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Rapoo Independent Infrared Silver Switch V530 Waterproof Backlit Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Rapoo, a veteran powerful manufacturer and one of the top three peripheral manufacturers, recently bought the Rapoo V530 waterproof backlit gaming mechanical keyboard, just for the excitement of the game, a good gaming mechanical keyboard, the feel is very good, the base is stable, matte Design, non-slip, no oily phenomenon, can ensure long-lasting feel. Let's take a look at this product first.

The outer packaging of the Rapoo V530 waterproof backlit gaming mechanical keyboard, because I bought it in the color of Fendai Bingsu, it is actually reflected in the outer packaging. However, the overall design is still classic blue and black.

It was unsealed directly. The Rapoo V530 waterproof backlit gaming mechanical keyboard, in addition to the keyboard body, the original factory also delivered a key puller and a quick start guide.

This is the Rapoo V530 waterproof backlit gaming mechanical keyboard, it is so beautiful, pink and black, white and pink, and color matching.

Rapoo V530 waterproof backlit gaming mechanical keyboard is a full-size 104-key, floating keycap, brushed metal panel, and narrow frame design. Moreover, the inside of the key body adopts nano-coating, which supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof. Full-key non-conflict design in USB mode.

Rapoo V530 waterproof backlit gaming mechanical keyboard measures 438mmx136mmx40mm (including keycap height) and weighs about 1.2kg. Its keycap adopts: two-color injection molding process, even if it is used for a long time, it will not appear worn out. And in practice, it feels great.

The keyboard takes both games and business office into account, and also has multimedia shortcut keys. Through the combination of Fn+F1~F6, functions such as multimedia playback and volume adjustment can be quickly switched.

It adopts two-color injection molding process, frosted material, and even light transmission.

On the back of the keycap, the craftsmanship is also good, without the burrs of inferior products.

The brand logo on the upper part of the arrow keys can feel the coldness of the brushed metal panel. Of course, this design is also more conducive to heat dissipation.

Detailed shooting, high-strength aluminum alloy brushed panel on the surface, built-in steel plate, strong and durable.

Looking at the base of the lower shaft from the side, the trigger pressure is 55g, and the trigger stroke is 2mm. In fact, the feel is relatively relaxed, and relatively conservative performance adjustments can effectively reduce the possibility of false touches.

Pull out the keycap, this keyboard uses independent infrared silver switches, traditional cross axis, crystal transparent base, infrared mechanical switches, very beautiful.

It is characterized by no metal contacts, not easy to wear, infrared light blocking mode conduction, reducing the vibration interference of traditional metal shrapnel conduction. It removes the physical contact module inside the traditional shaft body, and judges whether the button is triggered through the optical signal, which fundamentally solves the problems of oxidation and poor contact of metal shrapnel after long-term use, and can effectively improve the service life of the shaft body, especially The quiet night will not disturb the rest of the family.

Looking at the details from the side, the shaft body uses a crystal transparent cover and an ice blue monochrome backlight system.

2 mm trigger key stroke, quick trigger when pressing the key, strong and powerful rebound, lifespan can reach 50 million times, similar to green switch touch.

The Rapoo V530 waterproof backlit gaming mechanical keyboard has an RGB ambient light on each side. After being powered on, it is relatively beautiful and makes the keyboard even cooler.

Bottom of the Rapoo V530 waterproof backlit gaming mechanical keyboard: a keyboard corner on the left and right, a product nameplate in the middle, and a non-slip foot pad and two reserved hydrophobic holes on the bottom, which can quickly export the water in the keyboard out of the keyboard. It is treated with hydrophobic nano-coating, so it has stronger waterproof performance. Whether it is lightly splashed or submerged in water, its excellent waterproof design can also effectively protect the keyboard from damage and adapt to complex operating environments. Through these two A hydrophobic hole can quickly export the water flow, effectively reducing the internal electronic components from getting damp, ensuring the normal operation of the components and avoiding electrical interference problems. .

We can use the preset and rich Fn combination shortcut keys to bring convenience to our lighting use and switching. For example, Fn+ESC is to turn off/on the global light. Fn+PrtSc can switch the lighting effect mode. Fn+Pause can switch Rapoo's preset COD mode, RTS mode, LOL mode, direction key mode, 26-key mode and CS mode. Fn+ScrLk can customize the lighting effect. Fn + arrow keys, you can control the dynamic direction and brightness of the light.

Keyboard no punch test.

The Rapoo V530 waterproof backlit gaming mechanical keyboard performs quite well in the game. In the actual combat process, in terms of game use and adaptability, its key response and feel feedback have a good performance. It feels like a green axis straight up and down, but There is no "popping" sound of the green axis, and it rebounds quickly after touching the bottom, without any sense of paragraph, and the noise is relatively small.

Generally speaking: Rapoo V530 waterproof backlit gaming mechanical keyboard, the workmanship is good, the full keyboard has no punch in USB mode, it has excellent waterproof performance, the keyboard is equipped with infrared silver switches, metal brushed face, with ice blue backlight system and side RGB The light strip makes the keyboard not only have an outstanding user experience, but also a very cool use process. The good feel helps to win the game quickly. I believe this keyboard can bring you a good experience. What do you think of this mechanical keyboard? Welcome to leave a message.

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