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Reject fancy personality, 1% is different: Luofei 1% dual-mode wireless mechanical keyboard experience sharing

I often see UP owners showing off their desktops. Many UP owners have a strong sense of desktop design, and they will always plant a lot of good things on the desktop. My eyes are always attracted by the essential thing on the desktop-the keyboard. In the keyboard circle, there is no shortage of good-looking and easy-to-use keyboards. Not long ago, they were crazily planted with grass, which is the Lofree 1% mechanical keyboard launched by Lofree. The combination design of this keyboard with electroplated silver body + transparent keycap is very fashionable and out of the circle! I also quickly started with one, and I will share my experience below.

The silver simple packaging design is also marked on the transparent cover: TO BE THE 1%, which also echoes the design of the entire transparent keyboard.

The accessories are relatively simple, equipped with an instruction manual and a Type-C data cable.

The fully transparent keycap has a penetrating texture, coupled with the high-end electroplated mirror surface, it is really a grass at a glance. Especially in the hot summer with daily high temperature warnings, sometimes you can imagine it as an "ice cube" at a glance, and you can look forward to plum blossoms to quench your thirst.

On the side of the keyboard, there is a nameplate marked "Transparent All The Way", which is very similar to the design of the nameplate on the light luxury storage box.

The keyboard has a built-in lithium battery and supports Bluetooth and Type-C wired connections. On the side of the upper right corner of the keyboard is the data cable access port for charging and wired use.

The side wall of the keyboard is very layered and three-dimensional, and the corners are relatively round, and its design Slogen can be seen everywhere. The keyboard frame composed of transparent plastic and electroplated bright surface can reflect a high-end and beautiful mirror effect when viewed from different angles.

The back of the keyboard also has a full mirror effect, which can be used as a mirror. There are 4 non-slip foot pads on the back of the keyboard, which can avoid the problem of displacement during use in normal use.

The two toggle switches next to the upper left foot control the connection mode and multi-system switching, support Win, Mac, iOS, Android and other multi-systems, and can also be connected to multiple devices for use.

The feet support 2-stage adjustment, which can meet the height habits of different users, but it is recommended to use it with a wrist rest, so that typing is more comfortable.

Next to the upper left foot is this keyboard using a jellyfish switch with Kaihua MX structure. The feel is very close to the smooth feel of the red switch.

The keycap of the mainstream ball cap is designed with a slight arc in the middle to improve the finger fit. The keycaps are made of high-transparency PC material imported from Germany, which is as transparent as ice cubes. The fully transparent keycaps are still printed with characters, using UV technology, the surface will have a very slight unevenness, and the color will not fade after long-term use. My hands are prone to sweating, but during use, I found that fingerprints did not appear as expected, which is very good.

As a compact 68 keyboard, the functional area is still not shrunk. The dual FN layout is adopted, and 3 combined function keys can be expanded between the F1-12 areas. For example, the keys in the F area need to be triggered through the FN combination in the upper right corner, and the multimedia shortcut keys can be played/paused through the FN combination in the lower right corner. , up and down, volume addition and subtraction and other functions, it is also very convenient after you are proficient.

It supports full-key no-rush, 2000mAh lithium battery, and can memorize 3 devices. Short press the Fn+Q/W/E key combination to switch between different devices via Bluetooth.

The preset monochromatic white light can be switched directly through the FN combination key. I don't know if there will be a model that supports RGB lighting effects in the later stage. I personally look forward to RGB lighting effects.

There are 7 kinds of lighting effects, such as breathing, constant light, laser light, button single light, ripple, wave, etc., each of which is very beautiful.

After actual experience, the experience in daily typing is still very good. The trigger does not require too much finger pressure. Even if you tap the keys frequently for a long time, you will not feel obvious soreness in your fingers. I have played games such as "CS" and "Tomb Raider" with this keyboard. I can feel the comfort and quick response of this keyboard during the long-term experience of the game. The jellyfish switch feels very good without muddling sense of encounter.

It is very convenient to connect the iPhone and iPad, just like it may not be convenient to use the mobile phone to reply when you are in the office, you can switch the Bluetooth to the mobile phone and use the keyboard to reply to the mobile phone information, so that you don’t have to worry about being caught by the boss at work Yes, there is another advantage of using the keyboard to reply to the phone: fast! The input feel and speed of the physical keyboard are much more efficient than the virtual keyboard of the mobile phone.

If you like a keyboard with personality and good looks, this Luofei 1% mechanical keyboard is very recommended to start with. After all, the homogeneity of the keyboard circle in the market is becoming more and more serious. I want to find a keyboard with a refreshing and transparent appearance. It is really too difficult! After changing to the 68 keyboard, the biggest change to my desktop is: the space is bigger and more comfortable. I hope this sharing can be helpful to friends who like peripheral products with good-looking design.

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