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Rapoo V700-8A mechanical keyboard: custom theme, three-mode connection, office games are all done

In recent years, driven by some digital experts and e-sports players, many netizens have begun to study "table building", shifting from focusing only on computer hardware configuration to focusing on the overall experience, and even some geek players have transformed it. The whole study. For ordinary players, in fact, a good set of peripheral products can improve the game and office experience, and at the same time play the role of decorating the desktop and creating an atmosphere. Recently, I bought the Rapoo V700-8A three-mode mechanical keyboard, which fits the temperament of my desktop.

The packaging adopts the design style of the Rapoo family, black and blue, and a rendering of the keyboard is printed on the front. The one I chose is the red axis multi-mode version.

The packaging content is relatively simple, including the keyboard, Type C data cable, key puller and instruction manual.

This keyboard adopts a 75% small size arrangement, removes the number keys on the right side, and integrates the function keys, and finally only has 84 keys. The overall length and width of the keyboard are 31*12 cm, which is especially suitable for small-sized desktops.

A variety of theme colors also make this keyboard unique. I chose the mecha purple theme. The keycaps are mainly white, supplemented by a little purple and green embellishment, which is quite a style of EVA joint customization. The white-dominated style is more versatile and fits well with desktop styles of different themes.

The middle frame of the keyboard is made of aluminum alloy material, and the surface is supplemented by sandblasting oxidation process. The edge is made of CNC chamfering and trimming, which is more tough. There is a V-shaped LOGO light in the lower left corner of the real face, and a Type C charging interface is reserved on the back.

In addition, the Rapoo V700-8A adopts a suspended keycap design, and the shaft body under the keycap can be clearly seen from the side, which is easier to clean than the wrapped one. The rear of the keyboard is slightly higher than the front, and the height of the six-row keycaps is staggered, forming a certain inclination angle, which is also to reduce the fatigue of fingers and wrists during daily use, and is ergonomic.

Since I usually use a lot of equipment, the three-mode connection of this keyboard can bring me a lot of convenience. The three connection methods of wired, Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz correspond to different devices respectively, and can maintain connection with up to 5 devices at the same time, and can switch between different devices through keyboard shortcuts. Usually with a notebook, I will use the 2.4Ghz mode more, the receiver is plug and play, very convenient.

In actual use, the most direct impact on the keyboard experience is the keycap and the shaft body. The former determines the touch, and the latter determines the pressing feel. The V700-8A uses two-color injection molding keycaps, and the surface is supplemented with a fine matte texture, which is warm to the touch and has a certain anti-slip effect. The characters are hollowed out, and the backlight can shine through the hollowed out area.

In terms of switches, the Rapoo V700-8A series are all equipped with Rapoo’s own mechanical switches. There are mainstream black switches, green switches, brown switches and red switches. Since I do a lot of writing work, I chose the red switch. According to the official data, the trigger stroke of the red switch is 2.0±0.6mm, and the trigger pressure is 45±15cN.

Combined with the actual experience, the trigger force and sound of the press are much smaller than those of the green switch, but it still maintains the sense of paragraph of the mechanical keyboard. It does not require special force when tapping, which is very suitable for a large number of code words.

When playing games, the performance of the red axis is also very good. For example, I like "Need for Speed". In the game, you need to use the arrow keys to control the direction of the car's movement. The relatively soft feel and short key stroke can respond faster and the game operation is smoother. In addition, this keyboard supports full-key padding in wired mode, and supports any 6-key padding in wireless mode.

It is worth mentioning that the V700-8A is equipped with a pure white backlight, which is more in line with its simple temperament. After seeing the fancy RGB, this simple feeling can give people a different impression.

By matching with the Rapoo driver, you can also unlock more ways to play the keyboard. For example, in the button options, you can customize the function of each button, such as setting it as a combination key, macro function, and basic functions such as Windows system. You can disable a key directly.

In the light setting option, it supports customizing the brightness and speed of the backlight, and there are various backlight modes and LOGO light modes preset.

In the macro function option, you can record a section of keyboard and mouse operations, define it on a key, and trigger a series of operations with one key, such as realizing "one-key combo" in games, or assisting in office use. Complete some consecutive fixed operations.

After actual experience, the overall performance of this keyboard is remarkable, and there is basically no problem in meeting daily office and game use. The 84-key small configuration takes up less space on the desktop, and a variety of themes can be customized to meet individual needs; it supports three connection modes, up to five devices can be connected, and can be switched freely; equipped with Rapoo's main axis body, the red axis feels warm and smooth without losing the sense of paragraph , the pressing feedback is clear; with the Rapoo driver, it supports button customization, lighting customization and other playing methods. Generally speaking, the Rapoo V700-8A three-mode mechanical keyboard is a cost-effective choice for most office parties and gamers.

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