The facets of the diamond remain

The self-adaptive telescopic head beam structure automatically adjusts the telescopic length of the head beam when wearing it, and fits the head. Compared with the one-piece structure, the head beam is softer, the pressure on the head is more dispersed, and generally speaking, the comfort is higher.

Thick and thick earmuffs and widened headband

It is a pity that the mouse is not included in the joint package. The quality and cost-effectiveness are sufficient to match the theme of sports + e-sports. Although the positioning of the two products is not high, it cannot stop the love of basketball teenagers.

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