Record Part 11: Affordable Customized Keyboard Cost-Effective Evidence, I’ll Share with You from Multiple Angles

First of all, this keyboard is different from the traditional understanding. As a customized keyboard, it takes the cheap route. The GK75 adopts the current mainstream three-mode kit. Compared with the traditional mechanical keyboard, the playability and gameplay are much more, and Coupled with the empowerment of terms such as customization, I believe that many people, like me, will be attracted by its price of several hundred yuan. After all, when pursuing quality, we must also pursue cost performance.

keycap: Keycaps are mainly distinguished from the structure (shape) and material. Although the production cost of keycaps is slightly different, different people have different needs for keycaps. Many people will emphasize the hand feeling of keycaps. Although there are sensory differences, it is definitely not as big as imagined. After all, the production technology of keyboards is actually getting smaller and smaller. Now the mainstream keycap materials are mainly ABS and PBT. In many high-end models, these two The materials can be seen. Relatively speaking, PBT is recognized by more people because of its material characteristics in the general publicity, but good craftsmanship is more critical than materials.

Shaft: The shaft body has always been the key to the strength of major manufacturers, and the difference in the shaft body of mechanical keyboards is obvious. The key to choosing a mechanical keyboard is to choose the shaft: the shaft is not only related to the feel of the mechanical keyboard, but also related to the service life of the mechanical keyboard. Many model keyboards may be scrapped because of a key damage, and the entire chassis keyboard may be scrapped, but customization can be removed. There is no such problem with the inserted mechanical axis.

Bottom case: The bottom case does not have a uniform structural style, but the bottom case affects the arrangement structure of the entire keyboard during customization, and different bottom cases determine the size of the keyboard. A certain degree of customization is to choose the bottom cover of the bottom case.

plan: The solutions mentioned here are software solutions. The main difference between the software solutions is the functionality of the solutions. Some are three-mode and some are dual-mode. Different solutions will have different lighting effects. Some keyboards have their own pairing methods that will also affect the keyboard. The scheme is adjusted, and open source or general-purpose schemes are not adopted. Of course, various schemes of mechanical keyboards will choose the most stable ones before entering the mass production stage.

PCB board: The biggest difficulty in customization is the development of PCB. In order to meet various arrangement requirements, 68/89/108 and so on are arranged, so this has also become a part of the customization cost, unlike ordinary keyboards that can dilute the cost;

If you choose a customized mechanical keyboard, then return to the essence. The focus of the selection is to compare the key and important core components, so that you can choose the one that suits you. Then, under the current prospect of customization, what does the small bug GK75 have? What are the advantages?

GK75 three-mode This time I started with the kit version: core kit GK75 positioning board × 1, shaft body, keycap, Type-C data cable × 1, U to C adapter, dust cover × 1 (blister cover), operating manual × 1.

The comprehensiveness and richness of the whole set meet the needs of DIY, and you can freely assemble according to your own needs:

The bottom cover is made of translucent plastic material, and the PCB is placed on the bottom cover. Of course, in order to increase the strength, the PCB is covered with a layer of metal plate. The metal plate is relatively thick, and the addition of the keyboard also increases the daily typing. The anti-vibration strength of the keyboard, of course, the metal plate is also a key fixed part of the shaft body:,

A layer of sound-absorbing cotton for the bottom shell is installed in the middle of the PCB board. This is also the solution adopted by mainstream manufacturers at present. Generally, it will be installed if the bottom shell is relatively high. After all, there are a large number of cavity shell structures in the lower cover.

The keycap and the shaft body are packaged separately in two boxes, which has the advantage of avoiding confusion during assembly:

The switch body of the small bug mechanical keyboard kit is chocolate V2 lemon, which belongs to the satellite switch. The characteristics of this switch body are actually quite obvious. The line triggers quickly, the sense of paragraph is moderate, and the pressing weight is just right, which is relatively neutral. The feel is suitable for office and games. Relatively speaking, its sound is relatively crisp, so that it is not a silent switch in daily life. Of course, the overall feeling of this switch in the kit is actually about average in actual use. As a pluggable shaft body, the overall price is still in line with the positioning.

The lifespan of 50 million times is in line with the general literal parameter positioning of mechanical keyboards. The shaft body is exclusively developed by skyloong. The transparent shaft shell has the brand name of skyloong. The overall process is relatively good. It is placed on the shaft in terms of craftsmanship and level The body is also very beautiful:

The quick-insert switch body comes with a trigger pin, which makes the customization process easier compared to traditional mechanical keyboards, just insert the switch body into the reserved jack on the corresponding PCB board.

The process of installing the shaft body is actually relatively simple without violence. When installing, install it vertically. When it is in place, press the shaft body properly to ensure that it is in place.

Comes with a shaft puller at random, just press the shaft body up and down.

For relatively large characters, the design of the balance bar is adopted. This design feature is actually more obvious. It avoids the problem of insufficient pressing and empty keys during use, and also reduces the risk of the keycap falling off.

In order to increase the playability of customization, skyloong has added multiple cyclone shaft designs. This is also a gameplay that is not available in high-end customization. Multiple function buttons can use this shaft body, which not only looks high-end, but also greatly improves efficiency.

The cyclone shaft is a shaft body that combines the shaft body and the mechanical shaft into one. This is also the patented design of the small bug. It is different from other shaft bodies. It has contacts. oneness. The metal bite flower design is adopted on the keycap, which takes into account both the feel and the anti-slip effect.

It took about 5 minutes to install the shaft body. It does not require any skills to install the shaft body. The key is to align the pins of the shaft body with the direction of the socket.

The installation of the balance bar needs to pay attention to the installation direction. In order to avoid installation errors, the manufacturer has also designed a fool-proof device. If it cannot be easily installed in place, it is installed backwards.

The customized keyboard needs to be thoroughly played, and the keycaps need to be matched according to the needs. There are actually many keycaps for the small bug GK75. Random keycaps may find that it actually has two sets of the same character F1 on some function keys. ~F12, number keys, some function keys such as ESC, ENTER keys are double, not only the distinction between red and blue colors,

At the same time, the height of the keycaps is also different. In order to make the keyboard more coordinated as a whole, there are SA keycaps and regular keycaps. The combination of keycap height can be installed according to the actual practical needs of individuals. Some people like high keycaps and others like slightly flatter ones.

Of course, in order to have more personality, there are also multiple blank keycaps. The blank keycaps are mainly to show personality.

In fact, there are certain skills in the installation of keycaps. The upper side of the keycap is generally narrower than the lower side, so you can tell which side is the correct direction by visually distinguishing it during installation.

I prefer dark colors, so I chose dark blue for the entire keycap, which also echoes the color of the bottom shell of the keyboard. Of course, if you want to be more jumpy, you can choose the pink keycap that comes with it to intersperse. Such a color-contrasting keyboard came out;

The customized keyboard is still easy to use in the end. It supports Bluetooth, 2.4G, and wired three-mode, which meets the needs of use in various environments, and can be quickly linked through the manual.

The keyboard has RGB lighting effect, which has all the elements that a customized keyboard should have. The RGB lighting effect supports a variety of lighting effect options. Many people think that the keyboard RGB adds a burden to the battery life. In fact, the keyboard is a low-power product. 4000 The mAh lithium battery can be used for more than a month under the scene of turning on the lighting effect on a single charge. After using it for many days, in fact, I personally concluded that the high-frequency use will not consume much electricity for the next day.

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