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Rapoo V700-8A three-mode mechanical keyboard: online appearance, strong performance

Every time I toss the desktop, I want to change a keyboard and mouse. Different keyboards can bring different decorations to the desktop, and I will have a different mood when I sit in front of the desk every day. After a few years of getting used to it, I have saved a lot of keyboards without knowing it. I recently rented a house again, took this opportunity to upgrade my desktop, and bought a Rapoo V700-8A three-mode mechanical keyboard.

Previously, Rapoo’s products have always been cost-effective. They are either pure black plastic shells or fancy RGB gaming styles. Although they are easy to use, they are not good-looking. The V700-8A has changed the previous style, not only has a simple and stylish appearance, but also is equipped with a Pennefather independent axis body, 84 keys without a punch, and supports three connection methods, etc. It can be said that both appearance and strength coexist.

The packaging continues the design style of the Rapoo family, with black and blue stitching, a rendering of the keyboard printed on the front, the logo of the Rapoo V series on the upper left corner, and the V700-8A model on the right.

The back of the box gives a brief description of the keyboard's features in multiple languages.

The packaging content is relatively simple. In addition to the keyboard, it also comes with a USB-Type C data cable, 2.4GHz receiver, key puller and instruction manual.

This keyboard is available in three colors. I chose Mech Purple. The keycaps are mainly white, supplemented by a little purple and light green splicing. It looks simple and refreshing but still has a sense of design. It is quite EVA joint name. The light-colored keyboard matches my dark walnut desktop, which is more lively and refreshing. Of course, the only disadvantage of the white keycaps is that they are not very resistant to dirt and may need to be cleaned frequently.

In terms of key layout, it adopts an 84-key compact layout, removes the number key area on the right, and integrates function keys. The compact key layout and the floating keycap design make the keyboard smaller. The length and width are 31 cm and 12 cm respectively, which is suitable for small-sized desktops and saves space. But for accountants, the lack of a numeric keypad area may cause some inconvenience, and I hope that Rapoo can launch the same full-key style in the future.

The 84 keycaps adopt the mainstream double-material injection molding process, and the characters are partially hollowed out, which has good light transmission. With the backlight for auxiliary lighting, the characters can be seen clearly in dark light environments. The surface of the keycap is supplemented with a fine frosted texture, which is warm and delicate to the touch and resistant to wear. It is also worth mentioning that the thickness and size of the Rapoo keycap characters are very moderate, and the aesthetics are not bad.

The middle frame of the keyboard is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is sandblasted and oxidized. With CNC chamfering and cutting, it looks like an Apple design at first glance. There is a Rapoo V-shaped LOGO light inlaid in the lower left corner of the inner side of the middle frame, which lights up after power on; a Type C interface is reserved at the rear for connecting to a computer or charging.

Viewed from the side, the rear of the middle frame of the keyboard is higher than the front, forming a natural forward slope as a whole. The height of the six-row keycaps is also different, and the front and rear rows are slightly higher than the middle. This kind of curve transition is more ergonomic and can reduce the problem of wrist soreness when using it.

The design of the back of the keyboard is also relatively regular, covered by a plastic cover with a matte texture. The four corners are equipped with rubber anti-skid pads, which can avoid friction between the bottom of the keyboard and the desktop and increase stability. There are supporting feet on the left and right sides of the rear, but only one section of height adjustment is supported.

This keyboard supports three connection methods: wired, wireless 2.4Ghz, and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection supports two protocols: 3.0 and 5.0 respectively. It can be connected with five devices at the same time, and you can switch between different devices through shortcut keys. Switching is also very friendly to multi-device parties. I usually use it with a desktop computer, and the 2.4Ghz wireless mode is very suitable for me. The wireless receiver is plug-and-play, and it can also avoid all kinds of messy wires on the desktop.

If it is used in a game scene, I still recommend the wired mode, the connection is more stable and the delay is lower. The attached cable is wrapped in leather and has a length of about 1.5 meters, which can basically meet the needs of most usage scenarios.

