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Rapoo's full set of online gaming equipment

The game is good, and the equipment that is easy to use is indispensable! Not only does the effect of the tool have to be good, it can improve the quality of the game, and the appearance of the device must also be high! The Rapoo e-sports suit with both strength and beauty, let’s see if it’s worth having!

Look at the keyboard first, V700-8A multi-mode wired backlit gaming keyboard, aluminum alloy frame, sandblasting and oxidation process, which makes the keyboard more stable.

84-key compact layout, light shaft body, crisp and no sticking keys, strong rebound, easy to press without effort, and easy to use for girl paper. Built-in 4000mA lithium battery, battery life up to 25-225h, USB-C interface, support charging while using.

4 connection modes, bluetooth 5.0, bluetooth 3.0, wireless 2.4G and wired connection, support five devices to connect at the same time, switch with one button, connect as you want!

A keyboard with a good light effect should also be equipped with a cool mouse: VT960S dual-core wireless RGB gaming mouse. The hollowed-out "supercar" shape is amazing. The entire mouse is ergonomically designed, and the "invisible" RGB lights show different light effects during games, increasing the game atmosphere and making it more exciting to play.

The three side buttons on the left side of the VT960S have a crisp touch, and there is also a custom button, which can be customized according to daily needs to meet the daily needs of players. On the top of the mouse are the left button, right button and scroll wheel. Behind the scroll wheel is a diamond-shaped DPI adjustment button, which can switch the DPI gear according to different usage scenarios. The mouse adopts a wired/2.4G dual-mode solution, with a response speed of 1 millisecond + a transmission distance of 10 meters + 3 layers of anti-interference, allowing you to easily control the field between pinch and grip!

A good mouse must also have a matching mouse pad, the Rapoo V10C gaming mouse pad, see the truth from the details. Thick rubber material, coupled with high-density woven cloth surface, is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, allowing you to improve friction recognition when you are moving at high speed, achieve accurate positioning, and help the game to a higher level!

The game is played well, of course, the assistance and cooperation of teammates is indispensable. The cool appearance and full sense of technology of the Rapoo Vs300 gaming microphone is a friendly bridge for you to communicate with your teammates.

The multi-line shape design makes the overall style look tougher, and the bottom is equipped with rubber anti-skid stickers, which have increased the stability of the desktop when placed. The microphone adopts a heart-shaped pointing design, so that when communicating with teammates during the game, the sound is clearer and the communication is more perfect.

Unique shape, cool lighting effects, driver-free use, 360° range adjustment, etc., will undoubtedly add luster to your game world!

With a good microphone, of course, it must be matched with the Rapoo VH650 gaming headset. This hazy misty purple appearance really grew to my heart. Its leather earmuffs and thickened sponge are extremely comfortable to wear.

Comes with colorful streamer RGB lighting effect, the visual effect is very nice. The 50mm super large generating unit takes into account the three-band balance, not only for playing games, but also for listening to music. The virtual 7.1 channel enhances the "listening and position identification" effect of the earphones and brings a more immersive gaming experience.

Finally, let’s talk about the Rapoo v600 wired vibration gamepad equipped with a high-performance smart game chip. The appearance is also very cool, and you can choose from five colors. The streamlined corrugated finger slot design improves the fit of players' fingers.

Three-core three-mode, X/D/A key realizes one-key switching of three modes, supports firmware upgrade, can be compatible with multiple platforms, precise rotation positioning, and easily meets various operating needs. The back of the handle is frosted, and the anti-slip rubber pad on the side can provide strong friction, not easy to slide, and has an excellent grip. The dual vibration motors installed inside restore the real scene of the game for the player, and the game experience is improved to a higher level.

Rapoo’s products have always been online in appearance and are relatively practical. With a set of such equipment, not only the game is more immersive, but also the effect of the table is also good. It is practical and can also be used as a decorative e-sports suit. you deserve to have.

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