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Rapoo Limited Co-branded Family Bucket: Immerse yourself in a deep blue boundless sea

The RAPOO brand appears more and more frequently in my information flow, and I feel more and more the richness and unique design sense of Rapoo technology products. As for the richness of the products, it can be seen from the "Xinghai Boundless" limited joint family barrel (the joint model of the Rapoo X eStarPro King Glory team) that I received from the ZAKER machine group this time. It is indeed a good gift for me, and the unique design sense of the product can also be reflected in my in-depth experience below.

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks again to the ZAKER machine group for providing this public test opportunity, which gave me the opportunity to experience such a set of tableware full of blue atmosphere.

Before I opened the package, I felt the weight of the crowd-tested product. The "Xinghai Boundless" limited joint family barrel has four items in total, a pair of mechanical keyboards, a pair of headphones, a headset and a mouse pad. Even the outer packaging is full of blue atmosphere, which is very in line with the theme of Xinghai. Before I really opened the package, I was already immersed in the joy of this deep blue boundless sea. In the next unboxing session, I will introduce the specific content of this limited joint family bucket in turn.

1. V700-8A mechanical keyboard

Rapoo V700-8A adopts a blue and white square outer packaging, the front is based on white, the product model is marked on the upper left corner, and the illustration version of the joint logo of ESTAR is in the middle, which is full of playfulness, and the other side is the product display map, and RAPOO's brand logo and functional characteristics.

Slowly open the box, the key position and product feature description card are printed on the eye, and the keyboard body (wrapped in a protective cover) is down. The package of Rapoo V700-8A includes: mechanical keyboard*1, instruction card*1, data cable*1, receiver*1, key removal tool*1.

2. VH650 Gaming Headset

The Rapoo VH650 gaming headset is also packaged in blue and white, and its overall design is exactly the same as that of a mechanical keyboard. On the front is a picture of the headset display, with the RAPOO Logo on the upper left corner and the laser-like VH650 on the right, showing a sense of technology. On the back of the product, there are product selling points written in multiple languages, such as cool LED backlight, virtual 7.1 audio output, over-ear design and so on.

After opening the package, you can see the body of the VH650 earphone, which is blue for a glance. There is no more content in the package, only a pair of earphones and a guidebook.

3. M650 Pudding Mouse

Compared with mechanical keyboards and game consoles, the Rapoo M650 pudding mouse is particularly small. The outer packaging is slightly different from the other two. It uses an almost pure white square box, with a sculptural mouse pattern on the front and an introduction to the product’s selling points on the back.

Open the outer package, and found another layer of inner packaging, and the Rapoo M650 pudding mouse is quietly placed in it. One of the thoughtful reminders is that the mouse's user guide is written on the sealing film of the inner package, and there are several direction bars on the back of the mouse that are "powerful and bold". The inside of the package is also relatively simple: a mouse and a guidebook.

It can be seen that blue is the theme color of the limited joint family bucket of "Xinghai Boundless", and it has always been used throughout. Next, I will share with you the specific experience of using Rapoo V700-8A, Rapoo VH650 gaming headset and Rapoo M650 pudding mouse.

① V700-8A mechanical keyboard

◎ Appearance design

When I saw the appearance of the product on the outer packaging, I had a great impression of this keyboard. One is my preference for blue, and the other is my need for a 75% 84-key layout.

The keycaps of the Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard are blue and white, the outermost part is deep sea blue, and the inner side is white keycaps with blue printing, which presents the feeling of the waves wrapping inwards and turbulent as a whole. , it looks both light and powerful visually. Of course, there is also a lot of thought on the text pattern customization of the keycaps. The joint name of ESTAR is not too obtrusive, and it just happens to be there: the universe comics of the space bar have a sense of transcendence, and the stars and moons on the up, down, left, and right keys describe a kind of Romance, shift and backspace are wins, and honor to ESTAR.

The aluminum alloy frame of the keyboard chassis adopts sandblasting oxidation process CNC trimming, the collision between the floating key and the aluminum alloy frame, the V-shaped Logo that shines on the front of the key body, and only one charging Type-C interface is left behind the key. Simple atmosphere, seamless, especially the texture.

◎ Layout distribution

As mentioned earlier, my need for a 75% arrangement and 84-key layout is mainly about the balance between function and volume. The size of the keyboard space is 310.1*20.2*35.5mm, the weight is 787g, and the 84-column layout simplifies complexity. It not only ensures a wealth of function keys (such as Del, Up, Home, etc.), but the layout will not appear too compact. It doesn't take up too much space, and it can be placed more concisely on the desktop, which is especially important for friends who have a lot of space on the desktop.

However, Mac users still need to be familiar with the command button, which has changed positions with Windows. If the support and matching of the Mac system are strengthened, the overall experience will be even better.

◎ Percussion feeling

The Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard uses two-color injection-molded keycaps, which are more uniform in light transmission, wear-resistant and fade-resistant, and have a frosted visual and tactile feel. It is estimated that it is not easy to appear oily and shiny. At the same time, it adopts Rapoo's independent linear fast silver switch, which supports any wireless 6-key non-retouching and wired full-key non-reciprocating.

