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Powerful appearance, Rapoo V500 Pro-87 multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard is infinitely smooth


After installing the computer mainframe for the machine friend last time, I have been urging me to choose a cool wireless mechanical keyboard for this period of time, and this guy is not low in requirements. In addition to being cool and stylish, he has to take into account the long battery life. , short keyboard, multi-mode connection, and the most important thing is that the price has to be cheap. My head exploded when I heard the request. At present, there are so many mainstream wireless mechanical keyboard manufacturers on the market, and the price, positioning and functions are also uneven. How to choose is also a headache for me.

Based on the principle of appropriate price, after some searching, I found that Rapoo’s V500 series mechanical keyboards are not bad. Especially his Rapoo V500 Pro-87 multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard is very suitable as the entry-level keyboard of choice. It not only has a cool mixed-color LED backlight system, but also comes with a multi-mode connection mode, and supports connection switching of 5 devices at the same time. In addition, it also takes into account the long battery life of 4000mAH, the compact keyboard layout of the 87 type, and the most important thing is that the price is cheap.

According to the actual needs of the machine friend, I recommend him to buy the Rapoo V500 Pro-87 multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard green axis version. So what is the real situation of this wireless mechanical keyboard? Let us take a look below.


The packaging style of the Rapoo family-style blue and black design is simple and pure. On the back of the package, the features of the product are introduced in multiple languages, which allows us to get started quickly and is very considerate.

After removing the packaging box, the entire keyboard and accessories appeared in front of our eyes. In addition to the Pennefather V500 Pro-87 multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard host, it is also equipped with a 2.4G wireless receiver, Type-C data charging cable, key puller and user's Guide.


The standard configuration of the mechanical keyboard is the key puller, and the exclusive key puller equipped by Rapoo is quite careful. The whole is made of red plastic material, with a round handle at the top and a forkable card slot at the bottom, which can be held with one hand. Small and mini, convenient and durable, the keycap can be pulled out directly when in use, smooth and silky without hurting the keyboard keycap.

The 2.4G wireless receiver is compact and stylish, with an exclusive identification code at the entrance, making it worry-free to use. It would be even better if this receiver can be stored in the keyboard separately, not only safe and convenient, but also special purpose and more convenient.


The Rapoo keyboard with a size of only 357.9mm×129.4mm×41.9mm has a net weight of 927g. It adopts an 87-key compact layout design, and removes the numeric keypad to free up a lot of room for the mouse. Except for the product nameplate in the middle, there are only 6 strips of soft rubber non-slip foot pads on the back, but there are no independent heightening support feet at the four corners, requiring users to actively adapt to the preset height.

The entire keyboard adopts a key line separation design, and is equipped with a mainstream Type-C data charging interface. Not only can it be used as a wired keyboard, but it can also be used while charging or just charging for backup. The super large 4000mAH capacity battery is very comfortable to think about, but it is difficult to accept that the wire is made of rubber based on the cost. In addition, there is also a wireless mode switch key next to the interface, which is very convenient to connect immediately, and it will automatically shut down when there is no operation to save power.

The entire keyboard is designed with rounded corners and narrow borders, with the underlying metal panel to support the suspended bare shaft technology, and the surface ABS material is supplemented with fine frosting to make it full of texture.

In addition, this keyboard is designed with two LED indicators, the upper and lowercase key indicators on the left, and the global status indicator on the right. When the uppercase and lowercase key indicator is on, it means uppercase input, and when it is off, it means lowercase input; the global status indicator has more functions, blue flashes quickly when connected wirelessly, blue is always bright when connected; red is always on when wired , automatically turns off when fully charged.

The side of the keyboard body naturally forms a 6° inclination, and there is no discomfort at the wrist when typing. The workmanship is quite satisfactory, without any burrs or gaps, and the 87 green shafts are directly fixed on the button buckle plate, which is beautiful and exquisite, and the visual impact is full!


The cap body is supported by laser engraving technology of injection molding process, the light transmission is uniform and does not diverge, the surface is slightly frosted, and the touch is comfortable and delicate.

The keyboard is equipped with a Rapoo main switch with a lifespan of up to 60 million hits, and in order to meet the needs of different groups, there are four switches for users to choose from: black switches, green switches, brown switches, and red switches. Due to work needs, it is recommended that machine friends buy the green axis keyboard for office and study. The green shaft is crisp and powerful, with sound in paragraphs, and the pressing feel is slightly heavier. The feedback is very obvious when you tap continuously, and the sound is crisp and pleasant. When you use it, you feel back to the era of typewriters.

In addition, judging from the removal of the keycap, the cap body has two structures: single axis and satellite axis. Among them, the short key is a single axis, and the long key is a satellite axis (that is, there is a supporting auxiliary axis on both sides of the main body). Surprisingly, it doesn't feel soft and stuffy when you tap the satellite shaft, and the response is very sensitive.


Constant light mode

curve mode

starry pattern

In terms of coolness and style, this Rapoo V500 Pro-87 multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard is definitely not inferior. Not only is it equipped with a very cool mixed color backlight system, but it also supports 4 levels of brightness adjustment and 6 backlight modes. The backlight brightness can be adjusted by Fn + up and down keys, and the backlight frequency can be adjusted by Fn + left and right keys; while Fn + right Ctrl key can switch between 6 backlight modes such as breathing, ripple, curve, constant light, single light, and starry dots, gorgeous The unique RGB backlight effect makes the overall experience atmosphere more visually impactful!


This Rapoo V500 Pro-87 multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard gives me a good impression overall, and it has an absolute advantage compared with similar products. First of all, it has a very precise positioning of the overall needs of users. Based on the actual layout of the 87-key compact key, it is equipped with cool mixed-color backlight, multi-mode connection mode, and ergonomic design to solve user pain points and bring outstanding user experience. ;Secondly, it takes into account the characteristics of ultra-long battery life, full-key no-hit precision triggering, and two-color injection keycaps with good light transmission, so that the real domestic products are not inferior to foreign brands, and you can't put it down almost after using it; On the basis of exquisite workmanship, it has won the favor of the majority of users with super high cost performance, so that you have no reason to reject its actual value. In general, this mechanical keyboard is small in size and powerful in function. Whether it is design or workmanship, buttons or backlight, multi-mode connection or charging battery life, user experience or product price, you can’t help yourself. You can’t choose it. wrong!

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