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Raytheon releases KZ5096 mechanical keyboard, three-mode, Shanfeng self-developed switch, supports hot swap, 469 yuan

Raytheon also brought a three-mode gaming keyboard - KZ5096, which supports hot swapping, uses self-developed switches, and has a long battery life.

This keyboard is relatively compact, with a narrow frame, cut off the conventional function key area, but retains the direction and numeric keypad area, a total of 96 keys, belonging to 95% of the arrangement. The keyboard measures 380 x 133 x 40mm and weighs about 1100 grams.

In terms of details, there is a Raytheon metal laser engraved nameplate in the upper right corner, and there is also a metal independent scroll wheel, which can adjust the volume, one-button mute and backlight effect.

Using the self-developed thunder switch, it provides a mountain switch and a linear wind switch with a sense of paragraph, and promises a life span of 60 million and 70 million hits respectively. Full-key hot-swappable, full-key no punching. In addition, it is equipped with PBT two-color keycaps, and all keys support RGB lighting effects, providing 16 kinds of RGB lighting effects and 10 kinds of music rhythm modes.

It supports Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless and wired links, and has a built-in 3000mAh large battery, which can last for more than 175 hours (21 days if used for 8 hours a day).

The USB-C key line is separated from the design, there is a thickened foot support at the bottom, and a 3.5mm thickened noise-absorbing pad is sandwiched between the key shaft and the PCB board, thereby reducing the sound of the keyboard cavity. Compatible with Win and Mac systems, comes with USB-C data cable and 2.4G receiver.

The Raytheon KZ5096 keyboard has been put on the shelves for pre-sale. There are two versions of Beiming-Mountain axis and Poxiao-Feng axis. The price is 469 yuan. Interested friends can pay attention.

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