Rescuer releases "Gunguxia Colorful Notebook Metal Keycap" to create an exclusive personality for 149 yuan

Considering the personalized needs of the game, the rescuer also released the Auntie Xia colorful metal keycaps, which are good-looking, wear-resistant, and create an exclusive personality.

This keycap is made of metal material, the surface is anodized and finely sandblasted, and it has four colors. Weakly ask, what is Guguxia?

Specific models that can be replaced include:

It is already on the shelves for pre-sale, a set of 149 yuan, which contains 8 metal keycaps (2 for each color), and 16 scissor-foot notebook shafts. There are double-ended disassembly tools, so you don’t have to worry about replacement.

In addition, the rescuer's new Y9000P (2023 model) also has a free A/C surface custom pattern service, if you are interested, please pay attention.

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