Popularization of customization, self-developed fast silver switches, hot-swappable support, Rapoo V700 DIY mechanical keyboard experience

Mechanical keyboards are becoming more and more rollable nowadays, which is a good thing for us players, and we are the ones who benefit in the end. Rapoo is a major manufacturer of domestic peripherals. The Rapoo V2 mouse I bought in 2009 is still in service in the company, so I am very assured of the quality. Recently, Rapoo launched the V700 DIY keyboard, which is full-sized and supports hot-swapping. This is also the first 104-key full-size customized keyboard launched by Rapoo. It is equipped with Rapoo’s self-developed KA-12 linear fast silver switches or white switches. , comes with factory run, which is more playable and convenient, and also contributes to the popularization of customization.

The packaging design style of the Rapoo V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard is the same as before. The upper left corner is the Rapoo brand logo, and the keyboard rendering is in the middle. In addition to the keyboard, there is also a box of KA-12A linear fast silver switches.

The box contains: Rapoo V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard, Type-C data cable, key puller and user manual.

The Rapoo V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard is a full-size design with 104 keys, the size is 435*149*48mm, and the weight is about 835 grams, which is quite light. In addition to the regular 104 keys, there are also 5 special function keys in the upper right corner. I like this scroll wheel design very much. The design of the keyboard body is relatively compact, the front is made of aluminum alloy, and the keys are suspended, so it is more convenient to clean the gaps of the keyboard later. The key cap is made of PBT material, double-color injection molding, which is more durable.

The upper right corner of the keyboard is designed with Rapoo’s brand logo, 5 special buttons, M on the left is the mode button, which can switch the office/game mode, V1 is the light switch button, V2 is the scroll wheel mode switch button, let the scroll wheel adjust the brightness and volume Switch on adjustment mode. V3 is the mute key.

The large keys of the Pennefather V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard are equipped with factory-moisturized satellite switches. Whether it is a large key or a normal key, the adjustment is very good. The Rapoo V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard uses a self-developed linear fast silver switch, with a total stroke of 4mm, a trigger stroke of 1.3±0.5mm, a trigger pressure of 45±1·0gf, no sense of paragraph, built-in factory moisturization, and a lifespan of 50 million times. Rapoo’s self-developed fast silver switch is sensitive to trigger, strong and quick to rebound, strong to the touch, low percussion sound, suitable for office work and games, and the overall feel is quite good.

Rapoo V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that supports full-key hot-swappable. You can easily take out the shaft body with the key puller in the accessories. You can see that the LED light is integrated on the PCB board Up. The hot-swappable design is very practical. First of all, it is easy to maintain. I used a mechanical keyboard relatively early, and the replacement of the mechanical keyboard basically means that some keys of the mechanical keyboard I used before have failed. However, I am not good at using the electric soldering iron. Can change. Hot-swapping can easily replace the shaft body, so that the maintenance of the shaft body is convenient. In addition, you can also locally replace different shaft bodies on the keyboard, so that different positions of the keyboard have different use feel, so that every part of the entire keyboard There is the most suitable texture.

The Rapoo V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard is a wired mechanical keyboard, which adopts the design of separating the keys and wires. The interface of the data cable is located on the top of the fuselage, which is a Type-C interface.

The bottom corners of the fuselage of the Rapoo V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard are designed with non-slip rubber pads to keep the keyboard stable when in use.

There are folding tripods on the left and right sides, and there are anti-skid pads at the bottom of the folding tripod. When the tripod is opened, the front end of the keyboard will be lifted up, which is more suitable for the angle of human hands typing on the keyboard.

The line that comes with it is good in workmanship.

The key puller in the accessories is still very easy to use.

There are 12 quick silver switches and a key puller in the packaging box of KA-12 quick silver switch. This can be used as a spare part for maintenance, or it can be used to replace the switch body for a keyboard that supports hot swapping.

Connect the data cable, and the system will automatically recognize it. However, the Rapoo V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard has management software, which can be downloaded from the official website to set more functions.

All the keys of the Pennefather V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard can be reset to the key function, can be set to other key functions, set to a combination key, set to the basic function of the computer, or even set to a macro function.

The Rapoo V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard has an RGB lighting system. You can switch 18 different lighting modes through the V1 button. In the driver software, you can realize 19 lighting modes, and even set the lighting for each button.

The following is a display of some lighting modes.

The macro function is a very useful function, especially for some complex and repetitive operations, which can be recorded and then assigned to a key, and a series of operations can be output by one tap.

The Rapoo V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard is very good for tuning the keys. Whether it is an ordinary key or a large key, or even a space bar, the key feels quite good, with short strokes and quick rebound. After pressing, the key will bounce up with the finger, and it will always be against the finger. The key percussion is relatively quiet, and the sound is very solid. The space bar does not have a hollow sound, which sounds quite comfortable. Whether it is office or game, Rapoo’s self-developed fast silver switch is very suitable. In addition, although the scroll wheel is used to adjust the brightness of the light by default, for me who likes RGB lighting systems, I basically can’t adjust the brightness, but the volume will. Frequently adjust, work, watch movies, listen to music, play games, you need to adjust different volumes. This scroll wheel is really easy to use, much more convenient than the Fn shortcut key adjustment.

After this period of experience, I like the Pennefather V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard. The tuning of the entire keyboard is quite good. It is convenient, and it can especially meet the needs of different users for different button feel. The effect of the RGB lighting system is full. If the brightness can be higher, it will be more perfect. Next, I expect the Rapoo V700 DIY hot-swappable mechanical keyboard to launch a multi-mode version and a version with more keycaps.

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