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Programmer, S12, World Cup Watching, Home Office, and New Digital Products Top Five Must-Buy Lists are released, and the computer and digital low-priced explosive models that must be bought on Double 11 are recommended!

When there are more and more opportunities to live at home, if you are perfunctory with peripherals and other digital devices, it will have a certain impact on your mood and work efficiency. If you can put your own desks with desirable and useful objects, then you will really respond to the saying "Peach Blossom Spring is by your side".

Coinciding with JD.com’s 11.11 event, this event is full of surprises, and the discounts are amazing. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most suitable price on the entire network. First, I will post the entrance of the main venue for everyone.

There are all kinds of hot items here, and the criteria for selection are the praise of buyers and the practicality of practical use. After a stroll, you will definitely return with a rewarding experience.

If you feel overwhelmed, you can also choose according to the list of the five major scene sections. As for the five major lists, let’s not talk nonsense, let’s give you a detailed introduction below, and pick out good things that are worth buying for private use.

If you are a practitioner in the IT industry, or a geek, Programmer Hardcore Haowu has many excellent DIY computer accessories/peripherals, many of which are popular at low prices.

Among the many artifacts of efficiency, carefully select a good item that can improve work happiness, which is a must-have artifact in JD.com's 11.11 low-price event.

Black Canyon (Hyeku) X3 wired/wireless 2.4G dual-mode mechanical keyboard

For those who type on the keyboard every day, getting along with a good keyboard can improve work efficiency and happiness.

Black Canyon X3 dual-mode mechanical keyboard adopts 87-key layout, smooth PBT keycaps, and the new switch of Kaihua BOX, and the keys feel comfortable. hit.

The World Cup is coming every four years. For fans who cannot go to Qatar to watch the game, in addition to watching the game on TV, they can also compete with friends in the game. As long as you want, you can sweat profusely at any time.

In addition to many good things to watch the game in this division, there are also many game peripherals. Through this feast, we also fell in love with games again.

Epson CH-A100 Smart Projector

The World Cup has an irreplaceable place in the hearts of fans. I can watch the European Cup, Serie A, and La Liga, but I always have a heart for the World Cup. Watching the World Cup is naturally a major event every four years.

Epson CH-A100 uses 3000 lumens brightness, 3LCD display technology, and adaptive GAMMA adjustment functions to perfectly restore the giant screen experience, fully feel the atmosphere of the World Cup, and enjoy the immersion brought by the big screen. The team cheers.

Now there are more and more opportunities to work and study from home. In addition to special reasons, the general trend of the digital age is also destined to be the future.

Working and studying at home can't be enough. A well-known "Internet celebrity" said that a lifetime of living together will pass, so we need to improve the happiness of working and studying at home.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Zhan 66 Fifth Generation Ryzen Edition 15.6 inches

Whether it's studying or working, the practical experience of the past two years tells us that a computer has to be a computer. As for the idea of ​​"why should your next computer be a computer", maybe only the CEO will agree.

As a veteran business notebook, the HP Z66 series has passed the military test. The three-sided metal body is not only full of high-end, but also very strong. If you need a real "productivity tool", you must not miss the new HP Z66 series.

In addition to plucking wool at the JD.com 11.11 event, gamers must not miss the wonderful S12. Of course, as players, we must have a few battles with our friends after watching the game to be enjoyable.

S12 gaming equipment includes many explosive gaming equipment, and all of them are low-priced.

Philips (PHILIPS) SHP9500

In addition to professional gaming headsets, many anchors will choose high-quality HiFi headsets. The reason is very simple, and the overall sound quality is much better.

Now if you want to own HiFi sound quality headphones, you don’t need thousands of yuan. Philips SHP9500 is the classic choice. It has the sound quality of thousand yuan HiFi headphones. With the various low-price activities of Jingdong 11.11, if you just need a HiFi headset with good sound quality, Philips SHP9500 is very suitable for watching games or playing games.

The frequency of new digital products is one of the best in all industries. Where can I find all kinds of new digital products? Jingdong 11.11 Hipster digital new cutting-edge goods section is ready for you.

Samsung (SAMSUNG) S27B612EQC

The prices of various explosive monitors this year have shown varying degrees of Waterloo. Among the many new products on JD.com on 11.11, Samsung S27B612EQC is one of the best.

In the price range of 1,000 yuan, it has a 27-inch size, 2K resolution and a high refresh rate of 75Hz. The high-quality IPS panel reproduces true colors and has low blue light certification. Since the Samsung S27B612EQC can be easily used with a 90° vertical screen, it is very suitable as a main screen or a secondary screen, and it is a rare high-quality display at the same price.

After reading this year’s JD 11.11 activities and the list of the five major scene sections, have you planted a piece of green grassland, but don’t rush to place an order, JD.com also has 6 interest-free activities for the audience, and the event time is October 31- From 8:00 to 12:00 every night on November 11th, this wave of benefits is absolutely not to be missed. Just set the alarm and walk like me.

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