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Qiu Qiu's evaluation notes Part 11: 2022 mechanical keyboard recommendation, which mechanical keyboards are worth buying on Double 11? Keychron-V1 black transparent 75 with wired mechanical keyboard actual measurement

I know that the Keychron keyboard is highly recommended by the big V in the YouTube video before, but it is still a niche in China, and its characteristic aluminum alloy mechanical keyboard is also loved by many players. Many digital technology bloggers in China are also loyal fans of Keychron. Today I followed suit and bought a keyboard from them. I chose the latest V series V1 with a budget of around 400.

Looking at the packaging alone, the front is the appearance of the keyboard, and the laser reflection effect is very cool. This is a 75% equipped mechanical keyboard. On the side is the brand logo, there are three product pictures at the bottom, and some functions of the keyboard are introduced on the left. The outer packaging box is all in English. Although Keychron is a domestic brand, it is made from overseas after all, so it is not surprising that the manual is all in English.

Open the outer package, the keyboard body is protected by foam plastic, in addition to the keyboard, there are data cables, key pullers, shaft pullers, Windows keycaps, pentagonal wrench screwdrivers and other common accessories. The two cards introduce how to change the shaft correctly and switch between MacOS and Windows systems.

Keychron-V1 is divided into normal type and knob type. The knob model changes the ins button in the upper right corner to a knob that can adjust the volume, which is more convenient to use. There is a keycap distance between the top and bottom of the keyboard, which looks more atmospheric than the narrow frame. The shell is made of ABS material, which feels fine and matte. It is more textured than the equivalent keyboard. It is also very heavy in the hand, and it will not shake easily when placed on the table. The two-stage tripod on the back can support three different angles of use. According to my typing experience, the outward opening angle is the best.

The keycaps are made of PBT two-color molding material. The keycaps made of this material are not easy to oil after a long time of use, and have a slightly matte texture to the touch. The black transparent keycap is very resistant to dirt, and the surface characters will not be worn out due to long-term use. Esc and Enter are changed to red keycaps in order to highlight, black translucent keycaps are used in the middle of the main keyboard area, and gray keycaps are on the left and right, which has a symmetrical and harmonious aesthetic feeling.

The curves around the keycaps are rounded, and the fingers are still very comfortable to put on them. When playing csgo, the wasd and shift keys are commonly used, and the light touch of the fingertips responds quickly. The key switch is Keychron's self-developed switch body. My model is the k-pr green switch. It has a strong sense of paragraph, the click sound is crisp, and the typing is very rhythmic. The operating force is 60±10gf, it supports hot swapping, and the keyboard shaft body can be easily disassembled. The satellite shaft is installed with screws, which is more stable, and the big keys are smooth and smooth.

Keychron has always been friendly to mac users. The keyboard comes with mac keycaps, and the three keycaps for Windows can be installed by yourself. Next to the charging port, you can switch the system with one button, which is very convenient. The data cable is made of braided material, which feels good in the hand, which is not common in mechanical keyboards. The usb interface is detachable and can be used flexibly according to the computer system.

Keychron-V1 is also equipped with south-facing RGB LED lights, which enhance the playability of the keyboard. Friends who like the atmosphere of gaming will like this feature very much, but RBG is dispensable for me, and generally not in games. Open. Because of the wired keyboard, if you want to turn off the RGB, you have to turn off the power. I hope this can be improved in the future. This keyboard can also be programmed by itself through VIA, and the design of a single backlight is also very good-looking.

There is a layer of noise-reducing cotton interlayer between the PCB and the positioning board, which can enhance the typing feel. Every part of the keyboard can be assembled by itself, and the shaft and cap can be changed to create a keyboard that truly belongs to you. Support QMK and VIA, if you have special needs, you can DIY modification, keyboard layout, backlight effect can be controlled.

If you want to buy a good mechanical keyboard within 500, Keychron-V1 is a good choice for office workers or want to create an entry-level exclusive customized keyboard.

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