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Rapoo NK8800 Ergonomic Wired Keyboard Review: Reducing the burden on shoulders and wrists

Gaming peripheral products have developed rapidly in recent years, and their functions and types have become more and more abundant. On the other hand, office peripheral products, which are the most frequently encountered in daily life, have not launched new technologies or new design concepts for many years. In the current work and life, the demand for computers and mobile phones is increasing, and typing with a keyboard has gradually become one of the necessary skills for more people. However, due to the problem of the key layout and structural scheme of the traditional keyboard, it will cause soreness, swelling and pain in the wrists, shoulders and other positions after long-term use. Therefore, a keyboard product that can reduce the fatigue of long-term use is very necessary. . Rapoo has recently launched the NK8800 ergonomic wired keyboard, which adopts an ergonomic middle separation scheme. Next, let us see if it is more suitable for daily use.

Packaging & Accessories:

The external packaging of Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic wired keyboard products is relatively large, which continues the consistent packaging style of Rapoo office series. The package with the main color of blue provides information such as the product model, display picture, and feature identification. The accessories are a bit simple, and only a paper manual is provided.

Appearance & Details:

The overall size of the Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic wired keyboard is relatively large, about 480mm×215mm×47mm, which is significantly larger than the conventional keyboard. The keyboard adopts an ergonomic shape, that is, based on the traditional QWERTY keyboard layout, the left and right plates are separated to form a 17° golden angle, allowing users to fully open their shoulders and arms and maintain a natural posture. The middle position of the keyboard is higher, and gradually lowers to both sides, forming two slopes that are not too high, allowing users to naturally tilt their hands when using, and keep the same distance when pressing fingers, which is easier to use than ordinary keyboards. Comfortable and labor-saving. The keyboard adopts a dark gray color scheme as a whole, and the surface is frosted. The texture performance is relatively good. The dark color is more suitable for office style and business style. Coordinated without being obtrusive.

The three indicator lights of the keyboard are designed at the top position separated in the middle, which is very convenient for identification and allows users to easily identify the current status of the keyboard. The upper right corner provides multimedia function buttons, which allow users to control music play/pause, volume addition and subtraction, etc., and can also realize one-key mute, call calculator, favorites and other shortcut operations with the combination of FN keys, which has high practicality. performance and convenience.

The lower part of the keyboard provides a wrist rest, which is integrated with the keyboard and cannot be disassembled. The wrist rest is made of PU leather surface wrapped with memory foam, the surface is delicate and gentle to the touch, and the moderate friction force also makes it more stable for users to place and use, and is not easy to slip. The inner filling is very soft to press, and the slow rebound characteristics can also provide sufficient support for the user's wrist, improving the user's comfort. The wrist rest is consistent with the curve of the keyboard, with smooth lines and natural transitions. The left side of the wrist rest is also slightly wider than the right side, which is consistent with the common input angle, which can provide sufficient support for the user's wrist, reduce the fatigue of long-term use, and improve the comfort of use.

The bottom of the keyboard is relatively flat as a whole, and five rubber anti-skid pads and two folding feet are provided. The former can make the keyboard stable and not easy to slide, and it can also prevent the keyboard from sliding on various material desktops, which will affect the use. The two folding legs can also allow users to find a more suitable input inclination angle, which is very considerate for the different habits of user groups. The tops of the two feet are also equipped with rubber anti-skid pads, which can also ensure the non-slip performance of the keyboard when the feet are opened. The keyboard adopts a wired connection method and supports a plug-and-play drive-free solution. The cable length of about 1.8 meters can also meet the desktop layout requirements of most users.

The Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic wired keyboard adopts a crater-structured silicone membrane structure, which is simple and easy to maintain, and has a certain waterproof effect, and the pressing feel should be more stable. The interior is made of high-quality silicone, which can provide a key life of about 10 million times, and has high durability and long-lasting feel. It can provide easy and soft pressing performance, and the moderate rebound force also makes continuous tapping easier. A balance structure is also added to the large key position, which can provide a better feel performance for the large key position. The keycap is made of ABS material with laser engraving technology, which has a certain anti-wear effect. The surface feels fine and smooth, and the characters are clear and not raised. The hand feel is still very good.

Use test:

In actual use, the noise control of the Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic wired keyboard is very good, and it will not cause interference to others. The ergonomic partition and tilting scheme also make the author no obvious fatigue after a day of use. Feeling, the shoulders and arms are also relatively stretchable, without the usual tension and soreness. The wide hand rest can also provide enough support for the wrist, and there is no obvious fatigue on the wrist and the back of the hand. However, the split scheme of the main key area still needs to get used to it when you first get started, and the enlarged design of some keys can further reduce the user's adaptation time, and the design details are still in place. In normal use after a little adaptation, the input speed and use efficiency can also be kept consistent with daily life, or even slightly exceeded, which is helpful to improve work efficiency and maintain good health.


Although the Rapoo NK8800 ergonomic wired keyboard looks a bit unique in appearance, the separate ergonomic design can reduce the fatigue of the hands, wrists, shoulders and necks under long-term use, and has a significant use effect . As an office-oriented keyboard product, the practical key combination function and the quiet and comfortable tapping experience can better fit the office scene, and can also improve office efficiency to a certain extent. At present, this keyboard has been officially released, and the official price is 299 yuan. Users who like it may wish to pay attention.

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