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Qiu Qiu's evaluation notes Part 12: 2022 mechanical keyboard recommendation, which mechanical keyboards are worth buying on Double Eleven? CHERRY KC200 MX mechanical keyboard actual measurement

Friends who are familiar with mechanical keyboards must have heard of CHERRY. I still remember playing csgo in junior high school and asking for a recommendation for a mechanical keyboard. At that time, there was no second choice except Cherry. In recent years, CHERRY is still developing and improving. It has launched a series of brand-new shafts such as short shaft and ultra-short shaft. This year, it also won the "Best Brand Award" of the Plus X Award. This time I recommend a new KC200 MX wired mechanical keyboard from CHERRY, which is very suitable for office games.

The regular 108 layout allows you to relive small games like Reaper vs Naruto and Forest Ice Fireman with your good friends. Although the small keyboard area is not commonly used, it is really uncomfortable to use it. There is no redundant design on the keyboard as a whole, everything is simple and clear, and above the direction control keys is the brand logo of CHERRY.

The top of the back is an adjustable tripod, and the bottom three non-slip rubber pads + the anti-slip rubber pad at the bottom of the tripod make the keyboard stable and not shake.

The keyboard uses PBT contrasting color keycaps, the orange is bright and vibrant, the gray is calm and dignified, and the two colors complement each other. On keycaps of different colors, the colors of the marked characters are also different. The black characters on the orange background and the white characters on the gray background look clearer and distinguishable, and the color matching is well handled. Many mechanical keyboards go to the end in one color, lacking some aura.

The KC200MX keyboard features candy-themed colors. In addition to the orange-gray color in my hand, there are also mint green and white, macho pink purple, and caramel brown and black. They are all popular colors for young people nowadays. Except for the relatively calm caramel brown color, the other three colors are fashionable and energetic. The simple shape and stylish color matching will be more eye-catching in the stereotyped pure black or pure white keyboard in the office.

The PBT spherical keycap feels comfortable and non-greasy, and the metal frosted upper cover is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. The classic CHERRY MX blue switch is seen after the keycap is removed. I believe that many netizens who play games start with the green switch, and I love the green switch the most. The sense of passage is strong and the sound is crisp.

For example, Yong En's basic combo AWQA in LOL, the sound after pressing it is da da da da da, why is there more sound? Because of the habit of pressing more. Just like the barbarian king has always been RRRRR, the KC200 comes with full-key no-click, 1000Hz return rate, even if you press it more, it will not affect the operation. The crisp rattling sound best matches the striking feeling of game characters. Whether it is typing or gaming, every click of the keyboard is very special.

There are 4 additional multimedia shortcut keys in the upper right corner of the keyboard, the first three control the volume, and the fourth one opens the calculator, which is the abbreviation of CAL computer English calculator. It is still very convenient to use. For example, when I am typing, I am too lazy to move the mouse while listening to music, and directly control the volume with the keyboard.

By downloading the CHERRY KEY assistant software, you can also customize the F key function keyboard area to realize LOL one-key R flash or csgo one-key jump, which is very convenient.

Generally speaking, the CHERRY KC200 MX wired mechanical keyboard has the original blue switch, PBT spherical keycaps, and multimedia control buttons. It has a good performance in games or in the office. Coupled with the stylish contrasting color matching appearance, it is a good choice for users who emphasize performance or focus on appearance. The disadvantage is that it is wired, which is not easy to store.

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