The selection of shafts has an inseparable relationship with the percussion feel. I have always wanted to use the keyboard of the Kuaiyin switch. This time, because of the trial of the Rapoo V700-8A, a small wish has been fulfilled. The Kuaiyin switch is a standard linear switch, and it has a good performance in terms of feel and sound feedback. It is relatively good in terms of comprehensive use of somatosensory, and it will not be too tiring to type for a long time. It is more suitable for game parties and code word parties.

◎ Other details

The non-slip footstand at the bottom of the keyboard also shows some considerations of the Rapoo V700-8A on ergonomic design. The silicone footstand and non-slip rubber pad on the back of the keyboard can increase the friction to a certain extent, and it is also very smooth to use on a smooth desktop. The angle of use can be adjusted flexibly, and it can also meet the physical needs of different people when using the keyboard.

The Rapoo V700-8A is equipped with a large 4000mAh battery. According to the official statement, its battery life can last up to 225 hours, and it supports charging while using it. It is very convenient to charge it once a month on average.

② VH650 gaming headset

◎ Appearance design

Speaking of which, this is my first pair of headphones. Since the VH650 earphones are part of "The Expanse of the Star Sea", they must have the same design elements. The blue and white color scheme, the ESTAR PRO logo, and the V-shaped Rapoo logo are all so familiar. The blue headband of the VH650 earphones, the white earmuffs and gray ear pads extending downwards, and finally the blue microphone, echoed first.

The blue headband is made of leather-like material, with the engraved V-shaped RAPPO brand logo in the middle. The single-head beam supporting the earmuffs has a metallic cold feeling when touched. The stretchable design can be extended smoothly. It can also be stabilized in a fixed position, suitable for different head sizes, and always fits tightly when worn. It is worth noting that about 2cm thick high-density sponge is added to the top of the headband, which effectively improves the wearing comfort.

◎ Detailed function explanation

The VH650 earphones support virtual 7.1 surround sound effects, equipped with a high-quality 50mm diaphragm sound unit, coupled with the wrapped structure, the sound performance is quite good, strong explosive power, sound field light, strong penetrating power, and the overall quality is quite good , if you guess the price blindly, I think it will be far higher than the real selling price of the headset.

At the same time, the VH650 headset has a 360-degree highly sensitive omni-directional noise reduction microphone, which can effectively suppress environmental noise, which is still very important for gamers. When fighting in a team, clear voice calls are the key to collaboration. one.

In addition, the one-button switch of the RGB backlight system and the fingertip control functions of the earphones are very convenient. There are three control switches on the outside of the earmuffs: RGB lighting, volume adjustment, and microphone. It has to be said that cool RGB lighting is one of the souls of gamers' peripherals. Watching the continuous gradient of colorful glare and changing with the fluctuation of audio, it is a trendy word.

At first, I thought the VH650 headset was a wireless Bluetooth headset, but when I got it, I found out that it was a wired headset with a USB interface. I was a little disappointed. But considering the price, combined with the high transmission and stability required for the game session, it is completely understandable, but if the next generation of products supports Bluetooth connections, the practicality may rise to another level.

③ M650 Pudding Mouse

When I saw the Rapoo M650 pudding mouse for the first time, I understood the meaning of the word pudding. It gave me the first impression: quiet, small and convenient.

The Rapoo M650 is also blue and white, energetic and playful. The "white-blue-white" sandwich color combination looks very harmonious, and the large area of ​​white also gives people a sense of purity. According to the official website data, its size is 100.1*63.7*26.5mm and its weight is about 60g.

In terms of functionality, the Rapoo M650 supports precise positioning at 1300DPI, and it can be applied to various materials. At the same time, it also supports fast switching of multiple devices, and the transmission mode supports Bluetooth 5.0, 3.0 and wireless 2.4G, and can be connected to three terminal devices such as notebooks, mobile phones and tablets to maximize efficiency.

The two points that satisfy me the most are the quiet processing and the magnetic cover design of the Rapoo M650. If you need a quiet office environment, then the M650 definitely meets your requirements. There is only a soft sound when you press the left and right keys. The magnetic cover also makes loading and removing the battery and storing the receiver more elegant. A AA battery can basically be used for 9 months, and the battery life is also very outstanding. By the way, I didn't expect that the color of the built-in AA battery is also blue and white. It can be said that the blue sea of ​​stars has taken root in the deepest part of this joint name.

When I put on the VH650 headset, use the V700-8A mechanical keyboard and the M650 pudding mouse, I feel like I am in a vast sea of ​​stars. This is a unique visual feeling formed by repeated overlapping of blue and white. Rapoo’s limited-edition joint family barrel will also bring something new to my table, the profound blue and the pure white, the comfortable percussion experience, the full sense of presence in music, and the silent every day. One click makes me willing to immerse myself in such a blue endless sea of ​​stars for a long time.

(This article is completed under the synergy of VH650 headset, V700-8A keyboard and M650 mouse.)

#Zaker engages in machine group No. 564 evaluation report#

Machine model: Rapoo limited joint family bucket

Mechanic Author: Shi Ge

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

Machine cost performance: ★★★★☆

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