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Retro newism, white light cube, this may be a new choice for mechanical keyboards!

If you want to choose a stepping stone to enter the pit of mechanical keyboards, I will most likely recommend the domestic brand Dujia, which has a good-looking appearance and reliable quality control, especially at a relatively reasonable price. For various reasons, I have delayed unpacking this "Hi-Keys" dual-mode wireless keyboard until now. As the first shot of the new series, the overall feeling of this keyboard is "very interesting" to me!

From the perspective of appearance alone, the temperament of this Hi-Keys is still very outstanding and highly recognizable. The overall rectangular outline is integrated with rounded edges, and it has a visual taste of a low-axis keyboard.

Hi-Keys' keycaps are also unusual. Different from the slightly concave design of the finger contact surface of conventional keycaps, its keycaps have a very slightly raised arc surface, with sharp edges and corners without being too rigid. Words have a fluffy feeling.

In my impression, many of Duga's keyboards are designed with no light, which is a bit unique compared with the current mainstream "light pollution" environment. After all, the backlight of the keyboard has switch options, Hi-Keys adds backlight at the beginning to meet the preferences of different groups of people. Although there is only a single white light, the layout of the lamp beads is reasonable and the lighting is soft, which is very attractive.

The toggle power switch is made into a light-transmitting spherical shape, which looks like a jewel when the blue light is on, and the details are still thoughtful.

As a pure wireless dual-mode keyboard, Dujia designed a mode switch for Hi-Keys, which can easily switch between Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4G. Every time you switch, you can hear a "click", which is kind of The retro mechanical damping feeling comes from the fingertips, full of texture.

In order not to damage the integrity of the keyboard, Hi-Keys also made a very delicate design for the 2.4G storage. There is a magnetic absorption storage space on the back, which fits perfectly and is very flat.

Of course, the retractable support pad has also been retained, but the fly in the ointment is that the common stacked double support design is not adopted, and it is a pity that there is one less option for the height of the keyboard.

The USB-A port of the computer can provide Hi-Keys with 5V-2A charging, and it can be fully charged in about 3 hours. For example, I use it for about 3-4 hours a day, and it doesn’t matter if I don’t charge it for a month or two when the backlight is turned on. question.

No matter how good the appearance is, you have to look at the "connotation". Give Hi-Keys a dismantling and see——

The one in my hand is matched with a tea switch, which can be regarded as the "panacea" in the mechanical switch body. It has a sense of rhythm when it is tapped, and the typing sound, trigger force, and key travel distance are relatively balanced.

Unsurprisingly, the large key is also equipped with satellite axis assistance, which is more stable and durable. In terms of workmanship and materials, Durga is as generous as ever!

If you don’t like the shackles of wires, and you need to work with multiple devices, then Hi-Keys, a multi-mode keyboard that focuses on “born wireless”, is definitely worth a try! I usually use 2.4G to connect to the host, and Bluetooth to connect to the laptop + iPad. It is very convenient to switch between the three devices with the dial.

On the whole, as the debut of Dujia's new "Hi" series, Hi-Keys not only has a brand-new design language that is trendy for private models, but also has a relatively moderate price. If you are new to the mechanical keyboard, you might as well start with this one!

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