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Rapoo V700-8A multi-mode wireless mechanical keyboard, full of personality and texture!

I wanted to buy a Bluetooth keyboard before, just to be able to use it conveniently, because the Bluetooth keyboard has a very high degree of freedom, and you can use various postures to operate it without having to sit in front of the monitor in a serious manner.

But there are still a lot of Bluetooth keyboards on the market, so in order to get the best use effect, I also chose a lot of brands and styles, and finally chose this Rapoo V700-8A No Man’s Land Red Axis Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. But it turns out that my choice is still very correct, let's follow me to see what advantages it has.

The first is the shape of this keyboard, which establishes that its experience will be very good! Because this is a three-mode mechanism, and the red switch version I chose is a light-weight keystroke type, which can be sensed with a single touch, and then rebounds quickly, and thanks to its noise reduction characteristics , during use, not only does it feel very good, but it is also very quiet. Since using this keyboard, I have never been nagged by my family when I play games at night!

Moreover, this keyboard adopts a compact layout of 84 keys and a design with separated key lines, so that the entire keyboard takes up very little desktop space and is very convenient to carry. In addition, its own design is very atmospheric, the color matching of the desert version of no man's land, the floating buttons, and the aluminum alloy frame with sandblasting and oxidation process, the texture is directly full and the recognition is very high. Not only that, it also comes with a silicone tripod and non-slip foot pads, which can be used stably even on a smooth table.

Let's talk about its performance highlights.

This Rapoo V700-8A no man's land red axis Bluetooth keyboard has 7 groups of backlight effects and 4 levels of backlight brightness. It can also adjust the light speed and brightness according to my personal preferences, whether it is dusk or At night, I can use the keyboard very conveniently without being limited by the brightness of the ambient light.

And its full 84 keys are programmable, and it supports storing my custom designs onboard or in the cloud, and I can also save my configuration files in groups, switch between different scenes, and even upload configuration files to V series intelligent cloud storage space, for configuration file sharing, the flexibility is very high, and it can be done as you like.

It is worth mentioning that in the wired mode, the 84 keys of the full keyboard can be input at the same time, while in the wireless mode, any 6 keys can be input at the same time without conflict, and the accuracy is very high. For those who have requirements for typing speed, the efficiency is greatly improved!

Let's take a look at its connection characteristics. As a Bluetooth keyboard, I am very satisfied with its connection method, because this keyboard supports four connection methods including Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0, wireless 2.4G and wired, and supports simultaneous connection of 5 devices. Usually I can It is very convenient to switch between desktop and tablet, and sometimes I will connect to my mobile phone. After all, using a Bluetooth keyboard to type on the mobile phone is as fast as you can imagine!

As for the battery life that everyone cares about when buying a Bluetooth keyboard, this Rapoo V700-8A No Man’s Land Red Switch is also very good. Its built-in battery is a large-capacity battery of 4000 mAh, according to official data. It can be used wirelessly for about 225 hours, and my personal experience is that I haven’t charged it for 2 months without using the wired mode at all, and the battery life is still very impressive!

In general, this keyboard has done a very good job in terms of appearance design, feel of pressing and rebounding, and battery life. It can bring users a more convenient and efficient experience, so if you are interested in this keyboard Friends, you can go and find out!

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