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Rapoo V700 DIY mechanical keyboard: full size, RGB, hot-swappable, factory run satellite switch


Recently, Rapoo launched the Rapoo V700 DIY mechanical keyboard, which is a full-size keyboard that supports hot-swapping, and comes with its own KA-12 linear fast silver switch. I am so touched, after so many years, I finally saw that Rapoo has produced a keyboard with hot-swappable switches. Rapoo can still keep up with the era of customization and make continuous adjustments. At the same time, Rapoo also produced a self-developed white switch, which can be used for keyboard DIY replacement. Let me share with you below.


The product is packaged in a family-style blue and black color box, and the design looks exquisite. The front is a top view rendering of the keyboard, and the keyboard model is marked on the right as V700DIY. This DIY also emphasizes the customization and playability of the keyboard.

On the back of the package is the introduction of several major features of the product in multiple countries and regions.

★Full keyboard conflict-free design

★Full key hot-swappable shaft design

★Full keyboard programmable

★RGB backlight system that can be adjusted freely by driver

★Onboard memory, ready to use

★Two-color PBT keycap

The product protection is relatively sufficient. The main body of the keyboard is loaded with pearl cotton film, and the two sides are protected with [] type foam cotton.

★Accessories include manual*1, white rubber data cable*1, double-ended steel wire shaft puller*1

◆Keyboard body

The keyboard is a silver-white color scheme, adopts the current popular coverless design, and the floating keycap design makes it easy for users to clean and manage. The key lines of the keyboard are separated, and the shape is not very regular. Most of the left half area is a traditional narrow frame, and a small raised area in the upper right corner is used as an additional function operation area of ​​the keyboard, which slightly affects the overall simplification and beauty. The size of the keyboard is about 435*149*48mm, and the overall layout is the standard American 104 keys, which can be adapted immediately after getting started.

◆Keyboard details

The most distinctive feature of this keyboard is the upper right corner, which protrudes a special area to accommodate related function keys.

The long cylindrical toothed metal roller can be used to adjust the volume and brightness of the light, etc., and the damping feeling of the adjustment is relatively clear.

There are three indicators on the left side of the volume adjustment, which are the number area, upper and lower case and Win key lock.

The four buttons M, V1, V2, and V3 that allow users to adjust more intuitively are responsible for switching office/game mode, lighting mode, volume/light brightness, and mute function, which can be said to be very thoughtful, to a certain extent It is more convenient for gaming and e-sports. The four buttons are not flat, but have a triangular bevel design, which is both beautiful and convenient for blind pressing.

The logo of the keyboard is located above the small keyboard area. The logo is composed of Rapoo's V and English fonts. It adopts a three-dimensional embossed method, which looks very delicate and has a strong symbol.

The upper cover of the keyboard is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is anodized. The silver upper cover looks very delicate and has a strong metal texture.

The keyboard itself is relatively gentle, with a small inclination angle, and the overall ergonomics of the keyboard mainly depends on the keycap.

The large key position uses a satellite axis, which comes with factory lubrication, and the feel is very well tuned. The overall trigger is smooth, the rebound is strong and not loose, and the corners and corners have the same feel when pressed.

The keyboard adopts a hot-swappable design, the shaft seat is compatible with the five-pin shaft, and the light position is on the upper position, and this time the hot-swappable shaft seat life can reach 10,000 times, and it is completely free from damage to the shaft plate caused by frequent plugging and unplugging.

The original switch body of the keyboard is a self-customized fast silver switch, and the life of the switch body is 50 million times. The appearance of the shaft body is a silver PVC shaft core, a high-density nylon base, and a transparent PC shaft cover. The shaft core is cross-shaped, and there is a semi-closed shaft core wall next to it to protect and prevent dust. The Rapoo logo is printed on the transparent shaft cover, and the light position is designed as a bridge. The shaft base is a five-legged shaft, which can make the shaft body more stable. The Kuaiyin axis is a linear axis with parameters of 4mm total stroke, 1.3±0.5mm trigger stroke, and 45±10gf trigger pressure. It feels straight up and down, and the pressure is medium. It is the same as the red switch, but the trigger is much faster. It is especially suitable for use in games, and it is faster than others. And the stability of the shaft core is very high, and it rebounds and follows the hand when typing, without too much noise, and it is also very suitable for office use.

The keycaps are a set of white PBT two-color injection keycaps, which can transmit light, and the characters are closed and beautiful. The keycaps have a fine matte texture, and the fingers feel dry. The spout on the back of the keycap is designed on the lower edge, which is completely invisible from the back and does not affect the appearance.

The keyboard is a wired single-mode design, and the key and wire can be separated normally. The interface is in the middle, and the type C interface is used.

There are seven foot stickers on the back of the keyboard, two of which are set on the bracket. The bracket is one-piece, and it is also covered when it is opened, which can play a good anti-slip effect.

The keyboard has a wealth of function keys, but this time it is not marked on the keycaps, and can only be learned through the manual. The keyboard can realize related multimedia functions through Fn plus F1 to F12, etc.:

Fn plus F1: forward,

Fn plus F2: back,

FN+F3: home page

FN+F4: Mailbox.

FN+F5: computer.

FN+F6: Search.

FN+F7: Calculator.

FN+F8: Multimedia player.

FN+F9: play/pause

FN + F10: Stop.

FN + F11: Previous song.

FN + F12: Next song.

It is not the same as the previous keyboard, which increases the additional learning cost for users. However, when Fn is pressed, the buttons related to the backlight will light up, which is convenient for users to a certain extent.

The keyboard is equipped with RGB backlight, and the backlight types are very rich. It has modes such as breathing, blooming, thick and thin, and with the blessing of the light-transmitting keycap, the keyboard looks brilliant at night, and the effect is very good.

The keyboard is plug-and-play, and there is no rush in the whole area.

The keyboard can also be extended by downloading the driver. The driver can be easily downloaded from the official website, and it is also a universal driver for the mouse and keyboard. Rapoo users who have VT9 and other products can use it together.

In the driver, you can change the keys of the keyboard, change the backlight, macro programming and other functions. After the repair, the settings will be stored in the onboard memory of the keyboard, and can still be used after replacing the computer.

In order to facilitate the DIY of this keyboard this time, Rapoo also equipped with KA-12 white switch.

The shaft body is packed in a box, with 12 pieces in a box, and comes with a key and shaft puller, priced at 39 yuan. Converted down, a shaft body costs more than 3 yuan, which is not cheap.

The spring white switch adopts milky white POM shaft core and PA base, high-transparency PC switch cover, and the bottom of the switch has five feet, which is suitable for five-pin hot-swappable keyboards on the market. Its parameters are 3.4±0.4mm total stroke, 1.2±0.4mm trigger stroke, 35±10gf trigger pressure.

The spring white switch is also a linear switch body, but it is faster and lighter than the fast silver switch, and it feels more springy after touching the bottom. It is suitable for users who require a faster response to the operation.



+ Hot-swappable, convenient for users to DIY

+ RGB backlight and rich backlight types

+ extra function keys for easy access


-Missing tri-mode


Size 435*149*48mm

Weight about 825g

Number of keys 104+5

Shaft body Rapoo independent fast silver shaft

Keycap PBT

light RGB

connection wired

Price 299 yuan

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