Red Dragon-Mechanical Leader Gasket Gradient 82 Keys

This is the Red Dragon-Mechanical Leader KS82-B, a gradient wired keyboard

Looking at the appearance alone, it is really small and fresh, and the solid is also very pleasing to the eye. The shell is shiny, the keycaps transition from dark blue to light blue to white, the upper shell is glossy white, and the bottom shell is glossy blue

75 layout, 82 keys, a length of 33cm, the logo and the C port are on the left side, there is no winding slot, and there is an elbowed C port data cable,

The silicone pads around the back can prevent scratches on the glossy back shell and make it more stable on the desktop.

The keycap is PBT, the surface is frosted, a light-transmitting high-low keycap, concave design

Mine is a thin lemon axis, which is a linear axis with a blue background and a yellow column. The trigger is 37, and the conduction is 1.8. When typing, the pressure will be much lower, and the sound will gradually change like the color.

On the top, the crisp sound is sandwiched between the plastic feeling, the crispness of the key area will be more obvious, the large keys such as carriage return and shift will be softer, and the crispness of the sound is the least

This one is hot-swappable and comes with four additional axes

The pressing force is relatively comfortable, the factory comes with lubrication, and the smoothness is good

There is a certain degree of flexibility when the key area is pressed down

This is a keyboard with a GAsket structure. When the key area is pressed, there is an obvious soft bounce. There are 8 screws on the back.

It is surrounded by a circle of soft glue, under the positioning board is a layer of EVA sound-absorbing cotton, under it is a PCB board, and under it is a layer of sound-absorbing cotton. All five legs can be used, and macro editing and lighting can also be changed with its driver software

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