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Refreshing and non-greasy, perfect compatibility, Lofree 131 key OEM theme keycap

I was very excited when I saw Lofree’s keycaps before. I have always wanted to get one before I saw the new 131-key OEM-themed keycaps. The whole set is compatible with most keyboards on the market. I thought it was very practical and I bought it. The airborne panda and Alice were originally intended to be a set with my dog, but after receiving the goods, I was reluctant to use them for him.

I really have to praise the appearance of Luofei products. It is simply based on my aesthetic point. This set of Luofei OEM Alice-themed keycaps is based on light purple and dark purple as a whole, and the airborne panda as a whole Based on white and dark blue. Each one makes me put it down.

The keycaps are very firm in the plastic mold, a set of upper and lower boxes, the upper part is mainly the subtitle button, and the lower part is mainly the keycaps of the number keys and some function buttons.

The packaging is excellent and the internal keycaps are intact. A key puller with a good texture is also distributed, which is quite considerate.

This new set of 131 keycaps launched by Lofree is compatible with most keyboards on the market, because besides work, I usually spend most of my time playing games. 104 keys are my usual specifications, which are convenient for entering passwords and calculating values.

Although there is a lot of dust if you don’t smoke, after changing this set of airborne panda keycaps, the old keycaps look brand new in an instant.

My keyboard is the original cherry mx switch. The green switch has a strong sense of paragraph and a crisp sound. It is more suitable for word workers like me, who use it every day. My mechanical keyboard has been used for a long time, and it will be applicable if I suddenly change the keyboard. Just changed the keycaps.

The height of the keycap is 11.8mm, the workmanship is exquisite, no burr, the injection port is small, very delicate. Using 85% high-content PBT material, PBT is one of the toughest engineering thermoplastic materials, often used in keyboard materials, wear-resistant and non-greasy, and feels very comfortable after installation.

Have you noticed that the Lofree OEM theme keycaps are very colorful? Thanks to the sublimation technology, the five sides are covered with patterns, the color is uniform, the colors are bright, and the patterns are exquisite, which further improves the durability of the keycap itself.

Lofree OEM themed keycaps can perfectly fit the trajectory of our fingers during use, making it comfortable to work, type, or play games for a long time without getting tired.

Alice themed keycap display. Alice-themed keycaps are more suitable for girls, and the dreamy purple with cute patterns is very individual.

Luo Fei has a complete set of these two 131-key OEM theme keycaps, which I can't put it down. I am very satisfied with the material quality and feel of the keycaps. Arguably the best third-party keycap set out there.

It is perfectly compatible with my keyboard, and the replaced keyboard looks great on the desktop. Play keycaps, find Luofei!!! There is always one of Luofei's massive themes that you love, and the styles will be updated regularly every quarter~~ Friends who like keycaps must pay more attention to Luofei.

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