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Pure words and pure words Part 17: Use customized thinking to make a mass-produced keyboard, and the evaluation of the Royal Axe R108

In the past few years, Chunjie has touched a lot of keyboards. Customized keyboards have sprung up because of higher configuration and better playability. Mass-produced keyboards are not to be outdone, and gradually joined the road of involution.

Today we will take a look at a very high customization element Three-mode rgb knob hot-swappable gold powder axis mass production 108 keyboard , he is R108 of Royal Axe.

The white outer box uses disposable plastic packaging, a classic box design. The inner box is simple white with the Royal Ax brand logo on the front.

When you open the box, what you see is a brief cardboard description and 4 ttc gold powder shafts.

Take out the manual, under the plastic bag is a plastic dust cover and the keyboard body of the Royal Axe r108. At first glance, the golden knobs, toggle switches, ball caps, and gold powder switches, if you don’t say this is mass production, I think it must be thousands of customized keyboards.

The keyboard uses ttc gold powder switches, and 4 supplementary ttc gold powder switches are presented with the box.

Take out all the accessories, including a keyboard, a dust cover, a type c data cable (with shielding), a shaft puller, and a key puller.

In order to facilitate the user to replace the shaft body, there are white shaft pullers and key pullers in the keyboard accessories with the logo of the royal axe printed on them. At the same time, the type-c data cable uses a braided wire design that is the same color as the keyboard body, which is more convenient. Durable with shielded magnetic ring.

The Royal Axe R108 adopts a full-size layout, which is very friendly to people who feel uncomfortable without a small keyboard. The F area is optimized to make the F area and the keyboard more compact. The 108-key position is different from the male model. Instead of the usual volume addition and subtraction, and the mute button, more functional buttons are used for daily applications, namely the back button, the lock fn button, the lock screen button, and the calculator button. .

While retaining the 108 configuration, a swing switch for windows/mac mode switching and a toggle knob for switching connection modes are added.

The dark blue appearance is matched with the contrasting color ball cap, which is more eye-catching. There is a simple product logo ROYALAXE under the keyboard. At the same time, you can see the special mac function key logo on the key cap from this perspective.

The height of the keyboard is non-adjustable. From the side, the arc of the ball cap with aek height is very round. The inset design of the keycap makes it easier for fingers to put it on.

There is a 2.4G receiver on the right side, with the logo of the Royal Ax brand on the receiver. It has been plugged into the computer for a long time, and I forgot which receiver it is.

The three-mode keyboard supports a variety of connection methods. Use the yellow metal fluctuation knob on the upper right button to switch the connection method. There are 4 options, off, type-c wired connection, 2.4g wireless connection, and Bluetooth connection.

Compatible with mac mode and windows mode, use the toggle switch in the upper right corner to switch the platform function keys, which is friendly and cost-effective for dual-platform users.

At the same time, the Bluetooth connection supports up to three devices to connect (switch between Bluetooth devices using fn+q/w/e to switch), the way of knob switching allows you to quickly switch between different connection methods, if you use different connection methods to connect multiple One device, so when working with multiple computer devices on one desktop, you can use only one keyboard, which is more convenient.

The shortcut keys above the f area correspond to the f area of ​​the mac. After using the toggle switch to switch, use the lock fn function to quickly switch between the f key and the shortcut function key. You can use shortcut keys on mac/windows to operate mac/windows. I think this is very convenient.

The whole keyboard adopts a sound-absorbing structure, adding a sound-absorbing pad, silicone pad, etc., to reduce the cavity sound and noise of the keyboard, so that it gives a very soft feel and sound when typing on the keyboard. Coupled with the existence of the sound-absorbing pad, the typing sound is very nice, and an additional silicone pad is added to the space key to reduce the cavity sound of the space key. The material used is very sufficient in places that cannot be seen.

The 37g TTC gold powder switch, compared with the ordinary red switch, is very light in grams of pressure. Suitable for habitual offenders like me (evil emoticons). Typing for a long time will not feel tired.

All keys on the keyboard support hot-swapping, so that you can use the attached shaft puller to remove the original shaft at any time when you want to experience other shafts, and then replace the shaft you like. Even if you are new, you can easily It's time to change the shaft.

The two-color ball cap feels very delicate, and a lot of effort has been made on the keycap. The cost of buying a set of ball caps alone is already very high, not to mention the two-color ball caps of pbt. The price of buying a set of abs ball caps alone has basically reached more than 100 yuan.

I think this is a keyboard that is very capable of typing in this range. It is not only the change brought about by customized thinking, but also the excellence of the product. The keyboard made with customized thinking is more suitable for keyboard enthusiasts. Various elements bring you satisfaction, full-key hot-swappable, rgb full, two-color ball cap, three-mode connection, these All in this keyboard to a good reflection.

A little problem in current use: I accidentally found a problem. If you choose to turn off the RGB light, then the keyboard indicator light will also be turned off. If you choose to turn off the keyboard RGB light brightness to the minimum, then the keyboard indicator The light will turn on. I hope that the manufacturer can solve this problem by updating the driver.

In addition, during the 618 promotion period, the whole store of Yufu was promoted. The pre-order price of this keyboard is 499 yuan. I think it is very cost-effective.

At the same time, the store released new products r87 and Y68. I think they look very good. You can choose your favorite combination.

R87, R108 and R100 basically maintain the same appearance, giving users more options for configuration.

As for y68, I think it is very hard-core (I really like that macho fan when I am so angry, is there any man who can refuse such a pink color?

Thank you guys for watching, your likes and collections are the driving force for my updates, I love your purity, okay?

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