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Pudding Review Article 119: Self-contained infrared silver switch, RGB Symphony dual backlight system, more cool gaming mechanical keyboard!

For players who like DIY hardware, I believe they are already familiar with RGB lighting effects. However, now RGB lighting effects not only exist in various hardware products, but also peripherals such as mice and keyboards have begun to join them. In addition to bringing more cool decorative effects, they can also bring a more immersive gaming experience. Recently, I experienced a Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version, which adopts the Symphony RGB dual backlight system, supports 19 preset button lighting effects, and the metal aluminum alloy cover makes the keyboard look more fashionable and textured. What is the actual experience, I will take you to learn more about it below.

In terms of packaging, the Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version adopts a simple paper packaging box, with the actual product picture and name printed on the front, and the introduction of the product's features and functions on the back.

Let's see what's in the box In addition to the mechanical keyboard of the Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version, there are also instruction manuals and a key puller, which can facilitate users to remove and replace keycaps.

The Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version adopts a wired design, and the length of the cable is about 1.8 meters, which is believed to meet the needs of most users. In fact, compared to Bluetooth connection, I believe that game users will still prefer wired connection, which can make the transmission more stable, respond faster, and bring a better gaming experience.

The Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version adopts a 104-key full-size key design, which can realize full key position conflict-free through USB connection, which can make the keyboard respond more accurately and operate more smoothly. Although it is a full-size keyboard, due to the simple and narrow frame design and the compact keyboard arrangement, the whole machine looks relatively small.

The keycaps of the keyboard adopt a floating arrangement design, in which the surface of each keycap has been frosted and curved to make it more comfortable to press; in addition, the keycaps also use a two-color injection molding process, which not only allows more uniform light transmission, but also It can reduce the fading, blurring and abrasion of characters after long-term use.

There are 3 indicators on the upper right corner of the keyboard, from left to right: uppercase and lowercase indicators, numeric keypad indicator and Windows lock indicator, which can facilitate users to know the current status of the keyboard in real time.

The upper cover of the Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version is made of metal aluminum alloy, which is durable and has a more metallic texture; the side edge of the fuselage also adopts CNC metal trimming technology, making the whole machine more refined and tasteful.

Compared with the front of the keyboard, the design of the back of the keyboard is relatively simple. There are 3 non-slip rubber pads near the front edge, 2 brackets at the rear, and a product label in the middle.

There are also two small brackets on the back of the keyboard, which can raise the keyboard to a certain height and bring a more comfortable control experience. It can be seen from the side that the keyboard base adopts a slightly upturned design with a low front and a high rear, coupled with curved keycaps, it is more comfortable and smooth to operate.

The method of using the Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version is very simple. Just plug the USB cable of the keyboard into the USB port of the computer. It adopts a 104-key full-size key layout, and the full-keyboard conflict-free design allows users to use it Smoother and more secure. Among them, the buttons also support multimedia shortcut keys, and functions such as multimedia playback, volume adjustment, and song switching can be performed directly through Fn+F1~F12.

Each keycap of the Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version can be disassembled, and can be easily removed with a key puller, which not only allows users to freely replace the keycaps as needed, but also facilitates cleaning.

The keys of the keyboard use Rapoo's own infrared silver switch, which feels similar to the green switch, and because of the infrared light blocking method, it not only makes the signal transmission more stable, but also has a waterproof and dustproof effect.

The button feel of the Rapoo V520 RGB Alloy Edition is similar to that of the Green Axis Click, with a strong rebound when pressed, a crisp sound, and a comfortable touch. I personally like this feeling, and it can be easily handled whether it is gaming or work.

Compared with many other mechanical keyboards with RGB lighting effects, the Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version adopts the RGB dual backlight system. In addition to the illusion lighting effect under the keys, there is also a strip of RGB backlight strips around the side, which can bring more Cool lighting effects.

The picture above shows the effect of the button lighting effect and the frame backlight strip fully turned on. Isn’t it very cool, especially in a dark environment, the effect is even more impressive, it is full of ritual sense.

The above is the dynamic effect of the backlight strip on the side frame, a variety of color cycle changes, the effect is not bad, can be turned off or turned on individually, but only one change mode is supported, which is a bit regrettable.

You may not be able to feel the coolness through the pictures. Let’s take a look at the animation with the dual light effects fully turned on. Let’s see how it works. Personally, I think it’s too cool. What do you think?

The frame backlight belt of the Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version can be turned on or off individually. The picture above shows the effect of turning off the frame backlight, which is slightly lower-key than when the dual lights are fully turned on.

The Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version has preset 19 button lighting effects. In addition to supporting solid color, color, illusion and other different effects of lighting effects, it also supports ripple mode. When the button is tapped, it will form like water ripples , looks fine.

For players who like to play games, the Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version also presets 6 game lighting effects including CF, CAR, RTS, NBA, LOL, and COD, which can be quickly called by players as needed. The picture above shows the lighting effect of the LOL game. It can be seen that only the backlights of the buttons commonly used in the game are on, which is more convenient for users to control.

During daily work or games, I usually put a cup of water or coffee next to it, and it is inevitable that liquid will be accidentally spilled, which can easily cause damage to the keyboard. But don’t worry about it now, the Rapoo V520 RGB’s external seams are not only tightly seamed, but the internal PCB is also protected by a nano-waterproof coating, which can be more effective in dustproof and waterproof.

As you can see from the animation above, not to mention the accidental spilling of liquid into the keyboard, I have no problem pouring water directly down, it can still be used normally, and the waterproof effect is still very good. Usually, if the keyboard is dirty, you can wash it directly with water, but of course it is not recommended to wash it with water frequently.

Through the experience of using the Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version, the Symphony RGB dual backlight system is my favorite. Through the preset 19 kinds of illusion lighting effects, it can bring more cool gameplay; Infrared silver switch independently developed by Bai, can not only make the signal transmission more stable, but also bring a feel similar to the green switch; coupled with the aluminum alloy cover and nano-waterproof coating design, it can make the keyboard durable and more textured; In addition, the 104-key full-size keyboard design can also take into account games and office work, effectively improving the scope of use of the keyboard. If you are in need of an RGB keyboard, I believe that the Rapoo V520 RGB alloy version should not disappoint you.

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