Recommended price-performance burst mechanical keyboard for the student party within 400

2022 can be described as the year of domestic mechanical keyboard involution. In the domestic market, a batch of popular products such as Kezhi K75, RK R87, and Game Power VGN98Pro have emerged. 75% of them are rolled and 98% of them are arranged, and the structure of the shaft is rolled. When the time comes to 2023, the inversion of the key ring will intensify, and the price will definitely be released in the end. In the past, I rarely recommended mechanical keyboards to friends with a budget of one or two hundred. Because of the poor experience of low-end products back then, it brought a bad first impression to new users, and it was difficult to have the urge to upgrade and update in the future. My impression would only stay at "mechanical keyboard? I used it, that's it, it's boring. .” But now the budget is one or two hundred to get started, three to four hundred to increase, and five or six hundred to reduce the fever directly. This article provides some ideas for choosing a keyboard and product recommendations for the student party with little budget and cash.

I don’t do science popularization here, you just have to remember, try to choose gasket structure products, and don’t choose hull structures if you can. It’s not that one is definitely better than the other in terms of structure, but that it’s easier to achieve good sound and feel in the gasket. And relatively speaking, the cost of the gasket is higher than that of the hull. You don't want to spend the same price and buy something with a lower cost, do you? At present, some manufacturers are already trying to make elastic arm structure or spring structure, a technology that has never appeared in mass-produced products, and some manufacturers are still complacent and only have hull products. I don’t need to say which one to choose.

It doesn't matter if the gasket is silicone or poron cotton. The degree of softness depends on your preference: a harder gasket can also isolate the resonance of the shell and bring a more uniform feel; a softer gasket is easier to produce a good sound.

At the same price, the more sandwich cotton + bottom cotton + under-shaft pad, the better, and the more complete the matching, the better. Sandwich cotton and bottom cotton are the foundation, which determines whether there will be cavity sound. Better ones will provide a cushion under the shaft to cushion between the shaft body and the positioning plate, which can greatly improve the sound quality of the shaft body.

A simple way is to look at the exploded view on the product introduction page, which can clearly distinguish whether to use or not to use sound-absorbing materials on each layer. In other words, if the product introduction page does not mention a word, then nine times out of ten it does not.

Sandwich cotton material: poron>silica gel>EVA

Bottom cotton material: poron>silica gel>EVA

Shaft pad material: ixpe > poron > silicone sandwich integrated

Excluding the customized shafts (thousands/tens of thousands of pieces per batch), the shafts I recommend on the market include TTC, Kaihua, and Jiadalong. List some of the main axes:

TTC: fast silver axis, gold powder axis, ACE axis, steel axis, flame purple axis, Neptune axis/Venus axis, mute red, mute tea, moon white axis;

Kaihua: BOX white axis, ice cream axis, polar fox axis, Zhidong axis, Fuling customized cotton candy axis, deep sea mute axis, Yelan mute axis, jellyfish axis;

Jiadalong: G Silver Pro, G Yellow Pro, G White Pro, Wallaby Axis, Raccoon Axis;

If you have not paid attention to the mechanical keyboard market in recent years, please erase your impression of mechanical keyboards 5-6 years ago. What German cherry, Logitech, is precisely the least recommended product now. People who don’t pay attention to this circle may not know that after the expiration of the Cherry MX mechanical axis patent, a bunch of domestic manufacturers began to rapidly evolve and iterate from imitation to self-research, and optimize various methods from sound to feel. What kind of fences gradually emerged? Dust-proof axis, extended axis, extended spring, factory lubrication, light guide plate and other innovations. The Germans have never seen such involution. Until today, Cherry products rarely have sound-cancelling configurations. Thousand-yuan products have a large key that is thin, satellite shaft steel wire sound, and shaft body spring sound. New users may have no idea about the sound. If you are interested, you can search and compare it yourself to know what the sound of a good keyboard should be.

Game keyboard and mechanical keyboard users overlap somewhat, but the focus is still different. For example, Razer, ROG, Logitech, Corsair, etc., whether wired or wireless, are usually better in operation delay and stability, but at the same time they pay less attention to the so-called sound feel of the key ring. However, domestic mechanical keyboards of general brands can also achieve a polling rate of 1000hz in wired mode. It is sufficient for general game users, especially office users. I only recommend buying gaming keyboards for very hardcore players or professional players. I mean the kind of hardcore players who can feel the difference in response time by a few milliseconds. For ordinary users, there is no need to spend extra money to buy technology that they don't use, especially if they can buy better feel and sound with this budget.

If you say that you are an adult and you must have both game performance and sound feel, then I recommend "ROG Night Devil", priced at 1899.

In addition, you may not think that the gaming keyboard with the most extreme response time is actually the electrostatic capacitive keyboard with a plain face - Ningzhi plum84Pro, which can achieve a polling rate of 8000hz and a theoretical response speed of 0.125ms.

Advantages: gasket structure; top noise reduction configuration; rare 8000 mAh battery (generally 2000-4000 mAh on keyboards) with guaranteed battery life; T0 level mass production shaft selection; T0 level large key tuning; MDA height key Cap, high value, good ergonomics;

Recommended configuration: generally choose Kaihua ice cream shaft, if you really like the mechanical sound of the click-like blue shaft, choose the polar fox shaft.

Advantages: Gasket structure; standard 75 series with no shortage of keys and knobs; top-level noise reduction configuration; T0-level large key tuning; MDA height keycaps, high value, good ergonomics;

Recommended configuration: 159 configuration is recommended, power silver shaft or azure shaft. Don't choose 99, unless you happen to have a good shaft in your hand to replace the one that comes with it, just buy a kit as 99.

Note that the estimated volume of the first launch is not enough, and there is a high probability that it will need to be grabbed.

Advantages: T0-level large key tuning; fairly good noise reduction configuration (no shaft pad); RGB light strips on the side;

Recommended configuration: choose the K white axis if you like soft and not tired hands (muscle weakness), and choose the K yellow axis if you like a little strength to push your hands. Try to choose the full-key hot-swappable version to leave room for future shaft replacement.

Although it is a hull, it is still cost-effective because it is too cheap.

Advantages: upgraded gasket; T0-level large key tuning; acceptable noise reduction configuration (additional under-axis pads); RGB light strips on the side;

Recommended configuration: Same as above.

Advantages: gasket structure; PCB slotting, extremely soft elastic; T0-level mass-produced shaft body; T0-level large key tuning; top-level noise reduction configuration; 7200 mAh lithium battery;

Recommended configuration: TTC steel shaft.

The release will have to wait, and it is estimated that it will be rushed.

Advantages: Fuling’s classic products are well-known; T0-level mass-produced shafts; T0-level large key tuning; top-level noise reduction configuration;

Recommended configuration: Kaihua blueberry ice cream shaft + glass fiber positioning board;

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