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Rapoo RGB color-blocking mechanical keyboard: waterproof + dustproof + backlight, powerful and practical, love it! [Recommendation for Light Pollution Mechanical Keyboard]

The 618 event started with this Rapoo keyboard, let me share with you whether it is worth buying!

I believe many people know that Rapoo is a brand of peripherals. Uncle V has also used many of its products, such as: keyboards, mice, and earphones, but the most used ones are its keyboards and mice, such as the E9350G Blade ultra-thin wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Just impressive. In addition to the appearance and appearance online, the most important thing is that the experience is also good! Recently, I have taken a fancy to a Pennefather V530 waterproof backlit mechanical keyboard (hereinafter referred to as: Pennefather V530 mechanical keyboard). As the brand’s first color matching keyboard, I chose red, white and blue color matching, but I still can’t escape the color. It's worth the poison, especially the cool lighting effects are really beautiful.

First of all, let's open the box. The outer packaging is relatively simple, and the front is the physical picture of the product, which looks very textured. The Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard has a total of three colors, including Blue Lagoon Iced Tea, Coconut Grove Mojito and Fendai Iced Soda, all of which use color matching design. Uncle V chose the Blue Lagoon Iced Tea color matching, red, white and blue The color looks distinct, and the metal body looks full of technology. In terms of family portraits, in addition to the keyboard, there are manuals and key pullers.

In terms of appearance, the Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard adopts a standard 104-key layout, and also retains the numeric keypad area, which can meet the needs of most people, especially those who often use calculators. It is relatively thin overall, and it is not an exaggeration to call it a narrow bezel. Compared with the tightly wrapped keycaps on the market, this one uses a floating keycap design, which looks cleaner and more concise. Because the panel is made of aluminum alloy, it looks more textured, and the workmanship is also great!

The Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard is designed with RGB ambient lights on both sides of the keyboard, which is also a very rare and creative design. As can be seen from the picture, when the power is not connected, it is compared with the lighting effect and the ambient light effect. Obviously, this side lighting effect is really cool. If you want to control the lighting effect, you can turn it off by FN+INS key combination.

Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard adopts Rapoo’s independent infrared silver switch, with a lifespan of up to 50 million times. It feels like a green switch. It responds quickly when pressed and has a strong sense of paragraph. Pressure 55G. If it is used in the study, it is very good. If it is not recommended in the bedroom, it will disturb the family, because the knocking sound is a bit loud, and it is good for friends who like this experience. In addition, because the keyboard adopts an integrated design, the data cable cannot be detachable. The advantage of this design is that the transmission is stable, and there will be no jamming of the Bluetooth connection. However, it would be better if the Type-c interface is detachable.

It is worth mentioning that the biggest highlight of the Pennefather V530 mechanical keyboard is its waterproof performance. The internal PCB circuit board adopts a hydrophobic nano-coating, which makes it waterproof and dustproof. Embarrassment on the keyboard.

For friends who often play games, sometimes they are playing vigorously, worry about eating, and drinking water will inevitably leak on the keyboard. At this time, there is no need to deal with it in a panic, just wipe it dry, and it will not affect the function at all. When the keyboard is dirty or poured with drinks and other dirt, it is also possible to wash it directly with water. The Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard can still be used normally after being immersed in water. The waterproof ability is really strong and very convenient!

The overall lighting effect of the Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard is very cool. It adopts an ice blue monochrome backlight system and has 12 preset lighting effects. Through the combination of F1~F12 and Fn keys on the top, volume adjustment, play/pause and other operations can be realized, and the operation is simple. In addition, because the keycap is made of PBT material, the two-color injection molding process makes it very light-transmitting. When the light is turned on, it looks especially good at night, and it will not appear oily after long-term use.

Summary: As a person who often works at home, the appearance of the Rapoo V530 mechanical keyboard is impeccable. The aluminum alloy metal body + RGB light effect + key backlight design has a stylish appearance and a sense of technology. At the same time, its waterproof performance is excellent, which can meet the daily typing and game use, and you don't have to worry about accidentally tipping the water cup. In addition, its main axis body has a strong sense of paragraph, which is very suitable for friends who like sound and have a good sense of feedback. The most satisfying thing is its backlight and RGB lighting effects. In addition to the light transmission of the keycaps, the lighting effects on both sides are particularly beautiful at night, and it is really full of atmosphere when playing games. For such a mechanical keyboard with online appearance, it is strongly recommended to start with friends who control the appearance!

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