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Retro, Delicate, Powerful, Durga FUSION Mechanical Keyboard Experience Report

As an old rookie who has only been playing with mechanical keyboards for a year and a half, I have entered a total of three mechanical keyboards, from the 68 keys preferred by programmers, to the light and portable 87 keys with high universality, and then to the full size. There are 104 keys without dead ends, from the tea switch with universal balm, to the custom-made red switch with a moderate feel, to the green switch with a strong sense of paragraph, it can be regarded as a good addiction to a mechanical keyboard.

But to say that I am most suitable for my usage habits, it has to be the green switch, which matches the original Cheey switch body, and the full body version of the cherry green switch has a special two-stage structure, which perfectly takes into account the feel and sound. The sense of paragraph and feedback, although it is said that roommates/colleagues see the axis, but it is really addictive. It is the most "mechanical" axis among all the axes. The crisp sound is really love and hate. If you don't mind the noise, I currently like to use the green axis to type, one word, cool.

With so much foreshadowing, it's time for the main character to appear. It is the Durga FUSION three-mode mechanical retro keyboard that I have owned for a month. What is FUSION, Dujia defines it as a mechanical keyboard that combines modern technology + retro elements, paying tribute to the era with the ultimate.

exterior design

Durga FUSION launched a total of three colors this time, which are nautical blue, steam gray and retro white. I chose nautical blue, which symbolizes the sea. According to Dujia’s official introduction, the dark blue on the keyboard symbolizes the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. White symbolizes the bursts of white waves when the ship sails, while yellow symbolizes the discovered American continent, and also symbolizes a new dawn in the historical development of mankind. the age of great navigation.

Duga FUSION adopts the ancestral floating keycap design. Compared with the general keyboard with built-in keycap design, this floating keycap design does look more beautiful, and it is also more hygienic. For convenience. In addition, the ergonomically designed keyboard is low at the front and high at the back, which has a certain slope and can maintain a certain tapping angle without opening the feet. However, if you use it for a long time, it is recommended to use a wrist rest, which can greatly improve the keyboard. Improve the comfort of long-term operation.

Dujia FUSION supports wired, 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth connections. In wireless mode, it can also support three groups of device storage connections, including two groups of Bluetooth devices and one group of 2.4G devices, which can be quickly switched through shortcut keys. The wired and wireless mode switching switch is designed on the upper right of the keyboard. The very old-fashioned switch key itself has a brand logo (do you think it looks like the power switch on an old-fashioned flashlight), and there are three square LED indicators next to it, showing different working status.

The upper left corner of the keyboard is a small storage compartment for 2.4G wireless connection. By cleverly pressing the right side of the logo in the upper left corner, the nameplate can be lifted up, and then it can be easily removed, and the receiver can be taken out through the magnet adsorption of the nameplate. A creative way of storage.

In terms of keycaps, Duga FUSION uses high-quality PBT materials. Thanks to the surface frosting process, it gives the keycaps a more delicate feel, and at the same time ensures that it will not oil up after long-term use, ensuring smooth touch of fingertips. The two-color closed-mouth injection molding process basically eliminates the phenomenon of color fading of the characters on the keycap, and the injection molding port is also handled in place.

The back design of Durga FUSION is similar to the keyboards of the same price on the market. The six damping rubber pads will not slide the keyboard easily even if there is no table pad, and it is truly as stable as Mount Tai.

In terms of the bottom plate, Dujia Fusion uses aluminum alloy material, which greatly reduces the weight of the keyboard.


I chose the cherry green switch (trigger pressure 50cN, key stroke 2.2mm) that I have already mentioned before. I chose the green switch for nothing else but the crisp and rhythmic rattling sound. I like it. I love it so much, and if I don’t like it, I see one and scold the other. It is true that the evaluation is polarized. But only from the experience of use, the green axis is like that stinky tofu. It smells bad and tastes like it. It has many advantages. The sense of paragraph is very obvious, so I won’t go into details here. When you type quickly, it’s like a galloping horse, or like the surging water in the Yellow River. It contains huge energy and a clear sense of rhythm, making typing an extremely stress-relieving enjoyment. .

The large keys all use well-tuned satellite switches, and satellite switches are the standard design on high-end keyboards. Needless to say, in terms of hand feel, in terms of ease of disassembly, satellite switches are for players who like to toss , is the best choice.

battery life

In addition, thanks to the low power consumption technology adopted by Duga FUSION, it can provide longer battery life, even if you like to travel with a mechanical keyboard, it can also cure your battery anxiety.


The Durga FUSION series keyboard is a milestone in the personalized design of the Durga keyboard. It has a refreshing retro style and high-value design. The original Cherry blue switches bring an addictive and highly decompressive tapping experience, not to mention the few A very thoughtful extra point design (such as the creative storage compartment under the nameplate, two-color closed PBT keycaps, etc.), each point is enough to make people move, no matter it is for daily use, office, game and other needs, so, Dujia FUSION , will it be your dream keyboard?

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