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Raytheon KZ5096 Dawn Rough Experience

I haven't used a mechanical hard disk in 17 or 18 years, if the old keyboard with PS/2 interface counts...

Logitech's two K270 and K375s have taken over until now, and they have the same sticky feeling. As soon as the Raytheon KZ5096 was tapped, it immediately brought back the memory of the thin and weak summer vacation. I didn't expect that a keyboard could bring out a trace of nostalgia, and I couldn't help but shed an old tear.

Because apart from this one, I have never used a second "modern" mechanical keyboard, and my keyboard is only used for office work, so I can only talk superficially about the intuitive experience of "film->mechanical".

Opening the box and holding it in your hand, the weight feels like the money is not wasted.

"Smart" keyboard layout

I chose this layout because there is a small keyboard and proper arrow keys, so it adapts seamlessly.

I chose "Dawn" because of the fair skin and beautiful vision, with a touch of blush. Although it doesn't match all the devices on my desktop, I don't care, and the embarrassing ones are others.

We don't pursue RGB light effects, and it's annoying to have something bright, but if you have one, I don't mind playing with it occasionally. The light effect of this keyboard is as good as it is without, the keycaps are not transparent, the haze between the gaps is quite weak, the brightness is adjusted to the highest, and the various light effects have been adjusted twice, and it is confirmed that this is the level. Resolutely change the function of the knob to volume, and the practicality is improved by 100%.

Highlights: nameplate, knobs, feel great

After connecting the 2.4GHz and installing the driver, I found that there was nothing new about the adjustable content on the interface, so the receiver was resolutely inserted back into the storage port. The cable is not removed, after all, Bluetooth is so easy to use, there is no reason not to use it.

Three models. Secondary feet.

After leaving it for a period of time, you need to press any key to wake it up, and the second input is valid. For a guy like me who is used to waking up the computer with the mouse and typing on the keyboard, it is a small setback to change the habit. (Logitech used to be like this, and then solved it subtly)

The weight of this "history"...

High, the previous two "thin soft sticky" keyboards can be compared with it. Without a wrist rest, the old-boy posture of an everyday membrane keyboard takes getting used to.

It seems to be easy to get dusty, I don't know how to clean it in the future

I chose the "wind axis" without a sense of paragraph. When the key is pressed halfway, the character has already been entered, and there is no clear feeling of pressing it in place. If you put your hand on the key, it may be a little heavy unconsciously, which will cause a false touch. This is a personal bad habit and can be corrected. But I don't know if the "paragraph axis" can "solve" this problem. If it can, then I don't need to change it. I have a chance to try it out.

After using it for a few days, my fingertips felt sore, but the overall pleasure has indeed improved, so I don’t want to switch back to K375s.

But the keyboard still has to be returned to my wife, after all, it was bought for her...

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