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Really good-looking and easy-to-use high-quality mechanical keyboard, Lulian fun+ keyboard experience sharing

Speaking of mechanical keyboards, I don’t know what requirements I have when you choose. I personally hope that the shaft body will be shorter, and I have relatively high requirements for appearance. If the keyboard is not good-looking, it cannot be compared with The desktop is better matched, so I don't even have the desire to use it.

Recently, Lulian, which has been working in the field of peripheral accessories for many years, has launched a high-value mechanical keyboard, which has many bright spots in terms of color matching, shape design, and hand feel. I also just started this keyboard. Come down, please follow my lens to experience this Lulian fun+ keyboard, whether it meets your taste or not.

Lvlian fun+ keyboard currently has two colors, Dreamland and Island Holiday.

When I opened the package, the first thing I saw was the backing paper, and I immediately felt the atmosphere. The light blue tone and the island-style illustrations gave people a very refreshing feeling. I had a good impression of it before I saw the keyboard.

You can see the main body of the keyboard by removing the packing backing paper, and there are additional data cables, manuals, key pullers, and six replacement keycaps for the mac system.

The size of the entire keyboard is controlled just right, and the 84-key layout not only ensures the comprehensiveness of the function keys, but also does not take up most of the space on the desktop.

The color of the keycaps of the keyboard is from light to dark from top to bottom, and the layers are excessive. It is very natural. It is really like the name of the color of the keyboard. Like the waves, it transitions from deep to light. This design has another advantage It is also clear at a glance when looking for function keys.

The keycap design of the Lvlian fun+ keyboard is also very special. It adopts a mushroom-shaped shape, which looks more rounded and natural. When typing, the hand feels relatively soft and will not feel harsh.

Although it is unique in shape, it is still very attentive in terms of practicability. The keycaps of the Lvlian fun+ keyboard have been treated with a very considerate depression, which fits the fingertips better, and it is not easy to slip hands when typing. Positioning is more precise.

There are four non-slip rubber pads with different heights on the back of the keyboard. In addition to playing a supporting role, it can also make the keyboard form a certain angle when placed on the table. If it is tilted at an appropriate angle, it will be more comfortable when typing.

The backlight aspect is what I am most satisfied with this keyboard. The Lulian fun+ keyboard supports four levels of brightness adjustment, plus 15 kinds of backlight effects, which is very cool and beautiful. Users can set different backlight effects according to their preferences, or Adjust the brightness of the backlight according to different indoor light environments, taking into account both practicality and beauty.

In terms of feel, the Lvlian fun+ keyboard uses a short brown switch. I have used this main body on other keyboards before. It is characterized by shorter key strokes, more sensitive triggers, and more comfortable rebound. It is more comfortable when typing at high speed. It is clean and tidy without any sense of procrastination. It can be used for typing, office work or games.

In terms of overall typing experience, there will be no false touches during high-speed codewords. The hand feels soft and soft, but it is not very procrastinating. In terms of sound, this keyboard is relatively quiet, even in the office or at home. , without affecting others.

In terms of connection methods, the Greenlink fun+ keyboard supports two methods of wired connection and Bluetooth connection. It supports up to four devices at the same time, and can also be quickly switched through shortcut keys, which is very convenient. In terms of system compatibility, it supports Android, iPad, Windows, and Apple's mac system, most of the digital devices on the market can be easily connected and used, and the scope of application is very wide.

Battery life is also a strong point of this green keyboard. Without the backlight turned on, its battery life can reach about 180 days. If the backlight is turned on, it can also reach about three or four days. Basically, there is no need to worry about any battery life anxiety.

How about it? After my detailed sharing, are you interested in this Lvlian fun+ keyboard? Its novel appearance design and very beautiful color matching are especially suitable for users who have individual needs for desks. The important thing is that in addition to its high appearance, it also has a very good performance in terms of practicality and feel. For this keyboard, you have what ideas? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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