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Pure white angel! One hundred yuan white mechanical keyboard YYDS!

From a hundred yuan to thousands of yuan, I may have used more mechanical keyboards than 99% of people. But the latest FEpro75 launched by Ai Stone gave me a surprise far beyond this price.

The first is appearance, white YYDS! It goes perfectly with the white table top. As a mechanical keyboard, RGB lighting is naturally standard. You can adjust the lighting mode effect in real time through shortcut keys or software, and the game operation is directly improved by 100%.

The adaptability is also very nice. It supports wired, bluetooth and built-in 2.4G receiver connection. Whether it is PC, notebook or iPad, it can be switched seamlessly. With the 40-day battery life brought by the 3800 mAh battery, it is basically Say goodbye to battery life anxiety.

I chose the red shaft for the shaft body, which feels as silky as Dove. There is no rush and no sense of paragraph in the whole process. With the noise reduction design, it is quite suitable for people like me who often code and use, and I am not afraid of disturbing others. There is also a hot-swappable design, which is very convenient if the shaft body needs to be replaced, and there is a huge space for DIY.

After a few days of use, the strength of this keyboard convinced me to use it as the main equipment. And now the Double Eleven event, you can get it for only 279 yuan, what kind of bicycle do you need at this price?

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