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Rapoo MT510PRO Adorable Holiday Experience: Extra Points for Fast Silver Switches

Many people will be troubled when choosing a mechanical keyboard shaft. They don’t know what to choose. In fact, most people just want to balance work and entertainment. They hope that a keyboard can not only meet the needs of daily fast input, but also meet the sensitive triggering of games. need. And the Rapoo MT510PRO I bought recently may be what this kind of people want. This is a keyboard equipped with Rapoo’s own fast silver switches.

I have three requirements for mechanical keyboards: high cost performance, good appearance, and good hand feel. Can this keyboard meet these three points?

First of all, the unpacking link cannot be missed. As a brand new product specially launched by Rapoo for its own fast silver axis, the packaging design this time is also quite careful. This keyboard currently has two color schemes. This time I chose the cute and playful meow cute holiday. The packaging box is also designed with this theme. The combination of white + light yellow is still very comfortable.

Accessories are relatively simple, except for the main body of the keyboard, it is the C-port cable, 2.4G receiver, key puller and manual. It should be noted that the 2.4G receiver does not have a storage space inside the keyboard, so it needs to be stored in daily use.

In terms of appearance, besides the beautiful design of the keycaps, I chose this meow cute holiday because I really like the silver metal kit, which is very textured, and it will look better if I want to match other customized keycaps later. .

This set of keycaps for Miao Meng Holiday uses cats, beaches, fish and other elements, and at the same time cooperates with light yellow and white to create a relaxed and comfortable holiday atmosphere, which fits its name very well. So if you use this set of keyboards to work, you can also convey a happy and relaxed mood.

The keycaps are made of PBT material made of five-sided thermal sublimation process, which is a durable and non-greasy type, but the light transmission is poor, so although this keyboard has a backlight, it mainly highlights the atmosphere. The integration with lighting is more general. In addition, the fonts of this set of keycaps for Miao Meng Holiday are also more playful, such as F1~F12.

Because Rapoo chose 75% key arrangement on this keyboard, and has an 84-key layout at the same time, so the overall keyboard is still very small. The borderless design is also more in line with simple aesthetics and saves desktop space.

In terms of texture, it is very conscientious that it uses a high-strength aluminum alloy frame, and uses an anodizing process, combined with CNC trimming, which is indeed well done.

As mentioned before, this keyboard is a product specially launched by Rapoo for its own Kuaiyin switch, so what is the experience of the switch body? First of all, you need to know that the trigger pressure of Pennefather’s independent linear fast silver axis is 45 ± 10N, and the key stroke is 1.3+0.5mm, which is a relatively light axis.

The actual input experience also verified this data, which indeed has an extremely sensitive trigger effect. In addition, the sound of this shaft is not loud, and there is no obvious sense of paragraph. Even if it is used in the office, there is no problem, and there is no need to worry about disturbing colleagues around you. The overall feeling is that it can bring a refreshing feel, and also has extremely fast trigger feedback, whether it is office work or game entertainment, it can be competent. It is no wonder that Rapoo attaches so much importance to this shaft, it is indeed like a panacea, applicable to various scenarios.

In terms of connection, this is a three-mode keyboard after all, so wired connection, 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 3.0 are all supported. If necessary, five devices can be adapted one by one, and can be quickly switched through shortcut keys.

In terms of compatibility, Rapoo mainly considers the compatibility of the windows system, but I tried it, and the Android and Mac systems can actually be used. It's just that under the Mac system, the function key compatibility is not perfect, and the command+option key position may also need to be manually configured. Otherwise, there is no major problem and can be used normally.

This keyboard supports monochrome backlight, and uses a very refreshing ice blue light effect, which is indeed better than white light. Although it is a monochromatic light, it also provides a lot of light effects to choose from, and it can also customize the light effects with the driver software. So I usually turn on the backlight, just to look good. Here are two animations to give you a preview of the lighting effects.

(The picture above is a GIF animation)

When it comes to drivers, we have to mention the powerful customization functions of this keyboard. If it is used in the windows environment, it is strongly recommended to try the custom key position, it is really easy to use in playing games and in some office scenarios. In addition, the keyboard supports full-key no punch in wired mode, and 6-key no punch in wireless connection mode.

The battery life is convenient. This keyboard comes with a 4000mAh battery. Because it has a backlight, the battery life is about 25-225 hours. If the backlight is turned off, it will last for 225 hours, and if the backlight is turned on, it will last for 25 hours. Basically, five hours a day, even with the backlight turned on, it can be charged once a week, which is not bad.


Therefore, this keyboard does meet the needs of what I call cost-effective, high-value, and good-feeling. The price of 399, the brand-new keycap IP design, plus the blessing of backlight, and the independent fast silver switch that Rapoo is proud of. The battery life performance is also good, even if the backlight is turned on, it can be charged once a week, which is more worry-free.

Of course, it is a pity that there is no storage space for the 2.4G receiver, and the compatibility with Mac is not perfect.

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