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Refuse oiling, monotony, and homogenization, replace Luofei OEM keycaps by hand Essay

No matter what it is after looking at it for a long time, it will feel dull. The ancients said that people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. In fact, all things in the world will have a new look when they are packaged by designers. Therefore, in daily life, through Going to change something will always have an unprecedented harvest experience.

As a "keyboard man" who "hidden" behind the Internet, the keyboard is my primary productivity tool for rushing forward, but this old guy made me feel uneasy about using it this summer, and I have a "cleanliness". I am very tired of its "greasy" appearance, like a middle-aged uncle, who will give people a kind of mental torture.

There are currently two mainstream materials for keycaps, ABS and PBT.

ABS is a common engineering plastic. It has the advantages of low cost and easy production, but its hardness is poor. After a period of use, the surface of the keycap is prone to wear and become smooth, which is the so-called oiling phenomenon, which is even more unfriendly to users with sweaty hands. But the skin-friendly feel has also won the favor of many players. I used to think that I could bear it, but later I found out that I was wrong.

Users with sweaty hands have to endure oiling on the one hand, and sweat marks on the other. In short, I was taught a lesson by ABS this summer.

With the development of the times, people are no longer satisfied that the keyboard can only be used for typing (of course, the most fundamental need for typing), a keyboard with a good feel and a keyboard with high value have become another spiritual demand. , A good switch may be invisible to others, but I think a set of beautiful keycaps will always make people can't help but look twice.

Regarding the keycap material, in addition to the ABS material mentioned above, there is also a PBT material currently used in mid-to-high-end keyboards on the market. PBT is polybutylene terephthalate, thick material, frosted texture, long-term durability without wear, and high temperature resistance, can be dip-dyeing and sublimation character technology, is the best choice for high-end mechanical keyboards.

In addition to the material of the keycap, the height of the keycap is also particularly important, among which three are the most common: native CHERRY height, OEM height, and SA height. I personally feel that the OEM height is the most comfortable to use.

The first time I met Luofei should be the lipstick keyboard a few years ago. At that time, many female friends were deeply impressed by Luofei’s design. I also liked the later joint models and Xiaoqiao Xiaolang series. In my heart, Luofei The definition is youth without boundaries. In fact, there are many manufacturers of keycaps, but why I chose Luofei in the end, I will slowly answer in this article.

Today I chose two keyboards with representative layouts and two sets of Luofei keycaps. The keyboards are from Gauss and Darmoshark respectively. The two sets of keycaps are shipboard pandas and cute cats. Why did you choose these 2? The set of configurations, because it has a certain representativeness, will be slowly mentioned in the article, mainly for picture appreciation.

In this world where everyone needs warmth, it is not kittens that need us, but we need kittens. This set of cute cat keycaps personally feels that both boys and girls will really like it very much.

The main reason why I choose this set of keycaps from Luofei is that I don’t need to consider the adaptability. 131 keycaps can meet the needs of 90% of the keyboards on the market. I have bought many keycaps before, but they were eventually discarded because of the adaptability. Yes, most manufacturers basically support 108 keys when making them, while the design of special-shaped keycaps with other configurations will cause poor matching or no adaptation at all because of their niche.

This set of cute cat keycaps is matched with Gaussian 83G. Because of visual fatigue after using it for a long time, I want to upgrade it. The white frame of Gaussian is matched with the pink color. Personally, I feel that it is very suitable, and the key can be replaced. The whole process of the cap is also very healing.

All of Luofei's keycaps are self-developed high-precision molds, so it is difficult to find flaws in each keycap that is processed. The craftsmanship is very fine, and it feels outstanding when used.

What's more, there are 131 keycaps in Luofei's set, and the craftsmanship of each keycap is highly consistent without any flaws. This shows that no matter in terms of fineness of craftsmanship or stability of quality, The keycaps launched by Luofei this time have achieved excellent performance in terms of craftsmanship.

Each keycap seems to be separate, but the designer has achieved a good linkage in the pattern, so that the keycaps have an invisible linkage with each other, and the overall effect is very brilliant.

The design of the keycaps is really good at controlling the details, and the linkage is also strong. Take the keyboard to the office, whether it is a hunk or a sister, they like it very much.

Although Darmoshark K1 has RGB blessing, but after sacrificing RGB for battery life, the whole keyboard will become dull, and the oily ABS keycap makes me have no courage to use it all summer, so the second keyboard modification is it.

As soon as a part of the keycaps were replaced, I felt that the temperament of the entire keyboard was improved. The saying that people rely on clothing and horses rely on saddles seems to be very reasonable. After replacing a whole set of keycaps, it immediately has a new look.

There is no need to worry about the compatibility of the 131 keycaps. No matter whether it is a large keycap or a small keycap, all can be taken off. Neither of the two keyboards has any compatibility problems. Smart says that the 131 keycap basically satisfies the absolute needs of the market. Most keyboard needs.

As for the material of the keycap, Lofree uses imported PBT material with a content of more than 85%. At present, the mainstream keycap materials on the market are mainly ABS and PBT. PBT is the abbreviation of polybutylene terephthalate, which belongs to the polyester series. The advantage of PBT keycaps is that the wear resistance is much higher than that of ABS keycaps, and it is oil-resistant The ability is significantly higher than that of ABS keycaps, and the hardness and high temperature resistance are stronger than that of ABS keycaps. The processing of this material is more complicated, so the cost is much higher than that of ABS keycaps.

The aircraft carrier and flying elements in the pattern of the keycaps are very rich. The five-sided sublimation process makes each keycap pattern extraordinarily exquisite. An out-and-out boy killer.

Luofei’s series of keycaps do not have a light-transmitting design, so they are more suitable for keyboards with a floating shaft design, because the floating shaft design can better show the RGB light effect of the keyboard. Although there is no light-transmitting, it still does not affect the performance. blessing.

Friends who like to toss new styles of "clothes" for their keycaps may wish to consider this series of themed keycaps from Luo Fei's family, and you can get a different personalized experience in an instant.

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