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Realforce Gas Wind R3HB Dual-mode Static Capacitive Keyboard Unboxing

Recently, I have been typing intensively in the office, and my little finger is overwhelmed and sore (probably because I press the Ctrl key too much). I wonder if the 35g of the Ningzhi x108 used may still be too heavy. Thinking of the Ranfeng 30G I tried before, I thought that changing the keyboard might save my little finger. So buy Realforce R3.

The arrangement of the burning wind is very uninnovative, only 108(104)/87, considering it is for office use, I chose 108. After stacking shopping gold and 88 membership discounts, you can get it2200

Tmall's self-operated import is SF Express, and it arrived the next day. The outer packaging design is not very good, and the shell was torn when it was removed.

The bread inside is still very thick.

The appearance of the keyboard is unremarkable, and the frame is quite thick (the frame of the other R3S of Gaswind is much smaller)

The accessories are just an elbow typec cable and two AA dry batteries, not even a dust cover!

The keyboard connection seems to be somewhat demanding. The typec cable I usually use to flush the handle can only supply power after being connected, and cannot use the wired mode. Then I can use the typec cable sent by Ningzhi to use normally (what is ntr behavior)

Instructions in Chinese, Japanese and English and a two-year extended warranty paper (only one year in China)

The keyboard uses two ordinary AA batteries and does not support charging (meaning that if you use rechargeable batteries, you need to manually take them out to charge after they run out). It is written in the manual that it supports alkaline dry batteries, manganese dry batteries and rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries, but it does not seem to support lithium batteries?

There is only one section of the supporting foot.

The thickness of the keyboard is okay. The keycaps are PPBT sublimation keycaps. The burning wind keycap is difficult to pull out, so I won’t take it off. The keycaps used for burning wind are not common cross keycaps, they are crater ones. Many driving keycaps on the Internet cannot be adapted

It is worth mentioning that the gas-fired panel is replaceable, but this seems to have caused the panel to be loose (in fact, the workmanship is almost

The panel can be customized by a treasure DIY

Ningzhi Micro84 on the left, Ranfeng R on the right3

I personally use it for office work, so I don't pay much attention to the appearance. The feel is simply compared with the Ningzhi Micro84 in my hand (the Ningzhi X108 to be replaced, but the two feel similar, hereinafter referred to as Ningzhi, and the model will not be written in full), and then talk about the shortcomings and advantages.

The system uses Windows 11, and the Bluetooth function on the computer is provided by Intel AX200

Unboxing of Ningzhi X108

Hand feel is highly subjective, the following are my subjective opinions, for reference only, if you are interested, it is better to type the keyboard yourself To sum it up in one sentence, the sense of paragraph is more obvious than Ningzhi's, and the voice is lighter.

The first feeling of the Ranfeng R3 is soft when it is tapped, but the sense of transition when pressed is much more obvious than that of Ningzhi (a bit like a tea switch? But much softer). When it hits the bottom, the sound is lighter than that of Ningzhi, but the silent version of Ranfeng R2 is slightly louder. The feel of the large keys is similar to that of Ningzhi, and the backspace key is particularly crisp.

When the burning wind is pressed slowly, it does not have the rustling feeling of Ningzhi, and it is much cleaner.

I tried to play a few games in Bluetooth mode, and the Bluetooth got stuck about four or five times within two hours, guessing that the Bluetooth interference is serious. When playing games, can the keyboard be wired or wired?

Bluetooth mode supports four devices, one more than Ningzhi's (but I don't use it too much)

The manual says that the battery life is about three months, and it supports automatic sleep and key-press wake-up (only turn off the wireless, any key wake-up), and also supports custom sleep time.

Support customizing an energy-saving mode

Capacitors are usually equipped with a standard trigger stroke modification function. This function allows users to modify the trigger stroke of the button. If you want a faster response speed, you can shorten the trigger stroke. If you want to reduce the chance of false touches, you can increase the trigger stroke appropriately.

Introduction to the official website

Gaswind R3 supports 0.8 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.2 mm and 3.0 mm (Gaswind R2 only supports 1.5mm, 2.2mm, 3mm three gears; Ningzhi Micro84 supports 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm three gears)

It is worth mentioning that Gaso supports individually adjusting the trigger travel of each key, which means that you can set a longer or shorter trigger travel for certain specific keys to meet your needs, while Ningzhi Mircro84 only supports full-key adjustment .

Gaswind's driver even supports you to view the current pressing pressure of a single key (I found that I rarely press the space bar to the end). There are six APC configurations in total, two of which are available as custom configurations (0.8 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.2 mm, 3.0 mm, custom 1 and custom 2)

APC setting of gas-fired air

I personally seldom touch it by mistake, so I directly adjusted the full key to 0.8mm. It may be a psychological effect, and I really feel that the trigger is a bit faster.

Basic functions, but only support multimedia keys and basic keys. Can memorize two mapping modes (A/B)

Compared with Ningzhi's driver, it lacks a lot of functions such as macro and mouse control and some power switches.

key mapping

Gaswind's software can see the number of times each key is pressed and display it as a heat map

main part:

Stronger paragraph sense than Ningzhi Micro84

There is a short trigger stroke of 0.8mm, which supports each key to adjust the trigger stroke individually, and it feels faster to trigger psychologically.

Quiet, but a little louder than the silent version of Ranfeng R2

Use AA batteries, the official statement can be used for 3 months


The driver does a good job, but there are no macros or the like that can be set.

Compared with Ningzhi Micro84, it lacks some key detail settings (such as key continuous typing speed)

Support automatic sleep and key-press wake-up

双模(蓝牙5.0 & 有线)

Poor bluetooth connection with brief stuttering. If it is in an office environment, the interference of Bluetooth may be more serious? In short, bluetooth mode is not suitable for playing games (no, why do you want to play games in the office

Support yourself DIY panel and replace

Keycaps are hard to find

The burning wind is still very comfortable to use, but if it is not worth so much money, it is another matter. The price is almost three times that of Ningzhi Mircro84, and the feel is also a metaphysics. Some people like the mechanical feel, and some people like the electrostatic capacitor.

The after-sales aspect is actually also a problem. The domestic warranty of Ranfeng is only one year (I saw on the post bar that the after-sales service of Ranfeng is not good). I have experienced the after-sales service of Ningzhi, and the postage can be paid for after-sales service (if Jingdong buys it on its own, it may not even need to pay the postage fee) and it can also be repaired after warranty. After the warranty expires, the keyboard cannot be sent to Japan for repair. I can only hope that the quality control is strong enough to last for a few more years.

Overall still have to knocked myself to buy , I also decided to buy the R3 after using someone else’s Gas Wind R2 silent version. Two thousand is not a small amount, not to mention that Gas Wind does not support unpacking and no reason to return

Realforce gas wind official website configuration software download link

Gaswind official website keyboard feature introduction

In addition, it may not be the keyboard that needs to be replaced for finger pain, but the way I use the keyboard. I like to press the keyboard to the end (or I don’t deliberately control the strength of my hands hitting the keyboard). If I tap the keyboard in a superficial way, it may really reduce the problem of finger fatigue.

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