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Rapoo V500DIY hot-swappable backlit gaming mechanical keyboard review: 96% configuration + full-key hot-swappable

With the popularity of customized styles, many keyboard products are also equipped with the highly practical and playable switch hot-swapping technology. Rapoo also closely follows the needs of users, based on its own entry-level V500 series keyboards, launched the V500DIY gaming mechanical keyboard, which adopts a 96% layout with 100 keys, supports hot-swappable technology for full-key shafts, and provides two Rapoo's independent linear axis is optional, and its specifications and configuration are relatively good. Next, let the author bring a brief review of this keyboard.


The Rapoo V500DIY hot-swappable backlit gaming mechanical keyboard continues the existing black and blue packaging style of the V series. The packaging provides content such as product model, display diagram, and feature introduction, so that users can quickly understand product features. In terms of accessories, product manuals, USB Type-C data cables, key pullers and two Rapoo autonomous linear axes are provided.


The Rapoo V500DIY hot-swappable backlit gaming mechanical keyboard adopts a very popular 96% layout with 100 keys, compact key layout and narrow frame design, and takes up less space. With the key line separation scheme, the keyboard is also more convenient to carry and store. The lines of the fuselage are simple and natural, without too many complicated element designs, and the look and feel is very good. This keyboard provides two color schemes of black orange and white blue. The color matching is still very eye-catching. The touch of the body is delicate and gentle, the corners are also very rounded, and the overall texture treatment is quite good. In terms of the key position scheme, this keyboard provides a complete input area, number area and direction keys, and the upper right corner also provides commonly used function keys, which can bring users a complete input experience. The compact key layout scheme can also shorten the user's moving distance during use, making the input experience easier and more comfortable.

This keyboard adopts the design of separating keys and wires, and the top of the fuselage provides a USB Type-C interface, which is convenient for users to quickly connect compatible wires for use. The bottom of the fuselage provides adjustable one-piece support feet, which is convenient for users to adjust the inclination of the keyboard according to their personal input habits, making the input experience easier and more comfortable. The bottom of the keyboard also provides a number of non-slip foot pads, so that the keyboard can be placed firmly on the desktop of different materials, and it is not easy to slide.


The Rapoo V500DIY hot-swappable backlit gaming mechanical keyboard provides two types of switches: the Rapoo self-owned linear spring switch and the linear fast silver switch, both of which adopt a linear feel solution. The total stroke is 3.4mm and the trigger stroke is 1.2mm; the trigger pressure of the fast silver axis is 45gf, the total stroke is 4mm, and the trigger stroke is 1.3mm. In terms of tactile feedback, the elastic white axis is soft and smooth to press, and rebounds quickly, while the fast silver axis is stable and smooth, touches the bottom crisply, and rebounds strongly, but the details of the feel are slightly different. The service life of the two shafts can reach 50 million times. They perform well in terms of durability and reliability, and it is easier to deal with various usage scenarios. The satellite axis scheme is adopted for the large key position, and it has been fine-tuned and lubricated before leaving the factory.

The Rapoo V500DIY hot-swappable backlit gaming mechanical keyboard supports the hot-swappable technology of the full-key axis body, and the holes are compatible with mainstream tripod axes and pentapod axes, and the compatibility is still very good. Users can also conveniently and quickly change the switch according to their personal preferences, and experience the feel feedback of different switches on a keyboard, which is very playable and practical. The hot-swappable shaft seat also uses a metal shaft seat with a lifespan of 10,000 times, which is firmly welded to the PCB and has higher durability. It also makes the shaft body more stable and firm after being fixed, bringing better hand feedback.

The keycap part is matched with a set of PBT two-color injection keycaps, OEM height, closed character scheme, opaque treatment, solid materials, fine workmanship, no burrs, spouts, etc. The PBT material is dry and delicate to the touch, wear-resistant, and oil-resistant. With the two-color injection molding process, the characters are still clearly visible after long-term use, further ensuring the durability of the feel and the overall durability. The characters of the two different color keycaps are moderate in thickness, clear and convenient to identify, and the height of the ergonomic ladder is also easier to use, and the details are handled in place, which also improves the user experience to a certain extent.

Monochrome backlight:

The Rapoo V500DIY hot-swappable backlit gaming mechanical keyboard provides a monochrome backlight system. The backlight of the black version is orange, and the backlight of the white version is ice blue. It also has 19 built-in lighting effects, supports 6 levels of brightness adjustment and 3 groups of lights. The definition mode and lighting gameplay are relatively rich. In terms of light brightness performance, the black version has a lower brightness, which is sufficient for daily identification or use in dark environments; the white version has a higher backlight brightness, better light filling effect, and a better look and feel. Through the combination of key functions, users can also adjust the speed, dynamic direction, and light switch of dynamic lighting effects, which has better scene adaptation performance.

Use test:

The Rapoo V500DIY hot-swappable backlit gaming mechanical keyboard supports a full-key no-dash solution, which is very friendly to ordinary users and gamers, and can avoid key failures caused by pressing multiple keys at the same time, making key operations more convenient . In the fierce game confrontation scene, it can also respond to each button operation quickly and accurately, which is very friendly to gamers. Cooperating with the good feel feedback of Rapoo's independent linear axis body, it further improves the user's daily use experience. At the same time, users can also lock the Win key through Fn+Win to avoid interference caused by false touches and affect normal input or game experience.

This keyboard also provides a wealth of combined key functions, which can realize functions such as calling multimedia players, multimedia control, calling system programs, lighting control lock Win, switching WSAD/direction keys, and restoring factory settings. It is also more convenient in daily use. Convenient and quick, further enhance the user experience. Rich lighting effect modes and excellent lighting playability can also meet some users' requirements for lighting performance and further enhance the visual perception of the keyboard. The addition of the full-key hot-swappable solution also facilitates users to replace the shaft body according to personal preferences and usage scenarios, and better experience the feedback brought by different shaft bodies, making this keyboard both practical and reliable. Playability, performance is even better.


The Rapoo V500DIY hot-swappable backlit gaming mechanical keyboard is priced at 249 yuan. It provides black-orange, blue-and-white color schemes, and supports a single-color backlight solution for all keys. It is still very attractive in appearance. 96% is equipped with a 100-key layout and hot-swappable switches for all keys. With two Rapoo independent linear switches and PBT two-color keycaps, it can bring users a better tapping feel. The rich combination of key functions can also make the daily use of users easier and faster, and the user experience is more excellent. This keyboard is now officially on sale, and interested users may wish to pay attention.

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