In daily use, people tend to pay more attention to the shaft body of the mechanical keyboard. The Rapoo V700-8A is equipped with the Rapoo main axis. There are four types of axes: blue, black, red, and tea. The feel and sound of each axis are different, so you need to choose according to your own usage scenarios. . I usually mainly enter more text, so I chose the red axis with a relatively soft feel. The trigger stroke is 2.0±0.6mm, and the trigger pressure is 45±15cN. Compared with the green axis, it is indeed much softer. Feel sore and drowsy easily.

Remove several large keycaps and you can see that all the large keys adopt the structure of satellite shafts, and an auxiliary shaft is added on both sides of the main shaft. When the key is tapped normally, the key will not tilt to one side, and it can accurately respond to the trigger. .

Usually used for coding, the red axis feels pretty good, and it saves effort to tap. It also retains the paragraph feel of a mechanical keyboard, but the tapping sound is relatively small, especially when writing in the office or at home at night. to others.

Of course, the red switch is also more suitable for use in game scenes. The button damping is small, and the response speed of pressing will be faster. When playing FPS games, you can quickly change weapons or zoom in to view the map, thereby improving the game operation experience. When playing racing games such as "Need for Speed", you can also use the arrow keys to more sensitively control the direction of the car's movement.

It is worth mentioning that this keyboard supports 84-key full-key rollover in wired mode, and supports up to 6-key rollover in wireless mode. Using the Adobe family of software in the office scene, you can call complex shortcut commands more conveniently and improve work efficiency; while playing games, you can also accurately respond to the combination key commands in the game, such as one-key combo, etc. wait.

When used with a Windows computer, shortcut commands can also be invoked through the Fn+ (F1-F11) shortcut keys, including common shortcut operations for browser, right-click and multimedia. In addition, the Fn+Win keyboard can also control the Win key to be turned on or locked to prevent accidental touches in full-screen games.

In order to match the high appearance of this keyboard, Rapoo equipped it with a pure white backlight. Compared with the fancy RGB, the simple pure white backlight seems to be more in line with its temperament. After the backlight is turned on, the light is reflected from the hollowed-out keycap characters and keycap gaps, and the effect is beautiful. In a dark environment, it can not only illuminate the characters, but also decorate the desktop.

However, the hard power of this keyboard is far more than that. By matching with the Rapoo driver, you can unlock more ways to play. In several recent products, Rapoo has also redesigned the UI of the driver, integrating the function entrances centrally, making it beautiful and easy to use. In the button setting option, you can customize the function of each button. The range that can be set includes combination keys, macro functions, and basic Windows system functions. You can also directly disable the button.

The lighting setting option supports customizing the brightness of the keyboard backlight, light flashing speed, etc., and the system also presets seven lighting effect modes and three LOGO lighting modes to choose from.

Through the macro editing function, you can record a section of keyboard or mouse operation, group it into a macro command, and map it to a key. For example, you can release continuous skills with one key in the game, or you can perform batch-like operations in software such as PS.

The user's setting parameters can be saved locally, or uploaded to the cloud after logging in to the Rapoo account, so that you can directly download and restore your own configuration after changing the phone. In addition, Rapoo will occasionally push the firmware update of the keyboard through the driver.

Finally, let’s talk about the battery life. This keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, which can meet 25-255 hours of battery life depending on the way it is used. If you want to prolong the battery life, be sure to turn off the backlight. It can be charged through the attached USB-Type C data cable, the input power is 5V-800mA, and the charging speed is slightly slower.

After nearly half a month of experience, this keyboard gave me a very good impression, with both appearance and hard power. The simple and stylish appearance design has changed the traditional impression of Rapoo products, and the 84-key compact arrangement frees up desktop space; it supports three-mode connection, can be connected to five devices at the same time, and can be switched by shortcut keys, multi-device party gospel; equipped with Rapoo The self-spindle body, the red switch feels soft, the sense of paragraph and the tap feedback are clear, and it is suitable for office games; with the Rapoo driver, it supports the customization of buttons, backlight and macro functions, unlocking more ways to play.

Overall, this keyboard is a good choice whether it is for office or game use, and the price of 269 yuan is also quite cost-effective. If you also plan to buy a keyboard with a compact arrangement, then the Rapoo V700-8A is a product worth recommending.

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