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Recommended by third-rate poor digital bloggers, everyone can afford it! Everything is good

Seeing that Singles’ Day is coming soon, many merchants have already started discounts and promotions. I believe many friends are ready to buy hands in advance. After all, this time period can be said to be the best time of the year to buy hands. As a poor third-rate digital blogger, today I would like to recommend several civilian-level digital products that are super cost-effective, easy to use and cheap, and they are all things that everyone can use, and I have been using them all the time.

First of all, the first one is the keyboard and mouse set

Keyboards and mice are used by almost everyone. Most people use mechanical keyboards, and I am no exception. My last mechanical keyboard is the Ice Leopard VULCAN Gaming Keyboard, which is also my favorite and has been used for the longest time. I bought it for more than 1,000 yuan. Although it is very expensive, it is very comfortable to use. It feels very good and the sound is very good. The design of the ultra-thin keycap is my favorite. Love it, all kinds of streamer RGB are different from 99% of the mechanical keyboards on the market. If you like mechanical keyboards, you can take a look, but this is not what I recommend today. Today I recommend another one.

Later, I replaced it, although I was very reluctant, because I wanted to build a wireless desktop, and it was really uncomfortable to see a wire on the desktop. Since I have the habit of typing at night and I don’t play games anymore, I plan to buy it. A silent keyboard, and finally replaced it with the Shuangfeiyan wireless keyboard and mouse I am using now. Shuangfeiyan is an old brand, cheap and durable.

In fact, silent keyboards are similar to everyone, but the most important thing for wireless keyboards and mice is battery life, especially for people who often code words. My first wireless mouse was charged twice a week, which made me sick to death. , and finally switched to wired.

The wireless keyboard and mouse are best powered by batteries. My model is a battery. It has been about five or six months since I bought it, and I am still using it. The battery life is ridiculously long. The mouse is charged, but the battery life It can be used for about two months. It is very worry-free to use. The price is only in the early 100s. The mute and button rebound feel good, and the price is very high. If you want a cheap, worry-free and durable mute keyboard , You can take a look at this one.

The second is the bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headsets are almost everyone’s hand. Now that the Bluetooth headset market is well established, it is no longer a market for thousand yuan phones. You can buy things with good sound quality, battery life, and noise reduction for about 300 yuan. FIIL CC Pro is such a cost-effective noise-canceling headphone. The brand FIIL is quite popular in a certain sound, and its reputation is not bad.

The design style of FIIL CC Pro is more recognizable. The logo has a built-in breathing light, and the logo lights up when the cover is opened, full of ritual sense. The overall noise reduction strength of FIIL CC Pro is quite good, with a noise reduction depth of 39dB, which can reduce about 98% of ambient noise, and has customized noise reduction solutions for a variety of usage scenarios. The most practical is the wind mode. Simply put Just filter the wind noise, and the whirring sound in the ear when riding a bicycle, the wind mode can effectively block it.

The sound quality is also remarkable, the three-band balance, the stereo effect is accurately restored, the effect is more open and clear, the sound is stretched and wide, the low frequency is full, the dive is not muddy, the mid-high frequency is clear and bright without harshness, and the overall comfort is durable.

The supporting mobile phone APP has many function settings in it, which is also one of the advantages of FIIL. In terms of battery life, the single battery life is about 6.5 hours earlier, and the total battery life can be extended to 30 hours with the charging box, which is suitable for daily commuting. No problem, and it also supports wireless charging,

It is worth mentioning that FIIL CC Pro has a wearing detection sensor, that is, take off the earphones to pause, put on and continue playing. This function is really rare at this price, and it is rare for this price to be as versatile as FIIL CC Pro.

The third is the table

Not everyone can have their own study room. My desk is on the bay window in the bedroom. A 1.6m x 60cm table with high and low legs can just stand on the bay window. Although it is made of particle board, However, it is also 2cm thick, and the overall hardness is still very good. It has been used for almost a year, and the overall is still quite strong.

There is still a certain distance between the desktop and the bay window, just enough to put the power strip and the charger under it. The desktop is clean and tidy, and its price is less than 200. The price/performance ratio can be said to be very high. I bought it in a lot , I sent a simple video at that time, and many friends came to me to connect, keyword: bay window table.

The fourth is the monitor stand

Some are called suspension brackets, some are called hovering brackets, and some are called mechanical arm brackets. The slightly better brackets are hundreds of dollars larger. I searched for a long time and found the one I am using now. The ones are more eye-catching, and the most important thing is that you can manage the wires and hide the wires inside.

The price is more than 100, which is considered cheap. Others basically can’t manage the wires. In comparison, this one is considered to be more cost-effective. My model comes with two USB ports, but I don’t need it, because at that time only the one with the USB port was white, so I had to buy it for the white color. If you choose not to have the USB port, it can be cheaper by dozens of dollars, up and down, It can be adjusted left and right, front and back, and the screen tilt angle adjustment is very tight, but it is not a big problem. Anyway, it is basically fixed there after adjustment, mainly because it looks good.

The above items are the civilian-level cost-effective products recommended by me, a third-rate poor digital blogger. If you have good products to recommend, please discuss them in the comment area.

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