Play e-sports games well: You can have a fever with a budget of 300 yuan

Is the e-sports game keyboard less than 200 yuan reliable: the actual test tells you that it is true

Spend 200 yuan to buy a mechanical hard drive, can you play games?

In recent years, with the continuous popularity of e-sports games, more and more people have begun to fall in love with the cause of e-sports. Yes, playing games is now one of the careers. After all, friends who play well can even make a fortune from games.

Of course, this is only a small group of people, and rookie-level people like us can only pass the time and have a little entertainment. Therefore, when we choose peripherals, we often don't have too high a budget, as long as they can meet our needs. Today, the author spent a budget of 200 yuan to buy a mechanical keyboard to see if the peripheral equipment purchased with a budget of 200 yuan is good or not.

In fact, this time I started with a gaming mechanical keyboard from the Wrangler. Speaking of Wrangler, I believe that many post-95s and post-00s are very familiar with it. After all, Wrangler is the most common mechanical keyboard for this group of people. Generally, high-end e-sports Internet cafes use this brand.

Not because of how awesome the brand is. It is because this brand not only has an extremely comfortable feel and texture, but also is extremely affordable in terms of price. For example, the Wrangler K100 I bought only costs 299 yuan, and you can enjoy professional sports at less than 300 yuan. Gaming keyboard experience.

So, for consumers, what kind of functions can these 300 yuan experience? Here I take the Wrangler K100 I bought as an example. First of all, I can get the experience of customizing the shaft body for professional e-sports. There are four kinds of shafts to choose from: black shaft, green shaft, red shaft and brown shaft. Black switches are more suitable for gamers, while green switches, red switches, and brown switches can be used for office work and games.

This time I bought the black switch version of the Wrangler K100. I can describe the feeling of this switch in one word, that is "fast". The fast here refers to the response speed. Survival friends, is definitely a good choice.

In addition, even when we are typing on the keyboard, the rebounding feel is extremely comfortable and thick. There is no tactile feeling of the traditional keyboard, and the sound of clicking and clicking, so that you can concentrate more when playing games.

At the same time, the Wrangler K100 also has cool lighting effects and 12 lighting configurations, allowing us to deal with various game scenarios. FN+F1-F11, can switch 11 lighting effects to meet the needs of e-sports players. The most important thing is that the Wrangler also has built-in streamer light strips on the sides on both sides, which can further enhance the atmosphere.

Secondly, the Wrangler K100 did not use cheap plastic material as the panel, but instead chose a more expensive aluminum alloy panel. Moreover, we can see with the naked eye that the surface of the Wrangler K100 is frosted, full of texture, and also has wear-resistant and dust-proof features. characteristic.

Finally, in order to be able to respond quickly, the Wrangler also uses an e-sports game chip for this product, which truly achieves a lossless rapid response and triggers a faster experience. As far as I personally feel, when typing on the keyboard and playing games, its response speed is far faster than that of traditional keyboards, and its experience has reached the mechanical keyboard of a thousand yuan machine.

In short, for such a product, I personally feel that it is definitely worth the money. You can start with an aluminum alloy product at a price of 299 yuan. This texture and feel is definitely the strongest in the 300 price range. Coupled with more lighting effects and the blessing of professional gaming chips, while improving faster response speed, it can also bring a relatively good atmosphere effect.

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